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What do you guys want in Devil may Cry 6

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A dragon.

I want a dragon.

Can we play as a dragon?

Rave master had a race of demons that could change from dragons into humans.

So you could have a character that could switch between human and dragons forms.


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@ef9dante_oSsshea talked about a character creator before. I believed they use one in dragon's dogma.

I'm fine with Pandora as a mech, an ice skate and saxophone based devil arms.

I have played Dragons Dogma sooooo much. Those boss fights are so worth it.

Capcom is working on 2 as well. Not sure when it will be out. Here's a trailer.

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be loyal to what matters
From the cut concepts-

Trish having a demon form is interesting. I wonder if being able to transform into a human is an innate skill or something they can earn? Maybe she had a life before she became Eva's doppelganger? Being Eva's doppelganger could lead to stories where Trish explores Eva's life before she became Dante's mom. I imagined Eva as a demon hunter that fell in love with Sparda.

Nero having a sister is fine. I'd introduce his mom and sister as new characters. Rather than Vergil leaving Nero with Sanctus, I rather his mother left Nero at an church in Fortuna. It's jibes with what we know of Nero better and is a more interesting angle than his mom being another dead victim.
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Wall running and more parkour and acrobatic moves like DMC2, and bring back some of the swordmaster moves from 3 for dante and devil sword dante.

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I could see my scientist character as a defector from the villian group.

They go rogue and help the experiments return to the demon world.

So most of the gameplay would be puzzle based or exploration. One of the gameplay styles would be called "partners". The scientist would be able to fight alongside the demon.

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be loyal to what matters
I've been rereading the weapon x program. It's an X-men spinoff about a group of experimented characters escaping their captors. That angle would be perfect for DMC6 and allows us to explore some trends in a different light.

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