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What do u guys like about DMC 2?

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Serious question, what do u guys liked about Devil May Cry 2?


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Dante's outfit. And looking back, its interesting to see how some of the things in 2 would be building blocks into later entries. Like how fireworks was in one of the combos, and how the wall dashing became part of Trickster. Stuff like that is cool to see.


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Dante outfit and look, enemy and character design, graphic, some location and the fact they were big location like the first level, the fact you can jump from roof to roof in some level
The tower boss, arius boss and the despair embodied where good and looked nice
The op ebony and ivory
Like the guy above says, the fact that it established some things that continued into other game, like rebellion, some of gunslinger and trickster stile and dante having his own devil trigger

The fact that it was the last dmc chronologically before timeline was changed
putting it as the last game in timeline add some charm and mistery to it

The rest sucked really badly but i don't know why i love this game, maybe because dante have still the best design in dmc history and promotional artwork and picture are one of the best in videogame history
It still **** me off no dmc game have date dmc 2 outfit as an unlockable costume




Just look at how good this picture are

Still, no doubt this game was bad and capcom and fan should just remember it in order to not make **** like this again
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All in, I've only played about 60 mind of DMC2 since it first came out. Always quite liked the gun ballet.


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Dante's outfit in that game was my favorite for years and is still one of my favorites.

It added Rebellion

It was the first game in the series to have a playable character besides Dante

The Majin form essentially laid the groundwork for the Sin Devil Trigger we would get in DMC5.


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I still don't like the game, but I do like the influences it led to better games It still holds influence right in to DMC5.

The things I like are
  • Dante's outfit.
  • Lucia was fun and I like her character. I find her more interesting than Trish, and I like Trish.
  • Soundtrack, even if it gets a little generic.
  • DDT, which got reworked in to Sin Devil Trigger to better effect.
  • Bloody Palace.
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Tfw I realized more than one person responded, welp... this is going to take me some time to read everybody's comments lol.


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I could echo some of the points above, but I think that, in a paradoxical way, DMC2's biggest merit is being so mindnumbigly terrible that it actually motivated Itsuno (even though he was brought in way late) to go all out on the following game.

Think about it, if DMC2 had been mediocre, or even just bad, it probabaly wouldn't have had the same effect.


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I like all of it, tbh. I realise I'm an outlier here, but I liked all of it. Was it as good as the rest of the series? Nah. Did I like jumping everywhere with way op weapons and a cool coat/as a pretty lady while making use of the really bad camera angles to not get hit while I just stood there and shot demons to relax? Yes.

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Here's my list:

1) The level design had that "arcade feeling". You don't have to keep backtracking the same levels over and over. You just go foward most of the time.

2) Dante's DT is probably the best of the series.

3) The "desperate" DT that you can trigger if you're almost dying.

4) S rank is actually a real challenge in this game.

5) Dante's serious attitude ( I know I'm in the minority ). I liked how he was serious and darker.

6) Dante's few quotes were cool: "King? Well, here's your crown" and "Don't speak, just die".

7) The enemy list is huge and the variety of bosses also helped the game.

8) The amulets were a nice touch but I understand it might not be everyone's cup of tea.

9) Arius was a cool boss. It sucks that he barely appears in the game. He was interesting. He looks like the bad guy from Tekken games.

10) Lucia was a nice character that got dropped suddenly. I hope Itsuno gives her a new chance in another game.

11) The last boss is fun to fight ( I mean the second part and not the blob with the bosses )

12) Nefasturris ( the building boss ) was awesome and intense. The music also helped the part. My kids loved that enemy.

13) Music overall was cool.

14) Gameplay was fine and the controls are responsive. I know many feel Dante is "heavy" and slow but it works in the game.
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