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What are you watching right now?


Earthbound Immortal

Low key, one of my favourite scenes in my favourite arc of Naruto. It's just them being tested on how well they can be a "real ninja" as opposed to just DBZ-ing their way through conflicts later on in the story. It also highlights in my opinion why Boruto doesn't understand its source material since when Boruto takes the Chuunin Exams, he is disqualified for extremely vague rules around cheating during a tournament fight which completely goes against the idea of them being ninja in the first place, hired mercenaries who take cloak and dagger jobs for money. :unsure:


Space Detective
Bunny Drop (2011): it's a touching story about a single man becoming a father for his grandpa's illegitimate offspring he had late in his life before his death, and figuring out the ups and downs of raising a child as he goes along. I think I enjoy this mostly because I'm an adult and can more or less relate to the characters. They managed to capture the spirit of real children very well in this, nobody felt forced or particularly fake which is honestly impressive.

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"Castlevania Nocturne" on Netflix.

I finished the show and loved it. It feels more focused and less bleak than it's predecessor.

DMC is in good hands.
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Erotic text on F-chat as I play intimately with someone. ... What? I'm keeping a very keen eye on it. I'm even a demonic dragon. It's basically "Put in place/force in line" with intimate context. Probably how Virgil would do it.

... There's Virgil e621 porn isn't there?
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