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What are you watching right now?


Earthbound Immortal
Bruh, I am not even ten episodes into "Ranking of Kings" and I have just seen the manliest thing ever. Just looking at snippets with the colourful pastel artstyle and dopey character designs fooled me into thinking this was a whimsical fairy tale about a deaf prince who is rejected from the throne and has to go on an adventure to prove his worth. But this show is filled to the brim with political intrigue, moral ambiguity and despair. It was for that reason that when I saw the Captain of the Queensguard learn that the King has ordered the assassination of the Queen and yet chooses to uphold his vow to protect her "against all threats" and stands alone outside of her chambers as three giant Behemoths approach, I was like "oh no, this is going to be such a sad scene." The fight goes mostly as one expects, especially when the Behemoths pull a "clever girl" scene by sacrificing one of their trio to having their skull crushed while the other two sneak around and go in for a fatal bite. And then as blood is spraying out of the Captain's arteries, they start playing a sad flashback about how when the Captain first met the Queen, she was struggling to adapt to the prince's disability but slowly abandons regal demeanor and learns sign language and it was the sight of the Queen and Prince finally laughing together in the sandbox that made him want to protect them. Then it happened, the Captain who was about to keel dead over suddenly starts roaring and grabs the Behemoth still biting into to him and breaks its neck like a bag of potato chips, and then not only catches the other that lunges at him but proceeds to suplex it so hard it becomes a Mortal Kombat Fatality with an X-Ray shot of the beast's spine shattering. With the Queen successfully protected, the Captain gives a final roar to the moon as he falls down into a pool of his own blood. Seeing the Witch who has been pulling the strings behind everything (king included) and gotten her way every time so far be completely dumbfounded and ask "what happened? I can't sense my Familiars anymore..." was so incredibly cathartic as well.

Gosh, that was so manly, seeing that would put hairs on anyone's chest. More people need to go watch this anime. It is a hidden gem. :)

Dark Drakan

Well-known Member
Just finished watching “All of us are dead” and “Hellbound” and currently watching “Gangs of London”.

Dr. Cheesesteak

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I'm currently watching the last Persona 3 movie on YT. I'm gonna let my Crunchyroll sub expire and was planning on then doing 1 month of Netflix to binge shows/anime on there. But I think I may just take a couple months off of paid streaming services and focus on Prime (which I get for free) for shows and movies.

After Persona, I think I'll watch the Evangelion quadrilogy, Psycho-Pass S3, The Expanse, and Zero Zero Zero. I'm not really feeling wanting to watch The Boys S3.


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Xen-Omni 2020
Most recently i watched a movie called sisu, about a finnish former soldier who is a killing machine and takes down an entire nazi platoon

It is brutal over the top action, and i loved it from the beginning to the end.
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