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What are you sick of?


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People who walk right in your way or literally get in the way. Okay I understand that we all have our own lives, we've all got places to 'be'. But seriously I just think to myself sometimes, have some damn awareness of others and your surroundings. Because walking straight in my direction or standing right in the middle of a doorway without any care or consideration is rude and I can't tolerate it.


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I am sick of stupid people uploading videos on youtube and not not bother spending a few seconds to mention in the title or the description that the videos they are uploading isn't in English.


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Sick of people who don't knock before entering a public toilet.

The keyhole was broken, so I couldn't lock the door, this guy arrives, opens and goes "Dude, cover your dick!"... What do you mean, cover your dick? I'm taking a p!ss, can't you hear the sound? Would it have cost you so much to knock to be sure? Yeah? Then what should I tell you, enjoy the sight.


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Sick of people treating their opinion as fact. You don't like a game I like? That's your opinion. Just as my opinion is that it's good. You disliking it doesn't mean others can't like it or that it doesn't have any redeeming qualities. Deal with it. If we both have differing opinions, then we should just agree to disagree. :/


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I am going to complain on behalf of someone else about Michael Bublé.

Can he just fall down a hole or something and stop torturing people?


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I'm almost as sick of hearing the word trope
as i am sick of hearing the word canon being used.
They're nearly as overused & cringeworthy as the words
peepin this.

Brah, dis post was dope, I feel the same way cuz hearing the same words over and over ain't noice, tho dat way I can learn and get used to da slang.


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I'm sick of people calling all criticism towards DmC and opinions about it ''bashing'', but then those same people bashed DMC in the past. This is in reference to the thread DMC lives.

What you need to understand is that bashing is almost purely an emotional matter, there's usually no (or very little) criticism involved, only hatred. Did I attack DmC? No. Was it harsh? Well, that depends on your personal views of how good DmC was and how much value you place on each aspect of the game, which can differ per person. I criticized it pretty matter-of-factly. Does my criticism stem from personal hatred rather than valid criticism? No. I gave DmC a fair shot, and at the time I thought classic DMC would not return anyway, meaning I didn't 'side' with either of the two types of Devil May Cry. I don't care if they continue with DmC or DMC, as long as the gameplay is as good as it should be, the characters fairly Devil May Cry-ish, and the story decent.

And even if I were prejudiced, so what? Isn't almost everybody prejudiced in some way? When a new Tomb Raider is released, don't we look at it through a lens of what the old games were like? With entire genres, don't we look at what we expect from the games within those genres based on previous experiences? If somebody were prejudiced, would that mean they'd be unable to look at things in a critical way? Who decides that to be the case? Doesn't that contradict the entire nature of video game reviewers?

Explaining this every time gets tedious... especially when some of the people accusing me (and others) of bashing are the same people who did so back in 2013 and even 2014. I get the feeling these people should (and probably do) know better by now.
I'm sick of these personal attacks, and this is why I think there's still a few haters on this forum. Not only that, but there's still two or three people here who would bash DMC (mostly 3 and 4) any chance they get, as their opinions haven't apparently changed in any way. You know who you are.
Get it through your skull that not everybody who likes DMC and dislikes DmC is just a hater or wants to bash.
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