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"Bungo Stray Dogs: Another Story" is written by Kafka asagiri and the art is drawn by Oyoyo. It's a spinoff to Bungo stray dogs and focuses Yukito Ayatsuji. He is a quirky detective working for the government tackling mysterious cases. It's feels like Jojo Bizarre Adventure and is based off a light novel spinoff.

"Friday" is written by Ed Brubaker and Marcos Martin. It centers around Friday Fitzhugh, the former partner of Lancelot Jones. Lancelot was the local genius who solved mysteries for fun. When Friday returns from college, she gets wrapped up in his latest mystery and its more than it appears.

Brubaker talked about doing a post YA story and he nails it.

"The Many Deaths of Laila Starr" is written by Ram V and drawn by Filipe Andrade. Death posseses a human girl in order to stop the inventor of immortal life from doing just that. Poignant and short read.

"Swamp Thing" by Ram V and Mike Perkins. It focuses on Levi Kamei dealing with the fallout of the events that lead him to be Earth's latest Swamp Thing. It's a great mediation on legacy and the value of change for humanity.

Norwegian Wood by Haruki Marukami. So far a 37 year old narrator recounts a friendship he had when he was 19.
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"Legion of Monsters" by Marvel Comics. Not a team-up, but rather a short series of unrelated one-shots of Marvel's classic monsters from over the years. They were also each double bills so for example, included in the "Morbius the Living Vampire" issue was a second one-shot story revolving around "Lilith, Daughter of Dracula".

The purpose of the run seems to have been to reintroduce these characters back into the mainstream as most would go on to feature either in their own books or as major characters in other people's - such as Simon Garth AKA "The Zombie" unsurprisingly is key in fighting back against the zombie apocalypse in "Marvel Zombies 4".

The one-shots were a mixed bag. Some like Morbius' were interesting as it explored his desire for blood in comparison to the homeless drug addicts that he disguised himself amongst as he hid from the authorities. Others weren't so good, such as Man-Thing who is a very difficult character to base stories around and this one wasn't handled so well.

Speaking of Morbius, I read that the desire was to have him be the villain of a future Tom Holland Spider-Man movie, but honestly I am so over superhero movies at this point so I'd much more be interested in seeing them make more monster movies like the "Werewolf by Night" special on Disney+.

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be loyal to what matters
"On writing" is a memoir of Stephen King's life and how it ties into his career.

"My name is why" by Lemn Sissay. It explores his childhood in the British foster care system.

"I love the bones of you" by Christopher Eccleston. An autobiography of the actor's life, exploring his upbringing, career highs and lows and his father's battle with dementia.

I found myself feeling aimless and lost so revisiting these titles helped.

"20th Century Men" is a 6 issue comic book series published by Image Comics. It is written by Deniz Camp and art is by Stipan Moran and Aditya Bidikar. It's the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan told through the lens of superheroes. It's a heavy read and a solid recommendation for fans of Watchmen, the Boys, ex machina.

"Hell to pay" is written by Charles Soule and art by Will Sliney. It's a six issue miniseries published by Image comics. It focused on Sebastian and Maya stone, a married couple forced to work for the mysterious Shrouded College. The College is a group of magicians looking to remove the Qurrakh- coins made from the souls of hell. You can use a coin to buy the services of a demon. This ends being a thoughtful satire of capitalism while being a fun action adventure story.

"The Passageway" is a graphic novel written by Jeff Lemire and art by Andrea Sorrentino. It is published by Image Comics. It focuses on John Reed, a Canadian geologist who journeys to a remote lighthouse in order to investigate a mysterious hole. He runs afoul of the mysterious Yardle siblings who live at the lighthouse. There are mysterious flashbacks to his mother drowning. It feels like half a story.

Both stories set up a wider universe- "the shrouded college" and "the bone orchard mythos". But the former does a better job making me want to follow the overarching series further.
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