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What are you reading?


The King Of Chinese Dragons
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Sane Society by Erich Fromm
At the time what he was talking about became increasingly more relevant. Now its like the whole thing dont exist but the truth is its even more relevant now. Gets me thinking. Society is not doomed but is it improving or stagnating? Not easy to tell. I tend to lean more to the downtrend. No negativity, just things dont look so bright these days.
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"Digimon seekers" a serial web novel hosted online. It's for the 25th anniversary of the digimon franchise.

It's released into weekly chapters separated into larger segments (currently 4 segments have been released).

I read the first segment "Eiji: the wolf of ninth avenue". It's set in modern day but digimon are commonplace. Eiji is a high school dropout who becomes a "cracker"- (a freelancer specializes in using the digital world) in order to pay his rent.

He decides to take on a mission to go undercover with the Sons of Chaos- a group of hacker terrorists.

It's a cool premise let down by poor translation and format. It does have a cool trailer.

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Furiously reading through a new Call of Cthulhu game scenario as I have been selected as the Keeper (Game Master) for our next session.

I'm not very good at improv, so I need to read this adventure back to front a thousand times so I have every possible event memorized and so can seamlessly make our little tabletop roleplaying a fun time.

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be loyal to what matters
"These Savage Shores" by Ram V and Sumit Kumar.

It's historical fantasy set among pre colonial India. Vampires get involved with two warring kingdom in the Indian subcontinent. It's a sprawling story set on two different continents. Like Ram's earlier creator owned work "Grafity Wall" it has an ensemble cast with some issues switching the focus character. If you are a fan of Ram V's work on Detective Comics or Swamp Thing this is for you.

"Starman" by James Robinson and Tony Harris. Collectible dealer Jack Knight takes over his father's mantle of Starman after his brother was murdered by his father's old archnemesis the Mist. A reluctant hero story done right.

"The Ballad of Black tom" by Victor lavalle.

An African American hustler gets involved in a Lovecraftian dilemma during Jazz Age NY.

"Deadly class volume 1: reagan youth" by Rick Rememder and Wes Craig. Homeless teen Marcus Lopez Aurigello dreams of killing Ronald Reagan in 1985. He believes Reagan lead to the death of his parents. That desire puts him on the radar of King's Dominion, a school that trains criminals for future success. It's a dark YA action story with a punk rock vibe.
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Earthbound Immortal
"The Forbidden" by Clive Barker.

Despite being this work being overshadowed by the rise of Barker's more popular franchise Hellraiser, this novella is still significant because in 1992 a popular horror film was adapted from it - that being of course Candyman. It was certainly interesting to see that film's origins in this quiet little story, which is actually set in England and the film's iconic racial commentary being completely absent due to the cast being originally all Caucasian.

I won't say too much, but somehow the film had a much happier ending which says a lot if you've seen how depressing the film is. Also the climax being set in the middle of a public bonfire makes a lot more sense when you realise that the novella is set on and around November 5th, compared to it being in America on an unspecified day.

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be loyal to what matters
Seven to Eternity: Volume 1 "God of Whispers" by Rick Remender and art by Jerome Opena.

It's set in the fantasy land of Zhal ruled by a man called the God's of Whispers, known for living off the prayers of his servants and seeking to give you your hearts real desires. A man named Adam Odisis joins a rebellion seeking to overthrow the God of whispers in exchange for his family's safety.

It's a compelling fantasy story that doesn't hold your hand with the world building or history.

"Bungo STRAY Dogs: Chuuya, Dazai age 15" is written by Kafka asagiri and drawn by shiwasu hoshikawa

It's a prequel to popular Manga series "Bungo STRAY Dogs". It focuses on the teen years of two supporting characters Dazai and Chuuya as they team up to solve the rumored resurrection of a former Mafia boss.

It's a decent read.
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Ethan Tangent

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Kinda got inspired to start this thread because of the 'what are you working on' thread.
Plus I think I'm getting lots of ideas for threads now that my time on the forum is very quickly running out.

So! Share with us!
Gush about it if you want!
Rant about it if you must!
What are you currently reading?

I'm going to start reading Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr tonight. Yep, yep, about a year or two later after it was suggested to me by (can't remember who, it might have been Red or someone from the VD forums). But I finally found the darn book and I'm gonna read it!
Reading song of Achilles it's very cool

Dante's Stalker

"Outrun this!"
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The Forbidden Game trilogy by LJ Smith.

I swear Julian gets cooler every time I reread these.
And everyone else just sucks worse.
Also, author seems to have a fetish with long dark legs. So. So. So annoying. I should take a shot every time the words "long leg(s)" are mentioned. I mean why not just call her Long Legs?


I Saw the Devil
I finished The Exorcist a few days ago and am rereading a few parts. I'm actually waiting for a copy of The Ninth Configuration by William Peter Blatty. Those two and Legion form a kind of trilogy from the author. The second book isn't horror and the third is more a supernatural mystery but they both have characters from the first tackling themes of faith.

After that I'm going to read Demian by Hermann Hesse. I read The Steppenwolf many moons ago and have been meaning to get to his other works. Damian seems like a good next title.
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