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What are their powersets in total?

Gray Knight

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We know the sparda family is really, really powerful but what is the totality of their abilities?
I just was curious as a catalogue of what all their demonstrated abilities of the sparda family are. The main 4 if you will Dante, Vergil, Sparda and Nero. And how do these abilities make them tougher than the rest of their enemies. Mundus can cause pocket universe bullet hell so how does the sparda lineage compare.


I Saw the Devil
That's a loaded question.

The way I see it, power levels is very much an anime thing, to measure someone's power by how hard they can hit is their staple. However, Nero can hit very hard, harder than Dante, but Nero can't beat Dante, so that doesn't help determine what they can each do as though a chart might provide numbers to be stacked against each other. Men has a tendency to label all that he cannot understand in an effort to make the unknown less frighting, and these particular men are demons, creatures of an unknown nature making labels and stats less reliable. Then again, DMC4, unfortunately, went with a style that is rather akin to anime so a lot of this can now apply, so...

Still, been demons a measure of abilities and powers it's not a solid thing that can be quantified in the same way a man's cannot be either. What I mean is, for example, if an office worker whose never played basketball would provably be measured by the standard of never having done it, thus indicating that he would be terrible at it but in truth it won't reflect how well he could do if he does try it; in other words, just because he's never done it it doesn't equate to 'he can't.' Similarly, if Vergil, for example, wanted to teleport to the other side of a wall, or even walk through it, though he's never done it before, it's not in the realm of impossibility for him to pull it off. I know Dante knows when the phone will ring even before it does, I know Nero has tremendous brute strength, and Vergil can summon phantom swords he can use to impale enemies, and while the others haven't demonstrated those attributes it's very possible that they could, specially in the case of Vergil and Dante who are twins and what one can do, it's very possible that the other can, too.

I'm not saying it can't be done, just that there are a lot of unknown variables to consider.


Supporter 2014
I think he saw that the vs threads were verboten, so this was his way of getting around that. Hah.

V's patron

be loyal to what matters
Supernatural Strength
Supernatural Speed
Regenerative healing
Demonic transformation
Some kind of supernatural adaptability(explaining how he got quicksilver/doppelganger )
Instant Weapon Mastery
Flight via devil trigger

Am I missing anything?


Earthbound Immortal
Am I missing anything?
Doesn't Air Hike say something about using magic to create the glyph which Dante jumps off?

If that's true, then that might explain Quicksilver and Doppelganger.

Gray Knight

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I was just curious what each character could actually call their own. What separated the individual members of the family in a ability. While I enjoy versus discussions I just wanted not a quantification on power levels just was wondering the things they could do stemming from their heritage.
For instance I was wondeirng if summoned swords is innate to Vergil and Nero or tied to yamato or came from Vergil and yamato carried enough of his power that Nero was able to use that ability. I wondered what was innate to the characters.
I look at the spectral dragon that the Sparda DT in DMC1 was able to do and wonder if Nero's DT specter is related to that.
I look at the arm blades of Dante's Majin form and wonder if they were basically Dante's adaptation of The sparda blades ability to give an extented laser blade.
Figured it would be cool to see abilities and relation of bloodlines. Sorry if I wasn't the clearest.


Don't Let the Fall of America be Your Fall
I say it depends on which Devil May Cry in the series. How powerful Dante seems to be in DMC1 with his swordstyle and gun shooting seems vastly inferior to defying gravity and physical abilities of DMC3.


Elite Hunter
I say it depends on which Devil May Cry in the series. How powerful Dante seems to be in DMC1 with his swordstyle and gun shooting seems vastly inferior to defying gravity and physical abilities of DMC3.

I dunno about that. I mean yeah he does more impressive stuff in DMC3 but in terms of how powerful he is, you gotta keep in mind that he doesn't get his butt kicked in DMC1 nearly as much as in DMC3. So DMC1 Dante is still superior to DMC3 Dante, despite the latter being a lot flashier.


Legendary Devil Hunter
Not to mention DMC3 Dante is younger, and bit more of a show off. DMC1 Dante could probably pull equally, or even more impressive feats but (and this is my head cannon to explain why DMC4 Dante is a bit closer to DMC3 Dante in personality, despite being older then in DMC1...Though I still think he's not quite as talkative)
he was a bit more serious and straight to the point cause he was finally getting to avenge his mother.

Dio Brando

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everyone here has good points but i found something.........interesting.

did you know that dante in his devil triger is actully IMMORTAL when it comes to old age so if he was 19 and then when into devil trigger for 10 years he would look the exact same and would not have aged at all! He just chooses to not "live like a devil"
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