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SDT Dante Suck


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The design looks like a Diablo.
The time limit compared to Vergil's SDT is a shame.
Right after Dante puts his knees on the ground.
Dante moveset is limited.
He doesn't even speak he screams like a moron.

Add the DSD sword gives the SDT if this sword is destroyed Dante loses his SDT


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SDT for Dante isn't really meant to be used for it's meter, he can tap into it while being in SSS Rank with the Quadruple S ability, wich is what makes it way more versatile than vergils in my opinion, you can use pretty much any attack in that short timeframe to cancel absolutely everything you're doing. Not to mention that Dante has an insane amount of moves.
Some of it's moves like the blackhole can pretty much kill everything (albeit for the cost of the entire meter).
I count SDT for Dante as another weapon, as it has it's own moveset, whereas Vergils is like a moveset extension.

Design wise it's subjective really (it's pretty much just the ultimate DT that was planned for DMC4, minus the tail, wich was used for Vergil)
The timelimit is way shorter than vergils because Dante has access to normal DT, and it's meant to be used in conjunction with Quadrouple S.
Also DSD would be pretty hard to destroy since it's fused to Dante, hence he is always summoning it and never has it on his back.


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Quadruple S is what makes Sin Devil Trigger so interesting and sets it apart from any other "temporary power up" mode in games.
It's unique and satisfying when you make it work.

As for the appearance, I still like the Kazuma Kaneko designs for Devil Trigger forms best.
For me, having a distinctive demonic appearance helps set apart between a "half human, half demon" than a typical demon.


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Sin Devil Trigger design is awesome and there's nothing wrong with it. Once you get the Quadruple S ability, and because one of the most versatile powers in video games and the entire franchise. I don't know what you're all about, but I personally don't care.


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What baffles me is that he already has a ultimate DT on DMC2 where he's virtually indestructible, and can easily one shot any enemy and boss in the game. So, how did Dante is unable to use that form, but he has a new form where he stabbed himself and he still takes damage? This is an alarming plothole.
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