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Resident Evil keeps getting milked. Pass the coo!

Baby Jane Hudson

Well-known Member
The old games felt scientific. CV was when it started to get weird with Alfred Ashford's crossdressing obsession, although the game's plot did not offend me as much as RE4 onwards.

In fact, if I had to choose between RE6 and 8, it would have to be 6. Because 6 still kind of feels like RE to an extent. 8 was when it just exploded into near supernatural hockum, because Capcom knew people were mad about Silent Hills not being completed. It just felt like a huge rip off, in my opinion. Pretty silly, too.

Baby Jane Hudson

Well-known Member
I totally agree.

Capcom knew if they made RE4 into a commercial action shooter, they would score big. The sad thing is, it made RE less like RE thereafter. It became more like a globetrotting adventure saga with a link to the old games and minimal scary moments left intact, just because. But if you acted like that stuff about Raccoon City, Wesker or Umbrella wasn't brought up, the games hardly feel like they are in the same universe.

6 is essentially a shooter like 4 and 5 is. 7 is when it returned to horror again. But 6 and 7 do not feel interconnected at all. The two titles barely feel in any way alike. Then RE8 just went so overboard with the fantasy aspects. It's likely my least favourite sequel, or whatever, in the whole series.

I'm gonna let the hate for RE6 slide now. That game is quite good, but just for being a co-op action game. Not for being a horror game in any remote capacity.

Baby Jane Hudson

Well-known Member
They took their sweet time bringing back Jill, but do you like her redesign?

I mean, she looks just the same as she did in the RE3 remake. I know she has antibodies or something that makes her age seem younger than her current one, but okay. Just do the bare minimum with her outfit, Capcom. It looks nothing more than a cut and paste job at a first glance.

They've changed Chris so much, I hardly care anymore. Although Leon, Claire and Rebecca look fine. I'm assuming they don't age very quickly either, because of their previous exposure to pathogens. But I hope they can eventually bring forth decent replacements, as surely they must be coming up for the stage of retirement. One would think, anyway.

New characters being introduced is important, although perhaps not essential. It just feels cheesy to me, always seeing the same heroes pull through every enemy encounter to laugh about it and live another day.


Earthbound Immortal
Capcom has a never ending source o' kye when it comes to Resident Evil it seems. :unsure:


The King Of Chinese Dragons
Supporter 2014
RE9 is... coming?

I hope this is real. I have not lost all hope yet. Can only hope. Worst thing that would happen is one I get really dissapointed(not suprised), two I get suprised(interested). If they can move away from all the past Resident Evil series and make something new and interesting perhaps it can work.

Baby Jane Hudson

Well-known Member
Perfer a remake of code veronica myself, or a more fleshed out revelations game.

Yes, especially since Alex has control of Natalia. Maybe this can be reversed. Maybe not. But Capcom sure takes ages to evolve anything in the series that they threw in years ago. They abruptly ended this storyline after Revelations 2.

This is one of the storylines I truly look forward to seeing continued someday.

Baby Jane Hudson

Well-known Member
I seen a video on YouTube where it was claimed Nemesis mutated quickly, as fans found Mr. X was too annoying.

That's kind of bizarre, if it is true. :ROFL:

It was on the LTRE channel. I will post it once I find the specific video.
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