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Quotes From Your Own Work!


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"Being born a dhampir means that humans and vampires alike have wanted me dead all my life. Sometimes, I wonder if humanity is worth it? Human beings can be the cruelest monsters of all. Make no mistake about it.....But while that may be true for humanity as a whole. There are exceptions. Now for them? Well, for them, I'd do anything"
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I thought of this for my Hellboy/X-men First Class fic-

Hellboy gets annoyed at Azazel's monologuing.

"tell me, bro, why do demons talk so much? do they get theatrical in their old age?

From my V short-

The film producer who hires V as a bodyguard will describe him as a "Goth pokemon trainer".

There is a gag where V tries to dress business casual and Shadow has to help him with a tie.

If the famous actress is Zoe Kravitz, she tries to boast that she was Toast the Knowing from Mad Max Fury Road to get a demon to back off. V reveals that he fell asleep when Gryphon tried to get the group to watch it.

Nightmare is the nicest person and becomes the most helpful when V tries to be a PA on set. There is a gag where the camera people try to get Gryphon to do an aerial shot with the camera.

V tries to explain what his job is to his mom and Gryphon doesn't make it easier.

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Creator of Microcosms
Just a snip from the short story I'm working on for the anthology I hope to be included in:

“I suppose you’ll be wanting some help down, eh?”

“No, I thought I’d just hang here, see how long I could defy gravity.”

Yes, I know. I was being rather churlish, and at a time when I could ill afford to be.

Unfortunately for me, the stranger knew this full well, and either out of a twisted sense of humour or a subtle, nasty streak, saw fit to make me sorry I’d ever opened my mouth.

“Is that so? Well then, perhaps I can hasten your experiment along.”

He vanished from my sight for mere seconds, but hanging there, my head pounding and my breath coming in wheezing gasps, it might as well have been a month.

You know, if a being could last that long hanging upside down without dying, that is.

I heard the distinctive crack of a branch breaking, and a heartbeat later, the stranger came back into view, a thin stick in his gloved grasp.

“Now, how should we do this, hmm?” He twirled the stick idly, and turned narrowed eyes on me, his lips quirking into a smirk. “Should I poke at you like a ripened piece of fruit for the taking? Or perhaps I can give you a couple of good whacks like I would a Pyrian hornet’s nest. Who knows, perhaps you will unleash a swarm of stinging insects upon me, given your waspish tongue.”

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I wrote 9 pages for unexpected guest chapter 2. The first chapter is 15 pages long so i wanna cap it at a similar length.

This if from page 8-

“Jacob you’re new to magic and it looks amazing. You think it could solve every problem but it can’t. We can’t wave our wands and solve poverty, hunger, discrimination. Wizards getting involved in the war didn’t keep the death toll down. Magic couldn’t save my parents from separating and it won’t save you and Queenie’s relationship either.”

Jacob and Leta are surprised by this. Newt has never been this verbose before.

“Where your parents like me and Queenie?”

“No, they’re worse. Mother’s an optimist and Father’s a pessimist. I’m surprised they even fell for each other in the first place. But they eventually worked it out and tried again so there’s hope for you two yet.”

Leta couldn’t resist smiling and slips her fingers between his. Newt grabs Jacob by the shoulder and we hear a POP! in the background.

I actually created a backstory for his parents, August and Amelia Scamander.


I think im sort of dimensional traveller lol
Well this is small spoiler for xover story im writing :D:

I never knew i been reincarnation or more new vessel for that Etro Seeress, well whole now when it started i been only on 11 age one more than usual 10 when it been age of eyes manifest but not mine case well see i ended doing that when been at one of Bodhum schools and showing that on top of classmates and teacher given shock. Beside the fact that before we all had an small overview that Seeress had shortened lifespan beside immortal guardian,who for now been mine life to see and meet. Well who i am, im again reincarnation of first seeress named once Alex Dark but here im just Alex, slightly afraid that i know i end passing really now early in life,but well thats mine story and well thats how it all began..

V's patron

be loyal to what matters
From Next to you a Newt/Leta fanfic set in the Harry Potter Era:

Newt pulls her into a hug and whispers into her ear.

“I’m glad I stayed too. I was worried about my roommate. He said he’s good with animals but he has a tendency to brag. I rather not go home to find the animals running amok and eating the furniture.”

“Which wouldn’t be a first for you”

“Yes which is why I don’t bring them here. Wouldn’t want to give your landlord a heart attack.”

“She managed to withstand a Lestrange moving in. She’ll handle your nifflers and diricawls just fine.”

“Why risk it tho? Your flat is rather nice for such a small space.”

“Trust me, a big mansion can make you feel lonely. A small space can feel homely and warm.”


I think im sort of dimensional traveller lol
maybe an bigger spoiler from FF XIII story im doing really :

It was practically unexpected for me to be that one, beacuse partially i not looked like her for example original one and first one had been having brown hair when me well more been dark blond now but like her i got her eye colour from birth what been blue on start as later child mine dad joked that i could been his little seeress but that been joke all time as it been not funny for mom as she hated that one too much for unknown reason. Last time when earlier seeress what name been Eva she had chance to live longest one from us all she practically maked that Pulse and Cocoon finally stopped their wars and now been peace but just she only died again elusive guardian was not known too much as he only showed when seeress been confirmed reborned for few years he been with always her family then she was taken into really protected places to not die from her visions where been dangerous situations. And guess well its now me, even that now im afraid to take that mantle as it means partially to cooperate with goverments as that status been obligation too.

Beside whole vision for me accidentally happened when i been at class and that been history one again, it was all time day ending one for us youngsters, and well it happened. The schoolday was ending when Alice had seen that something wrong started happening with Alex, she was slightly unresponsible on lesson and finally she changed look onto ceiling than looking to teacher she always being done.

-Miss Aerith, there something is wrong wth mine friend Alex she never did feeling before like that.
When well class teacher that being female got to Alex somehow she ended looking finally normally but maked teacher feel pale beacuse of her eyes they been different and she recognized what and who she is looking now, it seemed her little pupil had been that one who people called Seeres of Etro or Etro seeres, eyes given that finally white glow that given visions.But whole thing was for second as soon they showed up they also vanished giving alex her normal blues, she also now reacted and from whatever it been she was shaken too and started cry

- I saw that, i just cannot tell when this will happen, again possible catastrophe will fall here.

And that been last of her words before she fainted for first time.Practically Alice just wanted to help her friend but now even she knew that soon will be last days she even see her and better been to talk as soon really heavy burden will come to her friend as she was going to be associated with goverments soon not to mention the fact also meeting that elusive guardian so far even there been nothing on him like he was an shadow.There been possibility that school already contacted any branches of goverment that would give also response to higher Cocoon goverment that been called Sanctum,and there been branch of military that responded only to Guardian of seer and they really been rarely seen as Sanctum only got records of seeress prophecies when they still had hold on her.And well automatically parents of Alex been called to school not only for taking their daughter to home but also advised that she was now S rank class person beacuse of who she was from the teacher, well her dad been proud that his angel got that blessing to be next seeress but her mother well lamented as that meaned she soon will be taken for few meetings before only three more years at home. Not to mention that in three those years also in Bodhum would happen to be stay place for Guardian before he will take her.


the horror was for love
From something self-indulgent:

“That says something about him, doesn’t it?” John went on after a long moment of contemplating his breakfast. He still didn’t sound surprised. “He’s got the…moral fibre of an overcooked spaghetti.”

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be loyal to what matters
I thought of V having to fight another human on his own and Gryphon adds color commentary to it-

Keep your deuces up- after V gets punched
Swing and a miss- after V swings wildly
It ain't a baseball bat- V uses his cane
You just gonna take that- V gets kicked in the nads
C- minus - V headbutts someone
All right buddy this is why me and shade handle this- V gets knocked out.


ʙʟᴏᴏᴅ ғᴏʀ ғʀᴇᴇᴅᴏᴍ
A quote from my novel I've been working with a while. The main character is recalling his memories of a promise that was made for him six years ago. This is an excerpt from that scene. The novel is in Finnish, but I tried my best translating this. There are probably some issues with commas though, as I don't really know how should I use them in English.

* * *

Master Lyne's rejection feels like a dagger piercing the young boy's heart. I'm trying to say something. Tears are thickening my every word. I'm sorry, I can't remember what am I trying to say. Master Lyne's voice fills my ears.
"I can see your pain, Ante. I can feel it." I'm shaking and staggering, but master's grab is enough to keep me on my feet. She continues. "When you came to me last night to express your demands, I began to think about your options. You asked me if dedication counts for nothing. You asked, if your loss isn't a valid enough reason to fight. Well, in some cases those two stand for a lot, even more than the blood running in our veins."
I take a look at master Lyne's eyes. They aren't lying, neither giving any false hope, I'm confident about it. Master continues.
"Think about it, make yourself ready. If you are as dedicated on your twentieth birthday as today, come to me and show that you haven't had a day of hesitation during these years. That you really want to become a hunter, and that you've survived, got over all this. That you've finally forgotten."
I'm gulping.
"I will sew my robe by myself", I whisper with a thick voice. "With my own two hands. It will take years to make the traditional initiation robe, won't it? I will bring it in front of you on the day I'm turning twenty years, I promise."
An encouraging smile finds its way to master's face. She raises her hand from my shoulder.
"Six years, Ante. I shall be waiting for you in the ceremony."

* * *

Edit reason: a HUGE grammar mistake that was bothering even me
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The cut opening of chapter 2b-

They appeared outside of the Leaky Cauldron, a small dingy tavern tucked in a street corner.

“Not exactly subtle guys”.

Newt chuckles while he starts explaining to Jacob how the entrance works. They make their way to the back and Leta taps the brick to the left. The garden wall gives way and Diagon alley appears.

Jacob’s mouth drops.

“Yeah this is cool. Definitely better than MACUSA’s reveal.”

They blend into the busy streets. Jacob is amazed by the shops but Leta stops him from going inside.

They turn the corner and reach their destination: Knockturn Alley.

“Queenie would need a portkey to reach France. Those are small items bewitched to transport you great distances. The Ministry is the main distributor of Portkeys but like everything else, you can find a more accessible version on the outskirts of society. Granted accessibility always come at a cost.”

“So we’re looking for a back-alley dealer for portkeys?”

Newt rubs his chin.


Leta walks towards Borgins and Burkes.

“Old Man Burke wouldn’t get involved in portkey dealing. Too much risk.”

Newt goes after Leta. Jacob follows but stops at a distance to give them some space. An old wizard passes them by and Jacob tips his hat to him.

“This seems more like Fletcher’s racket.”

Leta nods and Newt leans in, lowering his voice.

“If things go south, grab Jacob and apparate out of here. Queenie too if you can.”

“What about you?”

Newt looks at her shoulder before speaking.

“I’ll find another way out”

Leta turns and looks at Newt.

“How about you grab your friends and let me take care of our exit?”

Newt pauses

“We just need to find Queenie. No need for a firefight. We can walk out of this without anyone getting hurt.”

Leta’s eyes narrowed as he spoke.

“Newt you couldn’t talk your way out of detention with Pendergast.”

Newt winces as Leta leans in.

“Newt what are you so afraid off?”

Newt struggles to get the words out but Jacob interrupts him.

“You know you two were standing here for a while. Are you lost or something? These streets tend to blend together just like the muggle ones”.

Newt laughs weakly and puts on a smile.

“No worries Jacob we’re just discussing strategy”

Leta takes command.

“We know where Queenie might be. Newt will go in through the front door and I’ll sneak in through the back. Jacob you’ll stand outside

This feels like material just there to take up space and we could just skip it.


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The people of the future will save all of us .worlds are never destroyed because it always rains again .nobody is important enough to live a perfect life so when we arrive to hell is ok because we wont stay or live in hell again for god gives us new life by thinking about us and dreaming about us ☺ just some stuff i wrote about yesterday and today


ʙʟᴏᴏᴅ ғᴏʀ ғʀᴇᴇᴅᴏᴍ
V's patron, that sounds exciting! I'm not much into fan fiction but that really grabbed my attention.
Aisen66, sounds like that could be an excerpt from my dystopian novel too :D

Again from a fantasy novel, showing a bit of the most important side character's personality (Ante's the main character but there are parts like this in which the story goes with Hespera's point of view)
And yeah they are talking about events that took place years ago, it might explain some reactions.


"Why?" Ante asked with a fragile voice. "Why did you hold me back? I could've saved their lives. You kept me away from them."
Hespera raised her eyebrows and shook her head. With nothing said, Ante squinted his eyes as if he couldn't believe the silence.
"You saw that yourself!" Ante raised his voice. "I could've had a chance... it was no lie, Hespera, you know that!"
"Bullshit." Hespera tightened her posture. "It was only your own view about that. In my view there was no chance." If there had been, I would've gone after your father myself, she added in her thoughts.
Ante looked like he wanted to say something, but couldn't. Hespera took a deep breath and, almost without noticing, she grasped her fists.
"If I were you, I would be very, very thankful about the fact that even if I personally had thought it would be a good idea to play a damn hero, someone realized my foolishness. That someone held me back and didn't let me roast myself like a pig in a skewer." Hespera really had to concentrate to keep her voice calm and down, when she continued. "Also I would think twice, whom am I gonna blame for the death of my parents and with what grounds. You're not the only one suffering here."
"I didn't mean to -"
"I have kept the cauldron warmed up half a day for you. Let's eat."


ʙʟᴏᴏᴅ ғᴏʀ ғʀᴇᴇᴅᴏᴍ
I love this character.

"You agreed to that only because it gets you as close to the hunters and the training as you can ever get, didn't you? Only because you're still hoping that you'd start a career as a hunter? Only because - by the way, I'm gonna skin your back with bare hands if this is correct - you are still imagining that your parents would've been happy if you avenged them?"

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Moved by Yusuf's words, the crowd disperses. The swelling on V's face continues to sting but he ignores it. He feels Yusuf pulling him in the direction of the car. Gryphon is yapping in the background but he ignores it.

Yusuf winces loudly, stopping by a wall to gather his strength, his usual bluster fading after how hard Farah hit him. The Faerie Daughter is bolstered by Seelie magic and a more formidable foe than they anticipated.

V pauses and closes his eyes, checking on his familiars. Nightmare is onlooking Gryphon pestering Shadow on why she refused to fight Farah. He claims its girl power or female unity but Shadow ignores him, choosing to contemplate why she couldn't attack. She noted sometimes she couldn't move on her own or her attacks would go through Farah, like mist hitting a rock.

V twiddles his cane between his fingers, thinking furiously. He realized that his contract with them only covers non-human combatants and groans audibly.

"You can't keep doing this" Yusuf interjects.

V looks up to see Yusuf standing before him.

"These kids lives are at stake, get it together. We can't fight both the faeries and every scared parent in this town."

V pauses.

"I will...do better".

They continue walking to Yusuf's car.

"Good. Are you gonna patch things up with Bonnie or am I gonna have to do that for you?"

V swallows.

"she made her position quite clear".

"Yeah, she didn't like you putting a knife to a kid's throat". He scoffs before continuing "**** V I only knew her for a few hours but I could've told you that."

This was a scene I thought of earlier today. It's for my DMCV/Big Little Liars fanfic that I may not write any time soon. This is in the middle of the arc. Yusuf is an OC I created to be V's partner- he's ex-military who joined up with V after stumbling onto a case of his.

Bonnie is one of the characters in the show. In this version, she was V's ex-girlfriend from college. They didn't end on good terms and haven't spoken in years. They meet again because of the current case- faeries have marked three children in her town and V/Yusuf is tasked with figuring out why and stopping it.

Farah is another OC- she is a woman raised by faeries and acts an enforcer for the big bad.

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A snippet from the second chapter of my middle-grade, The 13th Magic. One of my favourite parts so far:

He turned to the stranger, noting his sharp, pale features, his slicked-back black hair and dark brown eyes. An old-fashioned silk cravat of red poked out from the white collar of his shirt, the make and style hidden beneath a frock coat of deep plum that matched his slacks. Maaz took note of his shiny black shoes before his gaze returned to the stranger’s face, noticing the unfriendly smile and the cold way his eyes seemed to glitter, despite his otherwise casual demeanour.

Releasing a soundless growl of frustration at his missing voice, Maaz narrowed his eyes, mouthing, “What did you do to me?”

“No need for such hostility,” said the stranger, his accent strange to Maaz’s ears. “I’ve come to speak with you, nothing more. If you can assure me you won’t go screaming for help again, I shall return your voice to you without hesitation.”

Maaz considered this for a moment. Seeing no other option, he gave a sharp nod of assent.

The stranger snapped his fingers, and it seemed to Maaz that more than just his voice had returned. The bubble of white light vanished, leaving the sprawling fields and sky to blur by the car window, the clatter of the train’s wheels and the sound of its horn nearly deafening after the forced silence.

“I’m going to cut to the chase,” said the stranger before Maaz could get in a word edgewise. “I know why you’re here. Or rather, why you’ve left home, where you’re going, and to what purpose… And I have a deal for you.”

Before he could think better of it, Maaz asked, “What kind of a deal?”

“The kind,” said the stranger, suddenly very interested in his immaculate nails, “that you stand to benefit from, my young mage.”

Fear gave way to wary curiosity. “Tell me.”


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Been starting to re-re-rewrite the old project. And lo and behold, I'm actually making progress.
Changed a lot of the timeline, re inserted old characters and such. Not that there is much of that in this little tidbit. Might need to ask around for someone to read it once I've written a few chapters. (I lost quite a lot of work when my hard drive crashed that one time... It was disheartening so this project was on ice for a year or so.)

Beyond: Origins


The glow stopped, the distorted picture of the others faded. They were gone. He knew it was for the best. Now there was no more holding back. „That's it huh?“
Damien turned around as the Portal closed. The Chains wrapping around his hands like Boxing gloves. “Sorry Kath, I won't be able to keep that promise after all.”
Mumbling to himself his gaze turned to the creature before him. He knew he wouldn't make it, but he also knew this one wouldn't be roaming around the realms any more, that was enough for him.
With a smile he clenched his fists. “Alright Jackass, let's have some fun!” Damien wouldn't go down without a fight.

Rebel Dynasty

Creator of Microcosms
Another snip from my middle-grade:

“If left to their own devices, the magics will tear your world apart. They’re not compatible, you see, with the energies you’re used to.” This he directed at Maaz, his gaze flickering to where the sensing stone was hidden in Maaz’s shirt pocket.

“Energies we’re…but we don’t have magic in our world. Not real magic.” Leanna turned a questioning frown on Maaz, the first trace of uncertainty in her eyes. “Do we?”

Before Maaz could answer, Farys cut in.

“A discussion for another time. For now you have work to do.”

“And what if I don’t want to help?” said Leanna.

“Then I would say your mother’s fate is clear.” Farys’s voice was cold, his expression devoid of pity. “Let us hope Claim doesn’t see fit to take your father, next.”
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