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Quotes From Your Own Work!

Daring Dylan

This is all we got now.
Post quotes from your fanfiction or original stories!
From Infatuation; Chapter 1:
Julie shrugged. “Why the hell not? Missing persons are the most fun. Especially 'long lost brothers'.” She stood up and handed the papers back to Enzo. “Give me thirty minutes, I need to shower and blah, blah, blah. You know, 'blah, blah, blah' is girl things. So leave me the **** alone.”

Tony looked up. “Can I join?”

Julie turned to face him and raised her middle finger. “In your dreams,” she said, winking at Enzo and then walked into the bathroom.

“Besides, I'm on my period!” drifted from the inside of the small room. “I'm sure you don't want blood on your dick!”

Tony and Enzo both cringed.

“What a way to ruin her flirting with me,” Enzo squeaked out. “And I think we both don't want our bedrooms to look like murder scenes.”

Tony shook his head, trying to rid his mind of the new found, disturbing mental images. “Yeah. I don't want the cops to come by and think I raped and or murdered some chick.”

“'Hello, sir. Why are your sheets covered in blood?'

“'Well, officer, you see, my friend and I had sex last night and she was on her rag. So, that's why it looks like I raped than killed a poor innocent woman.” Enzo burst out laughing.

“Not funny,” Tony said, chuckling, despite what he said.

“I heard that, perverts!” Julie shouted from behind the door.

Both men promptly shut up.

Tony waved his hand. “It's fine, Juls. I don't even wear shirts, or anything that can cover up my torso.” He ran a finger down his abdomen. “It gets too hot.”

“Vain much?” Enzo asked, frowning.

“Yes,” Tony said simply, smirking a little. “Anyways, Juls, don't get yourself killed, maimed, or anything else-”

“I know. You give me the same speech every time I go solo.” Julie tucked her magnum into a holster under the sweatshirt; a knife and handgun quickly followed, along with a bottle of mace. A belt of grenades went around her waist.

“Here.” Enzo got up and handed her a few pieces of paper.

She took them and looked them over once more. “So...the guy wants to meet me behind Love Planet. Alright, no problem there. Good thing I brought my mace. I think, Tony, he wanted a hot piece of ass.”

“Whatever. Like you said, you have your mace.”

“I suppose.” And she walked out of the shop, waving to the two men.
She turned another corner, green eyes peering into the darkness. “Who the hell is there?” she called out.

“I'm sure you would like to know.” The cold words were met with a cold blade pressing lightly against her neck. “You're not the one I told that fat, drunk Italian to get me. Where is my brother? He has something that belongs to me.”

Julie snorted. “This is what you sent me to do. Find your brother.” She resisted the urge to add “duh” to the end of her statement.

“Don't play games with me, girl.” The blade pressed harder, drawing the smallest amount of blood. She was aware she was staring death in the face, however, she wasn't going to let that stop her.

“I'm not! This is what you paid Enzo fifty thousand up front for!” She mock-pouted.

A hand gripped her hair and pulled back. She let out a gasp of pain and the person growled. “I will only ask once more: Where is my brother?”

“Oh, baby, you know I like it rough, but how 'bout you take me to dinner first? How's a plate of nice, hot lead sound?” She pulled out her magnum and leveled it with his head. “Tony's gonna be real disappointed when he finds out I did unnecessary killing.” Julie ****ed the gun.

Infatuation; Chapter 15:
"I smell my brother on you," he whispered, their lips a mere centimeter apart. Every one of her senses was screaming at her, knowing that this would only end in pain; however she stayed put. She just couldn't seem to get enough of his scent.

"Well..." Julie whispered, inhaling his sweet, sweet aroma. "You're brother and I spent last night together."

He pulled away. "I see..." He frowned, his azure yes becoming narrow slits. "So, you did spread your legs for him...? Why am I not surprised?"

Julie burst out laughing. "I sure know how to ruin the mood, don't I?" She smiled, leaning her head against his shoulder, and mumbled, "Besides, dude. I was only joking."
Fyi, Julie smells like that because she got drunk the night before and decided it would be a good idea to try and make out with Dante. >.>; And that's also the scene where Vergil uses Julie to get Dante's amulet, 'cause he's a manipulative bastard who'd never fall in love. Let alone a human woman. o_O

That's all I got right now. Now it's your turn! 8D!

Dante's Stalker

"Outrun this!"
Supporter 2014
LOL, nice writing there Dani, I like :)

I'll post a few of my favourite excerpts from the DMC fics I haven't posted on the forum. I'll probably end up quoting in separate posts, because of the word limit thingy.

Chapter 5 - I Hate Everything About You (after DxOC have a fallout because Dante read her diary...lol)
All eyes were on the television set, so I was quiet when I went over to the coffee table and dished up for myself on the only clean plate left out for me. I felt Dante's eyes on me, but I stubbornly refused to look at him. I didn't trust myself when I got mad at him. If he said anything, I was pretty sure I'd flip and try to poke my fork into his head.

"Wow. I can feel the love." Dante said, and I gritted my teeth.

I smacked another spoonful of mashed potato onto my plate. Vergil was looking at Dante, puzzled, and then at me curiously.

"Don't ask." I muttered.

Vergil snorted in reply, giving Dante another measuring look. "What did you do this time?"

"Apparently I don't have to do anything. I'm just naturally hated." Dante said.

"Stop it." I glared at him, showering my food with salt.

"Stop what? Breathing? You'd love that, wouldn't you?"

"Stop trying to manipulate me into feeling guilty!" I snapped.

"What happened?" Eva intervened.

Dante glanced at me and our eyes locked. "Nothing." Dante finally said, and I smirked at him.

"Right." I said flatly.

"Get over it already." Dante said despondently.

I flipped. It was bound to happen sooner or later, I just didn't predict exactly how it would go down. One moment I was glaring daggers at him, the next I'd thrown my plate of food at him with a sort of war cry. Mashed potato and veggies flew across the room, but my aim was off and it hit the wall above him instead. Dante rolled off the couch and stared at the food sliding down the wall for a second.

"Oh, you want to play that game?" Dante said and started toward me.

I didn't run away, even though it was the first thing I would have done if I had my sanity intact. I rolled my shoulders to loosen the muscles, and smoothly shifted into position.

"Bring it on." I dared him.

I was ready to knock his head sideways, every inch of my body tingling in anticipation as he stormed me. But before I could move, and before Dante could ram into me, an enormous blade whistled through the air and hung between us as a blockage, gleaming back at us threateningly.

"What are you thinking?" Sparda demanded in disbelief.

"You're lucky." Dante said, straightening up and shaking his finger at me as he slowly backed away.

Chapter 7 - I Hate Everything About You (still needs to be revised - there's no windows in the ballroom. Why did no one pick up on this error?Dammit!)

I kept trying to convince myself that the swords weren't real, and that it was just me and Vergil playing around like normal, but Dante's fighting style was a bit different to Vergil's and I had to react quick when he threw the little unexpected twists at me. And I was out of shape. I'd been battling with Vergil for over half an hour, so it was inevitable that I wouldn't be in top condition to face Dante. I was getting more tired every minute. Dante, despite the complicated moves he was pulling, didn't seem to break a sweat.

"Enough. Dante, I can't keep it up." I finally said.

"You can do better than this." Dante said, and brought his sword down.

I dodged out of the way and my damp foot slipped on the smooth floor. I landed hard on my back and knocked my head into the floor. For a second I could see stars bouncing in front of my eyes, and then Dante and Vergil were both pulling me to my feet.

"Are you okay?" Vergil asked.

"It sounded like a firecracker went off." Dante said, and shoved his hand into my face. "How many fingers am I holding up?"

"I don't know," I said, closing my eyes and swatting his hand away. "Ow, my head... my head..."

"It's okay, here. Sit down." Vergil said, and I felt something soft under me.

My head was throbbing and my ears were ringing. When I opened my eyes again, I was staring back at two identical worried faces with the coldest blue eyes.

"Who are you?" I blinked, wondering if my eyes were out of focus.

"Is that supposed to be funny?" One of the visions said with an insulted tone.

"Oh, great." The other vision said, straightening up and pushing his frosty blonde hair back from his forehead with both hands in an angry gesture. "Well done, Dante. You concussed her."

"Con-what? I didn't touch her!"

"Just stay with her. I'll go get mom."

I watched the one vision stroll from the room, and dropped my head in my hands."My eyes hurt." I mumbled.

"You are kidding, right, Keira?"

I forced myself to look up at the boy. "Why does the light burn my eyes?" I asked, blinking feverishly.

"I'm sorry you got hurt." The boy said quietly, plunking himself down beside me on the bunk.

"I want my mom." I said, and licked my dry lips. "And I'm thirsty."

The look that crossed his face was one you'd expect from someone who had just been told they have terminal cancer. The blood drained from his face and he appeared very forlorn as he gazed back at me steadily.

"I'm sorry." He said again and hung his head.

"It's okay." I said, confused, and put my arms around him in a warm hug. I couldn't help myself – for some inexplicable reason I felt compelled to comfort him. He tensed under my touch, and I held him tighter. It was a long moment before the tension slowly, cautiously, eased out of his posture and he relaxed.

He hugged me back uncertainly, and pulled away from me abruptly when voices drifted through the room. He glanced at me nervously and got to his feet. His reflection came strolling into the room, followed by what couldn't be anything but an angel. Less the wings.

"Keira, sweetie. Do you know who I am?" the angel took my hands in hers.

I shook my head, and nearly passed out from the small movement.

"Sparda. I'll get the car going, can you bring her, please?" The angel straightened up, and I watched her start toward the door.

That's when I noticed the horrible demon marching toward me. I scrambled back with a shriek and knocked my back into the window.
The demon stopped mid-stride, staring at me in surprise. He lifted his hands helplessly.

"Keira, it's just me..."

It knew my name. I pitched the volume with new velocity, and he actually backed away several steps.

"Stop it." A voice chided beside me suddenly, and a hand clamped my lips shut. I turned wide eyes on the boy. "I'll bring her." He said, and the demon backed out of the room quickly.

"What is... I'm not going near that... it's going to eat me." I pleaded as soon as he removed his hand.

Chapter 12 - I Hate Everything About You

Enzo hung up the phone and I turned to face him. "That Martin Dust owes me over four hundred. You make sure he pays up today, along with today's job fee. And with interest." Enzo pointed his finger at me, and frowned at Dante. "Who's that?"

"My body guard." I said and put the list down on the desk between us. "I'm not your debt collector."

"Hey, my money is your money. It's cheaper and quicker this way. Can't afford to hire someone else to chase up arrears now can I?" Enzo said with a chuckle, and lit a cigarette. "Your friend isn't expecting to get paid, too, is he? I'll need to up the charges."

"No." I said and tapped my finger at the top of the list. "Saradines again?"

"Eh," Enzo gave a dismissive wave. "Them nasties like the fish smell for some reason. Keeps swarms of them coming back. What's the boy doing here, Keira? I don't trust outsiders."

"Don't worry about him. He's just tagging along for the ride."

"Not scared of them demons, are you boy?" Enzo nodded at Dante.

Dante responded with a slow, cunning smile. I sighed.

"Demons are scared of him is more like it." I muttered, going over the list again. "What's up with the Campbell Avenue? Is there a portal there or something? You give me that one every three days."

Enzo shrugged in reply. "He does what you do?"

"Oh, ****it." I snapped, straightening up to glance from Enzo to Dante, who quickly diverted his gaze when I looked at him. "Why don't you buy his biography already? Just ignore him, for ****s sake."

"Nerves wound up a bit tight there, girly?" Enzo said, and I sighed again.

"No. He doesn't do what I do. He kills." I said, and looked at Enzo through narrowed eyes when a contemplative expression filled his face. "And he causes a lot of damage when he does it. Damage equals expenses."

"Yeh." Enzo lost interest in a blink of an eye and looked at me. "We're running out of jobs."

"Doesn't look like it." I said, shaking the list meaningfully.

"Not yet. With the recession passed over and demons being driven from town, people aren't going to be needing the service no more. We'll have to milk the few clients we still got. And then I'm thinking we go abroad."

"Abroad where?" I asked.

"Wherever they need us. You chasing them off doesn't mean they just disappear. They become someone else's problem."

"'kay. Time is money. I'll catch you later." I said, folding the list up and sliding it into my pocket. I pulled Dante by his arm toward the door and paused to send an irritated look at Enzo. "And hey. Don't buzz me while I'm on the job. I can't be everywhere at once."

"You've been chasing demons?" Dante demanded when we stepped outside the club. "That's your job?"

"I told you." I said to his disbelieving smirk. "I can control demons."

"What a load of crap." Dante shook his head. "Seriously, what mojo have you got going on?"

"None. I'm not into the occult, Dante."

"Whatever you say."

Chapter 16 - I Hate Everything About You

"You had anything to do with this?" Vergil asked, slowly rubbing the bridge of his nose as if this whole affair was giving him a headache.

"No." I said coldly.

Vergil's gaze focussed on me with a critic glare. "Tell me the truth, or else."

I glared back at him helplessly. "She said she wanted to talk to me after school. I don't know what about, and I don't know why you're here, too."

Eva glided into the room a second later, and firmly locked the door behind her before turning to face us. "Sit down, Vergil."

Vergil stopped rubbing his forehead and dropped his hand in a gesture of intolerance. His standing posture seemed to have some intimidation over her as well, but Eva had a lot more guts than anybody else would have had. She seized Vergil by the sleeve and physically steered him toward me.

"Sit down." She snapped the words out, and Vergil reluctantly perched on the edge of the desk.

"What is this about?" Vergil demanded.

Eva placed her hands on her hips, and for a few long moments she did nothing but stare at us through narrowed eyes.

"I want to make one thing clear." Eva finally spoke, and her voice was uncharacteristically harsh. "We will not leave this room tonight, until you tell me the truth. And I will know if you're lying to me."

"The truth about what?" I asked nervously.

"What exactly it is that you two are up to." Eva said flatly.

"Oh. Why don't you tell her, Vergil?" I asked, and won a look from him that would have mutilated me if there had been any power behind it.

"What specifically are you referring to, mother?" Vergil asked instead.

"Don't take me for a fool, Vergil." She scowled. Eva became an unstable time-bomb when she got angry. Her voice was shaking, and filled with a frosty edge that rivalled that of Vergil's. "The way you two look at one another. The way you speak to each other. The tension between you two whenever Dante is in the room. I have had enough! I will let you know I will not allow anyone to get hurt."

I stared at her in shocked bewilderment. Vergil responded with an impatient sigh. "What are you talking about?"

"You know exactly what I'm talking about." Eva gave Vergil a glare that made him cringe. "This is absolute nonsense, this thing you two are brewing right under our noses. You can't believe that no one has noticed something going on. Whenever I catch you two alone, you're both flushed in the face and you disappear before I can corner you," Eva waved at Vergil, and turned disapproving eyes on me. "And you can barely string a sentence together, Keira."

"What we discuss in private is none of your concern." Vergil said calmly.

"That's his fault." I said weakly.

"No. This has got to stop." Eva exploded. "You're young. I understand that. It does not justify how much you're hurting Dante."

The silence that followed was deafening as the reason for this confrontation suddenly made sense. Eva was breathing hard, glaring at us, obviously expecting us to fess up. I stared at her for another stunned moment, and exchanged startled looks with Vergil. Neither of us saw that one coming.

"You cannot be implying what I think you are." Vergil said, tearing his gaze from mine to look at Eva in disconcerting amusement. "You think Keira and I are familiar on an intimate level?"

"We're not. At all. Ever." I said, shaking my head vigorously. "That's just crazy talk."

"Then why do you always run in opposite directions when I catch you two alone?" Eva demanded.

"Because I want to get away from him." I said defiantly, and glared when Vergil chuckled. "Wipe that smile off your face, you bastard."

"Dante instigated this, didn't he?" Vergil said, ignoring me.

"It makes no difference to the matter, but yes. Dante came to me." Eva said evenly. "He didn't want to hear the truth from the horse's mouth, so to speak."

I leaned back in the chair. It felt like a train had just run me over, twice. "Why would he do that?"

"I suppose he didn't trust what he would do if he caught you in the act." Eva said, and her braced demeanour began to wither. "And I don't blame him. If you feel you two are better suited, then have the common decency to at least tell Dante. Don't hurt him this way, please, Keira."

The shock of the whole situation had worn off, and a flood of hot tears broke over my cheeks as the horrible, churning coldness of the reality behind it smacked into me. My chest gave a single, bone shattering ache, and my entire body throbbed with a sickening feeling.

"This... this is all your fault." I snapped, kicking the chair out from underneath me and shoving Vergil off his perch.

"Watch it." Vergil caught himself easily. His hand hovered dangerously close to Yamato, and by the icy determination in his shoulders I knew he wouldn't think twice to draw his weapon. Right that moment, I didn't care. He'd be doing me a favour by cutting out my heart – anything to stop this horrible feeling inside of me.

"Keira!" Eva said, taken aback.

I strolled right up to him, stepping through his shield of cold aloofness and closing the proximity between us. I held his gaze firmly, evenly, unwavering.

"There are no words." I hissed through my teeth. I didn't need to say more. He knew what I meant.
I was tempted to land a good punch in his head, but my body was out of control and shaking violently.

He didn't flinch. Instead, he brought his face even closer to mine, his eyes burning into mine. "It will all end. Soon."

Chapter 21 - I Hate Everything About You (feel free to tell me to stop posting these!)

I watched him from the corner of my eye for a few minutes. I wouldn't fight with him, I wouldn't... My determination not to faltered at my curiosity and I leaned across to him. "What did you two talk about when I got back last night?"

"Me and Verge? Family stuff." Dante said vaguely.

"I thought I was family, too." I said.

"It's a twin thing, Keira. You won't get it." Dante said, and gave me a curious look. "Why do you want to know anyway?"

"He's crazy, Dante. You won't believe the stuff he's done... the stuff he said..."

"My brother is not insane." Dante interrupted flatly.

"Yeah? He told me that my friggin' puppy told you I'm a demon – tell me that's not crazy." I said.

Dante looked startled and stared back at me for a second, nonplussed. "Which part?"

"Are you kidding?" I asked, feeling my heart crash to my toes, and my stomach twisted uneasily.

Dante licked his lips, an uncharacteristically troubled look swathing his features. He leaned closer to me, until our faces were inches apart. "You said you have the power to control demons."

"Yeah." I said, and frowned worriedly. "So?"

"Without using the dark arts. You're doing it. You, Keira, not some outside force."

"Yeah." I repeated feebly. "I told you that before, you nut."

I flinched when Dante's gaze dropped and he wrapped his hand around mine. I looked down, and watched him trace the faint pink scars up my arm with his fingertips.

"Because of this." Dante said quietly, and his eyes were intense when we looked at one another.

My mouth went dry, and my mind frantically scrambled for something, anything, to divert the conversation. Part of me expected him to rip out one of his guns and blow a hole through my head, right then and there.

"Wh-what's this got to do with Rambo?" I stammered out.

Dante stopped tracing the scars on my arm, and cupped my hand in both of his instead. His palms were warm and firm against my fingers. He was going to break my hand... or crush my fingers...
I watched in paralyzed fear when he lifted my hand to his mouth, and for one crazy second I believed he was going to bite me.

He pressed his lips to my knuckles, and his breath washed over my hand in a wave of warmth. I stared at him, entranced, and felt hot tears slam into me from out of nowhere when his troubled gaze met mine steadily. He looked remorseful, and there was a cracked look in his icy blue eyes that reminded me of the heartbreak I'd seen in Eva that morning.

"He's a hellhound, Keira." Dante finally said, his lips brushing against my skin when he spoke.

And it all made sudden, awful sense – why Eva and I couldn't figure out what breed Rambo was, why Dante had been so adamant on killing the puppy, why Vergil had thought it was the joke of the century.

"It's a demon." Dante added in a whisper, and he tore his gaze from mine abruptly to glance at the screen. But he wasn't quick enough – I saw the flash through their cold depths, the unspoken words lingering in that split second, and so are you.
...dun dun dun...muhahaha!

Chapter 23 - I Hate Everything About You (my all-time favouritest ever ever ever!!! :D)

"He's a sadistic bastard. He's been using Keira like she's some puppet." Dante said.

"I'm not using her. She's helping me. If she really doesn't want to help me, she won't." Vergil said. "You know how difficult it is to get her to do the most trivial thing when she's not interested."

"He wanted to stick around to watch her suffer last night." Dante said.

"I offered my presence to you because I have a vast knowledge of the demonic. I was trying to help you out."

"You're a real piece of work, Vergil," Dante said coldly.

Vergil responded with a cool, calculated stare.

"I am not impressed with either of you." Eva spoke up. "Dante, you need to think before you speak. I know you boys don't always get along, but you are brothers, and I know for certain that neither of you would hurt the other on purpose."

"I have my doubts." Dante said.

"I wouldn't lie to you. You'd know if I were, Dante." Vergil said blandly.

"What is going on with Keira?" Eva asked.

"I thought blabbermouth told you already." Dante said, caught off guard.

"No Dante, I mean why are you two bickering over her? It can't be jealousy, I don't believe that of you, Vergil."

"It's a clash of opinions, that's all it is." Vergil said.

"That's what you call it?" Dante spat.

"What would you call it?"

"I'd call it bull****. You're full of it! You've got your sights set on her. Use her, get what you want, leave her high and dry when you're satisfied. What, you think I don't know the sudden influx of demons is your doing? How stupid do you think I am?"

"How do demons running around town link back to me and Keira?" Vergil asked with a mock curious tone, dangerously leaning across the counter toward Dante.

"She can control them. You can control her. Control her, control the demons, all to try and control me to help you open the seals."


"A monkey could put two and two together. You're a control freak."

"Mother." Vergil sighed irately.

"Is it true?" Eva asked, turning suspicious azure eyes on her eldest.

"Of course it is, he's Mr. Perfect. Everything has to be done his way. He has to be above everyone all the time. The money, the food, the power..." Dante ticked them off on his fingers. "He wants to control it all."

"Well someone needed to take charge when father left." Vergil bit back.

Chapter 25 - I Hate Everything About You

"Define patronizing." Vergil responded.

"Vergil." Dante said meaningfully.

Vergil blinked, and scowled back at him. "Don't start a war you can't win."

"I'm not starting anything." Dante said innocently, coming over to lean against the sink beside me. "So what were you guys doing?"

"None of your concern." Vergil said.

"I was talking to her." Dante cut back.

"We were trying to speculate what you had hidden up your sleeve," Vergil said, and shrugged, the tension easing out of him. "As I'm sure Keira will tell you."

Dante looked at me questioningly, and I managed a small nod before looking down at my feet in defeat. "Yeah, we were trying to figure out your riddle." I looked up at him uncertainly. "I thought we were okay."

"I don't have anything against you and Vergil playing buddy-buddy." Dante said.

"No," I groaned. "I mean you and me, you idiot."

"Yeah," Dante said and frowned at me. "We're cool. You'd know if we weren't, Keira."

"Then what did you mean today was going to be the best day we've had in a while?"

"Uh..." Dante trailed off, staring down at the floor and scratching the back of his head for a second. He dropped his hand to his side, and peered at Vergil cagily. "I overestimated how things were going to go down."

"Where were you?" Vergil asked.

Dante hesitated for an agonising long moment, before drawing out a large sword hidden in the folds of his leather coat. It looked meaty, like it was a breathing organism rather than a weapon. Vergil froze as Dante readjusted his grip on the hilt.

"How did you do it?" Vergil finally broke the confusing silence.

"It wasn't that hard to do. You had everything researched and planned. I just went with it," Dante said. "I just thought I'd get in, get it, and get out. This one's yours, by the way."

I watched Dante toss a gold rimmed red pendant at him. Vergil caught it, and stared down at it disbelievingly before taking a step toward him.

"Give it to me." Vergil beckoned for the sword, and Dante handed it over readily. Vergil studied the sword closely for a moment, and turned fierce eyes on his brother. "What do you mean you overestimated things?"

"I mean, if we let that thing out of our sight," Dante pointed at the sword, "We're dead, because every ****ing demon in the underworld is after it."

"What are you saying?" Vergil asked, furrowing his brow.

"I'm saying I ****ed off Mundus and now he's got the entire demon realm gearing up to hunt us down." Dante snapped. "What, am I speaking Latin or something? What the hell do you think I mean when I say I overestimated things?"

"You saw him?" Vergil nearly dropped the sword, staring at Dante with round eyes. "Did you fight him?"

"Are you completely off your rocker?" Dante demanded angrily. "Of course I didn't fight him, where's your head at, Vergil? This is Mundus we're talking."

There was a tense moment of silence between them. I've never seen Vergil look at Dante like that before, like he was envious of Dante, and genuinely awestruck by something so reckless and stupid that Dante had managed to survive. Dante extended his hand suddenly.

"Give me the sword."

Vergil lowered the sword and took a step away from Dante insolently.

"I'm not playing around. Give it, or I'll take it off you." Dante growled.

"We both know I'm the better swordsman. I should keep it." Vergil said.

"Maybe when Hell freezes over." Dante shot back, advancing on his brother. "And believe me, that's not gonna happen any time soon."

"Why did you not ask me to go with you?" Vergil asked, slowly retreating as Dante walked up to him.

"I didn't need you." Dante said gruffly. "Hand it over or I'm going to shoot you."

"I asked you numerous times to go with me," Vergil said, swinging the sword up to keep Dante at bay. "I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that the thought to reciprocate that never occurred to you."

"I just didn't feel like having you crash my party, that's all." Dante said, grabbing the blade of the sword. I cringed at the thick crimson blood that instantly gushed from his curled fingers. "I work better on my own."

"You can't have it," Vergil said, trying to draw the sword away from Dante's grip. He only succeeded in cutting Dante's palm even more. The gush became a river, streaming down the blade and dropping to the floor in a waterfall of blood. "It belongs to the son of Sparda!"

"And what am I, a stray he picked up off the street?" Dante fired back.

"You hated him."

"Yeah? That's the excuse you're running with?"

"Stop it you guys." I spoke up. Things were escalating to a dangerous height. The boys hadn't ever spoken about Sparda since he left – and that's when I realized exactly what sword it was they were bickering about.

"I am the oldest. I've earned this."

"What makes you any more worthy of holding that damn thing than me?"

"I understood our father, for one!"

"Yeah, so did I! Just because I didn't agree with him doesn't make me brain-dead!"

"You're not ready for this."

"Vergil, give it up. There is no way you can control that power."

"I'll prove you wrong."

"Dude, don't make me hurt you."

"What is going on in here?" Eva's voice jolted both boys.

Dante was the first to recover, and I stifled a surprised cry when he suddenly head-butted Vergil right in the chest, sending his twin staggering off balance. He wrenched the sword free from Vergil's grip at the same time, and sheathed it on his back alongside Rebellion with a c0cky grin on his face.

Silence screamed through the kitchen as the boys measured one another up, revving up for what I could only imagine would have been a very bloody, very brutal war. They seemed oblivious to everything else – it was just them, and that sword.

I exchanged looks with Eva, and the seething anger swirling within her fuelled the flare I felt in myself.

"You went to the demon realm that Sparda sealed off from this world? The one Sparda abandoned you for?" I erupted, slapping Dante out of his death-glare match with Vergil. "Are you out of your ****ing mind?"

"Hey, watch it," Dante said in annoyance, turning his glare on me.

"All that work he had to do, and you went and screwed it up...you're just as bad as he is!" I said, jerking my finger in Vergil's direction. "You're coocoo in the damn head! What the hell were you thinking, Dante? Now you've got Mundus on your ass, too! Wonderful, that's just so clever you should get a reward for being the biggest moron in both realms!"

"I wasn't counting on him being there!" Dante said, his voice raising a few notches.

"Oh, come on! We're talking the demon realm here! How could you not expect him to be there?" I said.

"You're getting on my last nerve," Dante snarled at me.

"And you're getting on mine," Eva said, appearing beside me like a saviour in my moment of need. "Give me Sparda's sword."

"Mother," Dante said helplessly, shifting away from her.

"I said-" Eva broke off when Vergil soared past her with a war cry of sorts.

I stood back when Dante whipped out Rebellion to block the attack, his face the picture of total surprise, and then stubborn resolve as he retaliated with his own swings. Yamato deflected each swing almost mockingly. They were moving too fast, spinning and leaping, the swords themselves nothing but white blurs cutting through the air – a deadly dance I couldn't quite follow.

The second they stopped, swords engaged in a heated power lock, Eva and I intervened. I literally rammed my entire body into Dante's, sending him stumbling a few steps back, and then I clung to him hard, using myself as a buffer to keep him away. A glance over my shoulder showed Eva straining to hold Vergil back, her arms wrapped around his waist from behind.

"Stop it! Enough, the both of you!" Eva hollered angrily.

Her words only seemed to make it worse. Vergil struggled against her for another moment before shrugging her off like a clump of dust on his shoulder, and Dante physically moved me aside. The brothers started to charge one another once more, and I managed to rip Sparda's sword off his back in time. Dante stopped mid-rush and spun around to face me angrily.


"Eva!" I squealed, backing away from the two furious half devils advancing on me, holding the sword ready to defend myself if I had to. "Eva!"

Chapter 26 - I Hate Everything About You (IHEAY)

We watched the spring breeze tug the last dead leaves from the sycamores in the yard, savouring the peacefulness nature brought with it. My eyes were heavy and drooping shut as sleep came to claim me.

Dante's arms tightened around me. "Did you see him there?" He asked softly.

His words barely registered in my sleep-disorientated mind. "Who?" I whispered under my breath.


The name echoed across the ragged terrain, disturbing the fiery heat waves that made up the air. A thousand voices uttering the single name; voices that sounded like hollow drums, cracking glaciers, and spirit bells. A frightening, monstrous cacophony filled with a terribly deep, evil hate that chilled my blood and made my ears ring. Sparda...Sparda... And there was so much blood...so much pain... so much horror in the glazed eyes of the humans who fell victim to their greed... and the screams were the worst. Screams that no animal or human could possibly make; screams laced with terrifying sorrow and rage... the chant changed, and I felt an icy shudder rake through my body. Keira...Keira...traitor...traitor...

"I'm not!" The sound of my own voice jolted me awake. I blinked at the bright mid-day sun in momentary confusion, before feeling my cheeks flush in embarrassment when I realized I'd been speaking loudly in my sleep. I sent a shy glance beside me, only to find that I was alone. Well, good, the last thing I wanted was Dante riding me for being a sleep-talker.

I stretched my legs slowly, and cautiously climbed out of the swing. I stopped short when I realized Vergil was waiting for me. Bare foot, dark tailored pants, and his black vest open, he was leaning against the bark of the tree. There was blood mist on him – on his face, his arms, on his chest – the kind that was created when savagely beating something to death. There was a nasty snarl on his face, and I stood paralysed when he stalked up to me.

That's when I noticed Dante lying face down near the back door; his skull was smashed open from what I could tell, and he wasn't moving. There was a blood smeared hand print against the glass door, as though he'd tried to push it open before he died. I tore my gaze from Dante's still form when Vergil reached me, filling my vision.

His entire being screamed out trembling violence, but his hands were startlingly soft when he cupped my face almost lovingly, and he pressed his shaking lips to mine in a passionately tender way that rivalled even Dante's kisses. He pulled back a little after a minute, and his lips brushed intimately against mine when he whispered huskily, "It's mine."

I ripped away from him abruptly with a strangled cry, and found he'd locked me against him with his arms. I struggled, and screamed, and clawed, and kicked against him, terrified out of my mind. He didn't let go. And then he was suddenly peering into the swing at me with a curious frown, and adrenaline gave me that extra boost of strength to increase my fight. I broke free of the arms keeping me entrapped, and fell headfirst out of the swing. I scrambled across the grass, beside myself with pure terror. I couldn't get to my feet because my legs were sponge, and in my bewildered state I heard Eva shouting my name from the kitchen window. I turned toward it, and felt my muscles lock and tremble when Vergil started toward me.

"No!" I shrieked the word over and over, because nothing else made sense, and the rest of my vocabulary had been erased from my shaken mind.

Dante appeared behind Vergil, his face set in stony resolve. His head was whole, and he edged toward me cautiously, flagging me down with his hands. "Take it easy, Keira. Easy, easy." He soothed.

I stared at him so hard that my eyes started to hurt. He inched closer to me, and carefully reached his hand out to me. "Come on, babe, it's just me."

I touched his hand, and when my fingers touched his warm skin, I jerked away from him in horrified confusion. "You're... it wasn't real? It wasn't real?" I wheezed, looking at Vergil. Bare foot, black pants, and his vest open, exactly like in the dream. No blood. No nasty snarl on his face. And he didn't seem interested in coming any closer to me than he had to.

"It was just a nightmare," Dante said reassuringly, and I burst into tears.

"But I woke up... I woke up and you were dead..." I sobbed hysterically.

"I'm not. Look, I'm right here. C'mon, you can punch me if it will convince you." Dante coaxed gently. Then he was in front of me on his knees, and he embraced me securely. "It's okay, babe. I've got you. It was just a nightmare."

Chapter 29 - IHEAY

I went to fetch a glass of milk – it was one of the little, but many, luxuries I'd missed a lot – and opened the refrigerator at the same instant there was a scream right outside the window.
I froze, staring toward the darkness, and a second later something huge fell from the sky and hit the ground with a reverberating crack. I bolted outside without thinking, throwing on the backyard lights on my way. The green haloes of light illuminated Dante lying on the grass, and I noticed Rebellion tossed carelessly on the ground close to me. I started toward Dante, who was by now rolling onto his side and groaning in pain, but my legs turned into heavy ice blocks and kept me frozen on the spot when Vergil gracefully landed on his feet beside Dante.

I backtracked with a little outraged shriek and snatched Rebellion off the ground. I moved in unison with Vergil - still I was barely in time to deflect the tip of Yamato turning Dante's intestines into diced liver. We stood glaring at one another over a wounded Dante.

"That's low!" I hissed at him.

"And your opinion should matter why?" Vergil hissed right back at me.

"You just pushed him out of a tree!"

"He fell." Vergil said the words distinctly. "You should stop interfering, Keira, because you will get hurt..."

Vergil was suddenly gone, and I blinked down at him in surprise. He was on his back on the ground, and Dante was withdrawing his leg.

"Dude, don't start threatening her. You've put her through enough." Dante growled.

"Oh I'm going to..." Vergil started, scrambling to his feet. He was halfway there when Dante launched off the ground and tackled him back down.

I backed away as the two boys violently wrestled across the grass, growling and snarling threats and insults at each other like a pair of Rottweilers in a death-brawl. I started toward the backdoor to go fetch Eva, and slowed my pace down when I saw her emerging into the night. She had a hacked off expression on her face. I watched her disappear around the side of the house, sending a deep scowl in the direction of the fighting brothers, and then she reappeared with something in her hands. I lingered for another second before hurling myself into the safety of the house, and watching through the window with round eyes.

Eva twisted the thing in her hands, and then a wide powerful blast of white water gushed forth. I stared as she marched up to the boys and sprayed them angrily. It was only a matter of seconds before they tore away from each other and came up gasping for air and spluttering indignantly.

Their every protest was met with a stern, brusque, "Get in the house!"

Vergil was the first to obey, but Dante tried to throw a few more verbal punches at Eva. It won him another harsh blow of water right in the face and caused him to fall back on his rump. Eva shrieked at him angrily and pointed toward the house, and Dante quickly scrambled for the door.
I said nothing when Vergil came walking past me, drenched from head to toe, still breathing hard. When Dante came stumbling inside, I clucked my tongue at him. "You should know better than to test your mom like that."

"Water! Like we're ****ing animals!" Dante snapped at me, and I couldn't help but giggle.

"You were behaving like animals."

"Oh yeah? I'll show you an animal," Dante said, edging toward me playfully.

"Don't even think about it." I said, picking up a rolling pin to keep him at a safe distance. "Go change your clothes before you get sick."

"I don't get sick that easily," Dante said, and backed away in disappointment.

"Are you okay? That was one hell of a fall." I said, lowering the rolling pin.

"No, I think I broke my ribs, and my head feels like something is poking screws into it from the inside." Dante huffed, and took Rebellion from my hand.

"Do you want me to have a look at it?" I asked, inching toward him.

Dante shrugged me off. "Maybe later if you're still awake."

And Chapter 33 - IHEAY. If you're currently following the fic on ff. net, and you don't want spoilers, then don't read this part.

“What are we going to do?” I asked, leaning my head against his chest.

“Don’t know, what do you feel like? We could go junk-hopping.”

“No, Dante.” I sighed impatiently and sat up to glare at him in annoyance. Now was not a good time to play ignorant. “I mean what are we going to do about the baby?”

Dante leaned his head back into the swing cushion, and his eyebrows knot together in a little frown. “What baby?”

My baby.” I snapped.

“Well I’ve been wanting to turn him into swiss cheese ever since you picked him up off the street.” Dante shrugged with a smirk.

“Not the ****ing dog, you moron. This baby.” I said, poking myself in the tummy. At Dante’s thoroughly blank stare, I continued, “Do we tell your mom now, or do we go to a private doctor and get it sorted out before anyone finds out?”

Dante blinked slowly, and leaned forward to rest his elbows on his knees. He stared up at me for another moment, his light eyes piercing and suddenly very frightening. “C’me here.” He said quietly, beckoning with his finger.

I obeyed and allowed him to pull me down on the swing beside him. “What’s wrong?”

His gaze hunted across my face with cool clarity, and then he slumped back in the swing, still staring at me. I shifted uncomfortably and stared back at him expectantly. “What? Why are you looking at me like that?”

Our baby.” Dante said lightly, his eyes darting toward my stomach before locking onto my face again.

“Yeah.” I said.

I watched him slowly lean forward again. He started to run his hands through his hair, and then stopped, holding his head. I cringed when his fingers curled and it looked like he wanted to dig the tips into his skull. His shoulders shook when he let out a strangled chuckle. “Oh...God...” he murmured. His laughter stopped suddenly, and a shudder went through him.

I put my hand on his back softly, watching him worriedly. Maybe I should have gone about this another way, because this was clearly too big a shock for him to absorb. “Are you okay, babe? I thought you knew. I mean, I’ve been throwing up and eating like a pig, and you told me to tell you if it didn’t go away.”

Dante moved abruptly, and took my hand into his before looking at me steadily. I cringed away from him. There was something wild and insane in his eyes, a look I’d never seen before. “Stay here, Keira. Do you understand me? Whatever you do, do not move from this spot.”

“Okay.” I whispered.

“Swear you’ll stay put.”

“I swear.”

“Good.” Dante dropped my hand and I watched him stroll to the backdoor.

I had to suppress the urge to follow him – where the hell was he going anyway? We needed to talk about this now before it was too late, but then maybe he just needed a few minutes to himself to think...

Gunshots erupted from inside the house, and it jolted me back into the swing in fright. I sat for a few minutes, staring at the house in bewilderment, wondering what the hell was going on when Eva came stumbling outside. Her dress was soaked with blood in front, her bloody hands pulling at her hair in distress, and she was crying hysterically as Sparda gave her a gentle shove out the door. She whirled around and hammered on the door, leaving bloody handprints on the glass.

“Sparda! Let me in! Oh, God, God, no! Sparda, let me in!” Eva shrieked in a horrible voice, slamming her hands onto the door and yanking at the doorknob in vain. She ran to the window and pounded her fists against it helplessly. “They’re going to kill each other! Sparda!”

I watched Eva frantically trying to open the windows by rattling them, before helplessly resorting to banging the door down once more. I wanted to go to her and find out what had happened, to see if she was okay –there was so much blood on her - but my legs wouldn’t obey me. I sat as still as a statue, staring at the petrifying sight.

The gunshots ceased, and then Sparda was propelling a bloody Vergil out into the yard while trying to keep Dante at bay. Eva launched herself at Vergil, tearing his coat off to press her hands to his hole-ridden vest.

“Come away... come away from the door, honey,” Eva stammered, trying to steer him toward me. Dante had gotten him good, because Vergil’s face streaked with pain when Eva tried to force him to walk. He straightened up and shook her off gently, and turned around when Sparda thundered, “Enough of this!”

“Come, come, come,” Eva sobbed, tugging Vergil toward the swing. “You need to sit down... oh God, you’re going to bleed to death...”

Dante broke past Sparda. He kicked the door right off its hinges. It took part of the doorframe out with it. Vergil paused to face his brother.

“You stay away from her!” Dante roared, whipping out Rebellion.

Vergil sent a glance my way, and smoothed his blood soaked hair back before flashing me a small smirk. The world around me shattered along with the sound of metal swords singing through the air and colliding with heated fury.

...well WHAT? Like I'd let my OC get jiggy with Dante? NEVA!!!
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From chapter 1 of my Sonic fanfic.

"What happened to you?! Did you fall off of a cliff?"

"I'm pretty sure that wouldn't give me puncture wounds like this." I retorted. "No, these are bullet wounds."

"In that case, the first thing we need to do is remove the bullets. From the looks of things, none of them left your body."

"How long will it take to get them out?" I asked. "I'm tired, and I want to sleep."

Veronica gave me a glare and knocked me on the head.

"You could be a little nicer, you know. Like you are with me."

The doctor motioned for us to follow him into another room. He had Veronica help lay me on an operating table, then he put on some gloves and a mask. Then, he took a tweezers and started digging for the bullets. The best thing I could liken it to would be getting your teeth pulled by Satan. That was the most pain I'd felt my entire life, and I screamed and screamed. The whole time, Veronica held my hand, saying things like "You're doing great." or "Almost done." I'm pretty sure if I squeezed any harder that she'd be the one on the table next. When it was finally over, I laid there, panting. The doctor grabbed some gauze and bandages and wrapped them around my wounds.

"Now that that's over, who shot at you?" The doctor asked.

I was it quite a bit of pain, so it was hard to remember. But, eventually, it came back. I told him what happened between breaths. I didn't tell him about my "evolution". No, that was my secret, and I didn't want anyone finding out. I turned to Veronica, slowly.

"I think... I'm gonna... Be... Spending... The night... At your place... Okay...?"

She thought about it for a few moments, then she nodded her head.

"Of course, Metal. It's the least I could do for you, after you saved me. You'll have to sleep on the couch though."

"Fair... Enough." I half-smiled at her, and she smiled back. Then, she did something that REALLY threw me for a loop. She leaned over and kissed me on the forehead.

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Funny bit from Awaken The Immortal Force (Vergil's got no memory in this one)

The blade came soaring down at him. His body reacted instinctively, and Vergil found himself a yard away from the monstrosity without knowing exactly how he'd gotten there so fast. The blade had struck the cement and the slimy alien was trying to tug it free.
Screaming people rushed from the scene, and uniformed men in blue and black were weaving through the stampede toward the scene.

"Wh-what are you?" Vergil asked. He felt that he knew the answer. It sent a chill of foreboding through him.

The fleet of authorities circled the ruined cafe, aiming their guns at the oddity.

"You will be no more, son of Sparda!" The monster howled, ripping it's sword free and flinging it at Vergil with deadly accuracy.

Vergil spun out of the way, and the blade missed him by less than an inch. He whirled back to the now unarmed creature. "Son of Sparda?" Vergil spat the words out furiously. "What, is that some kind of cult?"

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Revival NAO!

Come on, guys, you know you WANT to do this.
I'll quote this one again because Shadow liked it :)
From my yaoi fic, Adio Aphrodite, when Nero tells him Vergil is there too:

"I wanted to go talk to him the first time I saw him but I was told that he doesn’t like to talk. Apparently he’s all about penetrating, and it’s put everyone on a thin edge around him.”

“Penetrate? You mean impale.”

“No, they definitely used the word penetrate.”

“And my brother would definitely use the word die.”


Enjoy! :lol:

Please, don’t turn us in! I beg of you….think of it as payment for treating your wounds…” Gabrielle could feel her body start to shake. She didn’t want to kill this man, he was….nice. But she knew Clark would think otherwise, especially when she found out how he had learned of her identity.
“Payment? Well, you did patch me up….”
“It was Clark’s idea.”
“Really?” Julius stroked his chin thoughtfully. “Well, I do suppose I would have died in that fight if you two hadn’t have showed up….” He stroked his chin a bit longer, much to the dismay and annoyance of Gabrielle. “Alright.” He finally said, grinning. “I won’t tell anyone. But I have a condition.”
“A condition?! What in the Realms do you mean?!”
“Well I am keeping a big secret. If I stay here, surrounded by nosy, gossiping people, I might accidentally let it slip.”
Gabrielle arched an eyebrow. “What are you suggesting?”
“I want to travel with you two.”
Gabrielle’s jaw dropped. “Are you INSANE?! There is no way in all of the magical prancing Realms that Clark would EVER welcome you into our travelling group!”


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Seeing as I'm obsessed with quotes, especially from my own stories....

From Fear Itself chapter...er...16...I think. >_>
“I’ll tell you what,” Marcus said, suddenly grinning brightly. “If she loses, I’ll carve my own name out. How’s that for a killer deal?”

Ignoring the pun, Verin frowned. “You…would end your life over this…child?”

“Well, it’s gonna happen sooner or later.”

Marcus shrugged carelessly before curiously poking at a drink. He made a face and knocked it off the table as Verin continued to stare dumbfounded at him.

“’Sides,” Marcus added, looking thoughtful, “Jenny’s going to win. Her and Julian are unbeatable together. You should know that. Experience and all.”

Verin flushed with anger. The reminder that he’d once lost because of a human still stung.

“Aww, I made you mad.”

“You’re a fool,” Verin spat, glaring at the table. “What would an ignorant brat like you know about games like these, anyway?”

“More than you think,” Marcus chirped.

Verin shot him a dark and sulky look.

Marcus patted the frozen succubus on his lap and smiled, “See? I told you he’s ****ed off. Isn’t he cute when he’s mad?”

From...well, it's kinda pointless to say where this is from since I might edit it out. Dante whining ftw?
Dante kicked moodily at the head, sulking as Vergil flicked blood off Yamato. It wasn’t fair. He’d done all the work. He was the one who’d gone through hell for years. So he should’ve been the one to deliver the final blow. But no, Vergil always had to come along and ruin things; always had to steal the spotlight. It wasn’t fair!

The red-clad devil hunter accidentally kicked a chunk of the head across the room. He blinked. An eyeball popped out of the demon’s skull and rolled across the floor, stopping at Dante’s feet. He began to inch away from it as the castle finally showed signs of collapsing.

And, finally, from a random drabble from a while back:
“Vergil?! Vergil?! C’mere, Vergil!” Dante called.

Vergil, Lady, and Nero traded looks, wondering exactly what Dante was on.

“Is there something you needed, Dante?” Vergil asked curtly, watching his twin’s every move.

Dante shot him a look that plainly said, ‘Shut up!’ “Come here, Vergil!”

A snowy white German Shepard trotted into the room, its tongue lolling out of it’s mouth as it surveyed the room through watery grey-brown eyes. It wagged its tail uncertainly, then, spotting Dante, barked and tackled its master, who cheerfully began scratching the dog’s back.

Needless to say, Vergil, Lady, and Nero were at a loss for words.
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DMC Conquering :wub: that fic! XDDDDDDDDD

ROFL...Marcus...LOL, what a witty stud-muffin he is! I like the moody Dante bit (LOL at the eyeball) and Dante with a dog :wub: :wub: Can I read that drabble please please please???

Here's another of my quotes from...well, I don't have a name for it yet, but it's the follow-up to Illusion Collides:
"How dare he!" Andrea exploded so suddenly that Jenny jerked back in her chair.

She didn't have a chance to ask what was wrong because Andrea had flown to her feet and was stalking toward a couple that was waiting to cross the road. Jenny recognised Audrey - but what made her breath catch was that the girl was hanging off the arm of no other than Mick, in all his lean and muscular glory. She felt a little pang of hurt that was quickly replaced by shock when Andrea pushed him into the road with an angry shout. Mick leapt back onto the sidewalk, luckily avoiding getting hit by a truck speeding past.

"Anny!" Jenny called out, startled, crossing the distance without recalling even getting off her chair.

"You have some nerve!" Andrea was shrieking at him, oblivious to Audrey's wide brown eyes staring at her like she was some lunatic.

Which, Jenny thought, Andrea probably was.

"What's going on?" Jenny demanded when she reached them.

"Jenny?" Audrey asked, confused and angry. "Who is this crazy person?"

"Why don't you tell her, Mikael?" Andrea snapped up at a stunned Mick.

"Mikael?" Jenny repeated blankly, and lifted her gaze to stare at Mick in bewilderment.

"Andrea," Mick started gently, waving her down with both his hands.

Jenny watched him - he moved with a fluid elegance that seemed natural, almost like watching water flowing over rock.

"Do you know her?" Audrey was asking. Her porcelain complexion was flushed with fury.

"Of course he knows me! Mikael, how could you rub this in my face? I thought I told you to leave town!" Andrea said, wiping at the angry tears spilling from the corners of her eyes.

"Why should I be the one to leave? I was here first, so you can go to hell!" Mick retorted. His sharp words made Andrea flinch back, as if he really had physically lashed out at her.

"Michael, stop this nonsense. Explain this to me," Audrey ordered.

"Mikael," Andrea said, and turned watery eyes on Audrey. "His name is Mikael."

"His name is Michael, dear," Audrey said with a toss of her head.

"Me-kyle," Andrea said again with emphasis, stretching the syllables.

While the exchange was going on, Jenny had felt her breath stop and her heart start a deep, sick thudding. Once she got the vision of water over rock in her mind, she couldn't get rid of it. Her little finger tingled, and the chilled reality touched the back of her neck. She stared at Mick with new eyes. How many times had she simply watched him, captivated by the way he moved, enthralled by the way he laughed, enchanted by the sound of his voice...

She didn't want to believe it. She couldn't force herself to face the truth - not now, not now when she'd finally found a home within his embrace, not after finally believing in her heart of hearts that she'd found the One.

Because it couldn't be.
It was too impossible, too insane, too wicked... and it had Julian stamped all over it.

...hehehe :D


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@Master Vergil: Hehe. Marcus and I both thank you. XD Sure you can read it. ^^ Though...I'm gonna edit it and make it into an actual fic (involving a rude parrot, an evil cat, and Vergil-the-female-dog), if you would rather wait. ^^;

:O Mix! *at a loss for words* Wow...you've made all the wheels in my head start turning. :S *worried*

Eh...maybe posting in here was a bad idea...
From Dare:
Vergil tilted his head, sending Dante a thoughtful look.

“Her,” he said simply. At Dante’s confused stare, Vergil added, “I dare you…to kiss her.”

Dante’s blue eyes widened incredulously. “Dude, are you serious? She’ll shoot me.”

Vergil ****ed an eyebrow. ‘So what? Do I look like I care?’ that look said.

“Again,” Dante added in an attempt at sympathy.

And more from Dare:
“You can use the desk if you want,” Dante told him helpfully.

Vergil stared at his brother for a long time thinking that he’d rather be trapped in Hell than table dance for, of all people, Dante.

From See and Seem:
Dante shuffled over to his twin’s bed and clambered in. It took Vergil a moment to move over before the younger’s arms were around him. Vergil frowned to himself as Dante curled closer. His attitude was worrying and Vergil wrapped an arm around him.

“They’re getting worse?” the elder twin inquired with a frown.

Dante stubbornly refused to answer, keeping his face firmly buried in the gap between Vergil’s chest and the bed. The elder boy forced his chin up. Dante glared back defiantly, a couple tears rolling down his cheeks.

“I keep seeing her,” he admitted shakily. “And-and every time she dies. I just…I can’t ****ing do anything about it. And she….” The teen’s voice cracked. “Mom….”

The younger twin realized that small tremors were running though his body, almost as though he’d been electrocuted. He was vaguely surprised that Vergil hadn’t told him to leave already.

“Stop crying,” Vergil instructed quietly.

And...more from See and Seem:
Vergil pushed Dante back, reversing their positions. He stared at his twin for a long while as though contemplating something.

“What’re you gonna do, Verge?” Dante purred. What do you want?

The elder twin remained quiet. He leaned in slightly then stopped as though this…situation needed to be reevaluated.

“Cuz with the way you look, I keep thinking you’re either gonna beat the **** out of me or kiss me,” Dante added, subconsciously licking his lips.

Vergil froze, a scowl forming on his face. Without a sound, he punched him.
Don't ask why, but...that *points at last quote* makes me LOL. >_>
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more of my hobby for your viewing pleasure.

We’re all ants. We live identically and serve a higher power that thinks for us. We may be able to have our own opinions, but anyone dumb enough to express them has come out at the bottom of natural selection. We are all identical. Replaceable. There is no reward for being exemplary. When I’m done serving, I’ll just wind up dead like the countless before me. Some poor soul will come of age and be assigned my exact job, have the same room, and be just as miserable as I am now. Being replaceable is what makes me not care if I live or die. It gives me a reason to not get up in the morning, and to not go to sleep. To avoid work and not give a **** if I have kids. I could never have kids, I’m not that cruel. I know that the day they realize what the world they live in is really like, they will just blame it on everyone whose fault it is. First the people who put them there, second the people who made it that way. I already live with enough, **** having more.


A bit more from the same story.

“Fresh fruits, the finest in the Lower Realm!”
The voice drifted above the silent market, grabbing Gabrielle’s attention. The owner of the voice was an elderly woman in a deep blue dress; her snow white hair was pulled into a bun, and her head was held high despite her small stature.
As they passed the old woman, she reached out and grabbed Clark’s wrist, pulling her close. She then pointed to a man in a stand directly across from her. “Don’t buy your apples from him, dearie, they’re still covered in horse manure!”
The man in question glared at the woman before grabbing a passing customer and muttering angrily in their ear.
The old woman chuckled. “Some people just don’t know how to take a joke, do they, Nichole?”
Clark, who had been trying to free herself from the woman’s bony hand, froze. “You know me?”
“It has not been that long, little one. Surely you have not forgotten me? Your Daba?”
Gabrielle blinked. “Daba? Who in the Realms is Daba?”
Clark didn’t seem to hear. “Release me, Daba. I mean no harm towards you or Banestown.”
“Oh, I am certain of that. If I had not been, I would not have stopped you.” Daba looked around. “Listen closely, little one. I do not know why you have returned here, but the people have not forgotten what happened. And they will not hesitate to kill you or your friends if they discover exactly who is hiding under that hood.” Clark opened her mouth to speak, but Daba silenced her. “And as how I know who you are without removing your hood….there is no hiding your father’s eyes, my little one.”
“Little one?” Julius asked, snickering.
Clark glared at him, and he backed away, suddenly becoming very interested in the ivory combs a merchant was selling.
“Look, er….Daba, we appreciate the warning. But we can’t leave until we capture the criminal wandering around here.”
Daba turned her gaze to Gabrielle. “Leave? I never said anything about leaving, dear. But if you do intend to stay within these gates I would suggest a bit of caution. There is danger behind these familiar faces.” Her ice blue eyes shifted to Clark. “Anyone associated with you will instantly be killed if your secret is made known, little one.”
“I know, Daba.” Clark sighed and looked around at the mass of people in the streets. “I really should have thought this through…I don’t think I can leave here without causing a scene. Especially if I run into her…”
“Her? Who’s her?” Gabrielle looked around. None of the women in the crowd seemed remotely dangerous; they all had their heads bent as their husbands argued with the merchants.
“Perhaps you should find this criminal alone then, little one.”
“Yes. But where would Gabrielle go? Surely a woman in Middle Realm clothing standing in the middle of a snow storm would look suspicious.”
Daba smiled warmly at Clark and released her wrist. “I will look after your friend at the house. If nothing else, it will give you an excuse to have a good meal after you capture your prey.”
“I…” Clark gazed at the crowd again. “Thank you, Daba. You always did know what to do.”
“Wait! You’re just abandoning me to this woman?!” Gabrielle demanded, drawing the attention of several merchants.
“Yes, I am. You’ll be killed otherwise.”
“How could I possibly be killed with you around?” Gabrielle glared at her silver eyed friend. “There’s something you’re not telling me, Clark. And I’m tired of being left in the dark.”
“Now is not the time to argue. Just go with Daba, and I’ll do my best to explain when I return.”
“You cannot win this argument, dear.” Daba said gently. “I promise that no harm will come to you if you join me. In fact,” she said, dropping her voice to a whisper. “If you were to accompany me, some light may be shed on your predicament.”
“Oh, fine.” Gabrielle snapped. “I’ll go. But what about Julius?”
“Leave him to his combs. By the time he notices we’re gone the only trouble he’ll cause is telling these people what they already know.”
Gabrielle smiled. “Alright. I guess what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.”
“At least not now, anyway.” Clark added with a dry chuckle. “You should get a move on, Gabrielle. I’ll come back after I find Matthias.”
“Okay…be careful, Clark.”
Clark nodded and took off, vanishing in the mass of people within seconds.

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Tonks;280330 said:
A bit more from the same story.

*mind asplodes*
Revising is a bitch but that REALLY paid off Tonks. I ish floored by your awesomeness! ^_^

@Cheez: are you a journalist? o_O


Master Vergil;280334 said:
*mind asplodes*
Revising is a bitch but that REALLY paid off Tonks. I ish floored by your awesomeness! ^_^


Yay! And here I was doubting myself ^_^


Entertain me.
Master Vergil;280334 said:
@CheeZ: are you a journalist? o_O

i'm a journalism major with a creative writing hobby. a hobby i've got less and less time for these days, unfortunately.

EDIT: i should add, though it probably won't be read so far after you asked, that my usertitle is more a reference to my work on Encyclopedia Dramatica than my major.

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This is all we got now.
*breaks down* I need to post these. SO bad. e.o

All of these are from my same novel series...thingy.

I find it amusing when Derek's being a dick. That's probably bad, but...*shrug*
“I thought you were going to forget,” Derek said.

“Why would I forget?” Daryl asked.

Derek shrugged as they fell into step together. “I just assumed you found a quick **** and forgot about me.”

Daryl was taken aback. “Come on, it's not even gay night at Troy's. Who am I going to ****?”

“I dunno, but you usually find someone to do it with either way.”

Daryl sighed. If Derek was in a crap mood, his plans for tonight would be shot to Hell.

“What's wrong?” Daryl asked.

“Work sucks, my boss sucks, this day sucks, and the fact I can hardly walk without pain in my left leg sucks,” Derek said in a monotone.

“Well, I have something that will make you feel better.”

“Sex isn't going to make me feel better, Dar.”

“I wasn't talking about sex, Blondie.”

“Really? I'm surprised.”

It's funny, 'cause it's true, and I've actually found some of it in my braces three weeks after I had sushi.
“It's only a California Roll, Daryl. It's just crab,” Derek said, smiling.

“Yes, and caviar. Speaking of which . . . you have some in your teeth.”

Derek picked at his teeth for a moment. “Did I get it?”

“No, but it doesn't really matter?”

“Yes. If I don't get it now, I'm going to be picking fish eggs out of my teeth for months.”

I'll post more later, since I need to get to sleep right now. >.<

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I'm bored and waiting for a show to start on TV. And I'm wasting my time on here because nobody I usually chat to is online or they're too busy with other things. So!
I wrote like four more pages of my FG fic today.
Here's a funny excerpt from it.

The younger shadow man was shaking his head in annoyance. "I'd rather go back home."

"To the Shadow World?" Mikael snorted incredulously. "How stupid do you think I am?"

"Do you really want to know?" Julian asked.

"Kid, I'm giving you the chance to redeem yourself with goldie-locks."

Julian narrowed his eyes and spoke in icy disdain, "You are pathetic. Even Summer has a higher IQ than you do."

Julian blinked slowly at his elder's wit. "I'd rather be torn to shreds by Nidhogg than spend time in your presence."

"You still hate me then," Mikael said good-naturedly.
Tehehehe :lol:

"You can make her forget what I've done?"

"I can make Jenny believe she's a goose if I willed it," Mikael smirked.

"You know what they say. Repent, and thou shall be saved."

And lastly:
"I'd have better luck kickstarting a dead horse than patching things up with her."

"Uh-huh. Even though Tom is a dick and Jenny left him because he's a dick?"

Julian arched an eyebrow. "Don't play games with me, Mikael."

"I'm too old for games," Mikael muttered.
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