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I don't like Griffon

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Yes I would like some help. But I think the main problem I have with him is that the camera in that area is completed a** most of the time.

Pro tip: stay on the ground and shoot him with the launcher.

ok time to be helpful now.

i didn't watch all of the fighting, so forgive me fro mistakes but...

1) meteor is a risky attack to use and the charge time means the dps isn't so much higher then launcher that it's very important.

2) when he does the lighntning wall, stay at a range and try to find a gap, just like nevan

other than that, just keep trying, you cvan almost do it.


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i usually stay right under him by his legs and attack with alastor and it always seems to work. Learn his patterns and you will be able to follow his movements when he spams the ground lightnning moves if you are under him you won‘t be hit


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I think the battles of Griffon were designed to be fought from the air (it's possible to jump on his back and go to town on his head) but if you do the camera just kinda lags behind the action a lot of the time making it more trouble than it's worth. If I'm playing on harder modes I stick to the ground and use Alastor or E&I when he is not on ground level to bring him down again


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If you upgrade Alastor to an absurdly-high level, and purchase Air Raid, this boss battle is actually really, really easy.

The only part of the game where it's an actual hindrance is the Griffon encounter on the Haunted Ship.


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Guys, the OP has managed to defeat Griffon so new tips really aren't of much use. Please check the dates of these threads before bumping them.
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