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V's patron

be loyal to what matters

Gangs of Sherwood trailer

The Thaumuturge story trailer.

Project Mugen reveal trailer.

P3 Reload SEES trailer.

Murder on the orient express reveal trailer.

Banishers: Ghosr of new Eden gameplay preview.

Jusant gameplay footage

The Inquisitors.
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V's patron

be loyal to what matters

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth story trailer.

Hellboy Web of Wyrd gameplay look.

Banishers: Ghost of New Eden.

Persona 3 Reload " conflicting fates"


Earthbound Immortal
Even though I seriously disliked DD and SoJ, I might just pick it up all the same because of AJ alone. :unsure:


Otis B. Driftwood

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Here is the latest trailer for the interactive series, Silent Hill: Ascension.

I guess this is technically not a game, as you watch it and type in the chat what you want the outcome to be, or whatever.



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Xen-Omni 2020
Can't wait to play hellblade 2 and avowed next year

Stalker 2 aswell, xbox has a nice lineup for 2024, hopefully playstation will have something big i can play too

V's patron

be loyal to what matters

Kingdom hearts missing link beta announcement trailer.

There are rumors of an Atreus spinoff for God of War. I'd be interested if that rumor becomes a reality.

P5 Tactica gameplay trailer.

P3 Reload Mitsuru trailer.
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