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DMC Anime/Comic book crossover thread.


"Plough the lilies"
Let's add alucard from castlevania and alex mercer from prototype.
Let's not ALSO forget kratos!
and their opponent is...............................................THE FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER!

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be loyal to what matters
So broken yet so awesome.

For some reason I became a Dante/Ayane shipper or Dante/Christie/Helena shipper so DoA/NG is a must.

V's patron

be loyal to what matters
I would like to see Dante and Lady interacting with either Justice League Dark from DC or the defenders from marvel.

They are both dysfunctional groups of characters who lean towards the supernatural side who investigate weird supernatural stuff.

There was a book called demon knights about a group of characters in medieval times so that would be interesting to do with Sparda.


Let's rock!
Rosario+Vampire...hmm, I think I'd set Dante younger, before DMC3( not the Reboot but a pretty good idea though) as a student come to learn to use his power,....Ehh, I dunno.


"Plough the lilies"
By Tohsaka of course.
Only one son of sparda can be summoned in the grail war. I prefer vergil though.
He could be berserker(Nelo angelo) or Saber(Vergil himself)


"Plough the lilies"
I dunno.
But if he's gonna be a servant, he would be a Saber, An archer or a berserker.
Oh wait, vergil can be an archer too.

I made this stats a long time ago if vergil would become a servant in the grail war.

Fictional servant/crossover

Class: Saber
Alternate class: Berserker
True name: Vergil(From Devil may cry 3)
Alignment: Neutral Evil


Strength: A+(Because he is a half demon and the son of the godlike demon sparda)
Agility: A+(He can easily teleport lightning fast and having a half demon blood,he also have superhuman speed)
Endurance: A+(He cannot easily die no matter you stab him because of the demon blood that runs through him and his regeneration is too fast that it regenerates immediately if you cut him)
Mana: A(Demonic power would not be considered "magic" in my opinion and vergil has a very high demonic power because again,he is the son of sparda)
Luck: B
Noble Phantasm: A+++

Magical resistance B

Personal skills:

Master swordsman A+:
Saber uses his signature O-Katana,Yamato in battle.He utilizes a real life sword style, known as laido which involves attacking both sword and scabbard with a mixture of battojutsu.He strikes so fast that the opponent does not realize they have been slain until he sheathes his weapon.In fact,it's too fast that a human can't see it.He can also wield force-edge,the sword of his father with yamato with ease and his god-like speed doesn't disappear.

Master martial artist A:

He can also use the gauntlets beowulf,striking with immense ferocity with strength and power.

Spiral swords B:
It's function is almost the same as UBW or gate of babylon.Only he uses his demonic powers to create blue-green spiral swords.

Instinct A:
As a master swordsman,his instinct is top-notch and one of the best.

Divinity C:
The Legendary dark knight sparda's demonic power have grown too strong even matching or surpassing a power of a god(He made hell and the lord of darkness his bitch)These trait was also passed to his son,hence the very strong demonic power vergil possessed.The reason why it's only C is no matter what kind of power his father or vergil attained,they are still a DEVIL.

Bravery A+:
He never have shown fear to anything even the lord of darkness himself.After battling his twin brother,he decided to stay in hell and met the lord of darkness.
He just smile and charged at the the lord of darkness.
Noble Phantasms:

The Dark Blade Yamato A+++:
The inter-dimensonial portal opening blade that cuts through "anything" with a mile radius of ease and even parts and creates pocket dimensional of space itself.Meaning it can cut space itself.It is also the key to the true hellgate.The gate which parts the human world and Hell itself.It resembles an O-katana,though as it said to be able to cut through anything and it is even sharper than an O-katana and is imbued with tremendous demonic power.

Devil Trigger EX:

By entering this state,vergil releases his real form and all of his stats and skills will be doubled and his regeneration becomes even more faster.


"Plough the lilies"
The chapters has been published since march 25.
I don't see him continuing the fanfiction anymore. If its just some network problem, that should have been done by now.
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