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Did you like Devil May Cry anime ?


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i watched it, I wish there was more action. Yea there was a demon in each episode Dante killed. But it lacked in my opinion if it was a game it would rank D... where is the Super sick stylish? i mean Dante only went demon form twice if i remember (the part where Dante fought the corrupted version of his father's partner)and the end. i wish they would make a new version, or something along that line. Only with more action and less talk

Nicodemus Zamoran

The Hellslayer Knight
Quentarus;225502 said:
i mean Dante only went demon form twice if i remember.

I don't remember seeing him go DT in the anime. Please specify the episodes and when in the episodes they are so that I can see for myself. :D


Enma Katana no Kami
Nicodemus Zamoran;225607 said:
I don't remember seeing him go DT in the anime. Please specify the episodes and when in the episodes they are so that I can see for myself. :D

the last second( literaly) of the last fight in the last episode. i don't remeber him using DT at any other time in the anime.


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Nicodemus Zamoran;225607 said:
I don't remember seeing him go DT in the anime. Please specify the episodes and when in the episodes they are so that I can see for myself. :D
i cant remember the episodes, but you only see his eye in the very last one in DT then his shadow. in a earlier one


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The Anime had alot of funny and clever moments that kept me entertained but I only have Three complaints about it.

Complaint 1: Episode 8 for some reason was the only one that left me bored and disinterested. I can see where they were going with it at least. They were making strong references to the DMC Novel where they Mention Dante's "Tony Redgrave" Alias. (It even says "Property of Tony Redgrave" engraved in on his pistols.) Maybe because of the slow pacing was why this was poorly executed.


Complaint 2: Another thing that left me alittle disappointed was wishing that they could've added some animated flashback sequences that made refrences to DMC3 and Dante's Battle with Vergil which could've been perfect for Episode 10 and Instead we have Dante battle Two Soldier Demon Brothers whom are associated with Sparda because they were trained by him.


And finally Complaint 3: Me and a friend of mine named Lee argued about this but he claims the show fails through being horribly predictable like a Power Rangers Episode where we know who will stand victorious at the end. But to be fair the series was short and wasn't trying to take itself seriously. It showed a level of complexity to Dante it took a step further with his growth as a character. He wasn't just all talk but displayed Courage, Compassion and Honor through his actions much like a Knight would.


At the end It was a short series but worth The Ride And I proudly own the box set. (Not the funimation thin pack but I hear that version still does the series Justice as well.)




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I thought it was alright. I liked Dante in the anime more than in the actual games, to be honest. It was nice seeing him more serious and down to earth than his DMC3/4 personalities. I wished they had mentioned Vergil in episode ten, though. Just considering, the rival demon twin brothers.


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It was ok, sorta like it's some random week of Dante's life, so i don't think people unfamiliar with the game would actually like it much.
I enjoyed it, It would have been so much better if Vergil was included somewhere though.


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This anime is a heresy !
Dante became a baby sister.
We don't learn more about the DMV universe.
Demons shown are ridiculous !

A demon who can be emotionally involved... please... A demon can't feel emotion like love...


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It sucked. Added nothing to the series, cheapened the characters, further squashed potential of the series (killing Baal and Modeus after one ep? :wacko:), and was very, very boring. The demons were generic, the plots were derivative, and the main bad guy was stupid. And no DT or Vergil? Seriously...The only good thing about it was the animation and the opening song.

The anime was a waste of money and plastic they used to make the discs. They should have saved up and put more effort into DMC4.

I blame Kobayashi.


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The anime sucked. It was so boring and didn't delve into Dante's past enough. I'm still trying to figure out what that box said in the episode about Dante's past.


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The only good thing about the anime was the english voice acting but there wasn't enough action,there was too many talk.There wasn' much thing about devil may cry actually.


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I personally liked the anime a lot, although it seemed pretty random most of the time. The best part of the anime for me was the very first fight in the bar in the very first episode. I found episode 9 pretty interesting too.


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I didn't mind the anime, it showed a more serious side to Dante and a brief look into what some missions he does on a daily basis. I have to say though it lacked action and his stylish way of fighting...he may be half demon but considering he didn't really DT when he faced the 'god' in the last episode disappointed me a bit...and not to mention babysitting that kid just made me want to punch her lights out so I didn't have to see her in just about every episode. XD
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