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  • I can't find the stupid PM option on this f'ng site...

    Thanks m8.
    Go to the "Information" tab, scroll down and click "Start a Conversation." I couldn't figure it out for a while myself.

    Anyway, if you are looking for something instructive though, I am sad to tell you that the bonji means absolutely nothing. I confirmed it with Kamiya himself. What a wasted opportunity to include some secret message.

    Do you still have you're research on the DT siddham and runes? My computer crashed and burned and it seems I didn't back it up anywhere else.

    PS: How come none of it is on the DMC wiki? Seems like the place it would belong.
    Yeah I still have it somewhere, berto. I'll see if I can scare it up for you. Next time, send me a PM/Convo on this site, as it usually notifies me in my email. Anyway, give me a few days, as I have to check external drives and the like.

    As for why it isn't on the wiki, well I never added it, and I guess the fandom in general is less enthusiastic about dead-end trivia than I am.
    Yes, we do! I 'm Gelsadra, the girl who contacted you in NT forum, but for some reason , they blocked my acess to you. Ihave not all the posts, because of that, but I've somethings you sent me.
    Oh right. Well if it is on NT, I can retrieve the messages myself. I should have made that connection. Well if you have any questions, I'm here as well. Just send me a Conversation and I'll get an alert in my email.

    Keep up the good work over here.
    Oh I'm a Writing major. I'm taking International Relations because I'm required to. Its pretty interesting though.
    Oh its ok. I was actually able to figure out on my own. Thank you anyway. :)

    And if we're talking about the same THING its a joke. He sent me a PM telling me to beware of certain members. :ninja: Its all just a joke.
    Question. How much do you know about world economics? I'm studying for International Relations and I have no idea what some of it means.
    Ah. I have to agree that we don't have much to go on, but on the matter of it not being easily able to be guessed, it seems a lot of folks on YouTube haven't guessed it yet. :( I mean, I was pretty ****ed off about DmC when I first found out, but I decided to just try and figure out something that could be a realistic possibility (let's be frank, the real Dante walking in and killing DINO isn't going to happen no matter how much the fans beg)

    Anyways, I aim to elaborate more on my idea/come up with something more developed when more information is released. ^_^

    That said, how are things going for you? :D
    Hello! :D Wanna be friends?

    BTW, you mentioned you didn't like my theory for DmC; do you have any recommendations for me on how to improve the theory? ^_^
    But their plans for dmc 5 was nero as the main character with no dante since the producers where saying that dante was going to take a backseat to the whole series and Nero was going to be the main lead,

    I might be wrong and something was lost in translation.

    Thats exaclty why i want you to look at the fic, cuz of ur knowledge of the canon

    I mean ur among the team that wrote devils will cry, bst piece of fan fic i ever read by far.

    Chloe always beta reads for me cuz my english isnt all that good too so i got the grammar bit covered.

    Heres the link

    Realistically speaking i seriously doubt if the series will continue... Dmc is the only series i have ever truly loved but after devil may cry 4 this was the only way from the insustrys point of view.

    Btw cud i get you to take a look at my fic, im planning on contuining it asap now dat im finally done with exams,

    I could use some concrit and opinions if you dont mind.

    Hope am not asking too much.
    Hey Moses Bin A While, New Dmc huh? from a casual gamer point of view wat dyu think is gonna happen to dmc?
    Thats true.

    Probably at this point Kamiya doesnt minds much what they do with DMC.

    Actually wasnt the entire concept of DMC created by ramdom? that i remember the first DMC was going to be Resident Evil 4
    Oh, i meant that maybe some people are rubbing in Kamiya face that the Dante he originally created is being changed.
    When you asked "What are you saying". in the thread about Kamiya response to the new Dante towards who were you directed?
    That's what I'm thinking. I look forward to see what you come up with . ^_^
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