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Did you like Devil May Cry anime ?

V's patron

be loyal to what matters
This anime wasn't terrible but at the same time I cant recommend it to anyone other than a extremely die hard DMC fan who must own every single scrap of DMC merchandise there is.
Quite simply the reason why this anime is that they were too safe with the actual characters and didn't actually develop them in any interesting ways that warants a anime.
I cant recommend this anyone so if you wanna see an awesome anime adaption about fighting monsters than i suggest you wait for the Supernatural(its a tv show) anime spinoff.

Shadow Sparda

Shadow Sparda
I liked the series. Yeah it was funny when Patty did do that to Dante's office. I liked how in Highway Star Dante was able to take down Red Eye. I don't mind Patty but I don't like how she can be a little brat at times. But it was very rarely that she was.


I wasn't really expecting a great deal from the anime, so I was satisified. Although I was pleasently surprised when the overall plot appeared towards the end, with there being stand alone stories with each episode. Although the last faceoff didn't reach its full potential.

But in all fairness when Dante can jump away from impalements, smirk and taunt, its kind of hard to give the man a worthy adversary.


But with a second series (in my opinion anyway - if there was oe) they could recycle the characters and story from DMC2 since it looks like Capcom are going to forgot that game was ever made and make that plot into something more worthwhile. But if there was another series then they'd more likely have it as a prelude to DMC4, which could be very cool. Explore the Order, Nero/Kyrie, what the hell Dante is doing...

But these are just my random thoughts.
srry its so L8 but heck yea i was just thinking randomly last night that they shouldmake an anime 4 tha 4th DMC that could work in sooo many ways!!


The Fallen Angel;)
I love the DMCAnime :)
Even thought I have finish it I keep watching over and over again :D
I like this story because it's something different from the game^^
It's also have great battles like the last one with Abigail and the most interesting was in the cruse ship with the "King" :)


its better to burn out than to fade away
it was ok but far better in japanese sdantes voice was bad a** the best episode was (not sure what mission ) rock queen the music was quite cool
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