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Devil May Cry: Stupid Files

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Bad a$$ Gunslinger
damn! that was my next one!
That one makes me laugh...especially blackmamba's note...that Nero and Kyrie are not virgins.
I'm thinking oh hell they so are virgins or at least Kyrie is. but please Nero and Kyrie are like one video gaming's cutest couples...

Nero: Dad there's nothing to eat for breakfast!
Vergil: what are you talking about, there's some ceral right here.
Nero: Oh that's Total. I don't really like that.
Vergil: Don't talk sh*t about Total!


VERGIL: Hey, Caboose! Have you seen my grenade?
DANTE: Yes, I put it in my pants... (Dante shakes his hips)


SANCTUS: You've got spirit, young one. I will call you "Steve The Vagina."
CREDO: I want my name to be "Spaghetti."


DANTE: This party's gettin' crazy! Let's rock...
(pushes jukebox button. It plays "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley.)
(Karate-chops jukebox.)


Sister of the Creed
Jester: And now its time for common visualization,
Picture of gentle lake pass the among the mountains but the water is plasim,
But what's that something is braking the surface of the lake, its the legendary Oky-Pocky monster, who's gain its grounding and turns soda to Bleach *shows Bleach picture*, run run from the Oky-Pocky, save yourself! Save yourself!
*Plays Bullet For My Valentine song while Jester jumps on Dante repeatedly*


Sister of the Creed
^ I know, its totally funny. x3

The Twilight saga
Dante: FAILS!
Angelo Credo: *Twilight fanfag* Everything is mine!
Dante: LAIR!

Dante's Stalker

"Outrun this!"
Supporter 2014
Vergil: I just farted.

Dante: Omg hotness I wanna BANG you.

Bayonetta: Pick up my poop
Dante: I'm not pickin' up your poop.

ROFL :D Blackmamba is totally wicked! The end is my favourite of all the files!

Vergil: Congratulations, you had the patience to sit through this awful game. You've proved your nerdiness, now go **** yourself.
:D :D :D


Devil May Cry's a Rockin Baby!
aka958;208807 said:
... I hate the fact that stupid files 10 had around 75% bayonetta in it. HATE IT!

Yeah, i think they got boring after a while :dry:. The first few are the best :).

Dante's Stalker

"Outrun this!"
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Stupid Files 11 :lol: :lol:


OMG Trish is so hot in the beginning. I love their intros, I LOOOOOOOVVVEEEE it! The only thing cooler than Dante is Blackmamba & BK.
Watch and laugh yer arses off folks! :D

One of the best parts for me:
Sanctus: Is it not beautiful?
Vergil: No. It's ugly, UGLY, UGLY!!!!
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