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Devil May Cry Pinnacle of combat mobile game revealed


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Holy ****! You have no idea how long I never visit this website. I'm so happy to be back here once again after I heard the DMC: Pinnacle Of Combat announcement which is so awesome! It's a very good marketing way that they actually wanted to bring all DMC fans back together again like old times and it also brings the old and new fans to keep in touch with the DMC franchise. The big official one going to be announced this year at E3 I hope.

By the way, this is the new trailer:

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I think im sort of dimensional traveller lol
if this will be aviable for Android i will try to get it onto one of my mobiles so i can do play test and dump maybe many screenshots for forum


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What exactly? Cause the place is the strip club from DMC3's mission 3 pretty much ported into Android, and the girl looks like Nevan more than anything to me.
I... can't imagine seeing that design in DmC. It looks pretty Chinese to me.
Ignore my comment, when I stole a quick glance at Bertos post I didn't notice the thread was for the mobile game and assumed it was a a leaked screenshot for DMCV boss before looking at it again realizing it was Nevan.


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So did they actually record new dialogue for that or did they stitch it together from older cutscenes?


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I m exited to see how this game will be but for now the design of the environment, the city ecc. and character like nevan, cerberus and other enemy had nothing to do with dmc 3...
It look the design of this game is maked by people who never worked on or played the original dmc 3


I Saw the Devil
While I am not really diggin' the notion of playing a DMC game on a cell phone I have suddenly become concerned that this is going to be a China only title that doesn't have any western release.


God of Hyperdeath
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Having been enjoying my time playing DMC4 Refrain (which is a good, if spartan version of DMC4 on mobile) I am excited for this.
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