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Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition News & Updates


I Saw the Devil
Please do not reply to thread with comments.
News or updates Only.

Please Read
: Anyone can post new material as it emerges (Videos, pics, articles, info and so on) so to assure that, this thread is available for anyone to update it will not be locked, however, since it's news and updates only personal comments or opinions will be erased.

You have been Warned.

The way I'm hopping this will work out is that someone/anyone comes in and they they post something new they found regarding the game. After that people can see it and they go discuss it on the threads already open or even make a new one.
(I would like for people to date them, too. I know posts are dated but this will add a little uniformity to the whole thing)

So for example:

Mar. 23rd:
(New Trailer)
Mar. 23rd:

(New Screencaps)

(Insert all others here)​

Even the smaller news, like the Dan Southworth selfie in the mocap suit is fine, I would think.

The point here is to help people find new materials and not miss out because it's buried in pages and pages of text. They can come here, see what is new and then go talk about it without having to wonder where it is. So, with that, feel free to add all the new materials from today.

We can try it out and see if this adds some organization.

With that been said the only thing I brought to the table today was this:
(Japanese pre-order bonus revealed)

Limited Number Special Promotion
Lady and Trish Costume
Red Orbs
Download Code included

Effective 2015 June 18 to 2016 June 30

(PS: This is in no way me saying not to post new stuff on already existing threads, just to post it here as well so it's easy to find.)​
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So, looks like the Vergil vs Dante boss fight (where the player is in control of Vergil, of course) is gonna be there, "pretty much immediately", also (so, one of the cutscenes is gonna be about Dante and Vergil? Set before DMC3?). You can't fight Vergil as Dante though.

No new bosses or extra moves for Nero, also some gameplay tweaks are yet to be revealed, as well as the new costumes, which are confirmed to be there once and for all, and the new characters' moves.

Also, in the podcast berto posted up, it's said that the new characters will be available in Bloody Palace and will be streamed starting from the end of April.


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Capcom TV's newest episode just ended.

The DMC part starts around 52 minutes.

I don't speak Japanese or have a translation, but they did say a little blurb about the game after a full trailer with Japanese voice actors (it's the same trailer we got last week, just Japanese). I'll be sure to post anything interesting if I find someone who speaks the language gleaning more from the broadcast. Either way, we may be getting more info. from Famitsu tomorrow.
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I Saw the Devil

My Japanese is still not very good but I know a good deal of Katakana and Hiragana.
The pic of DMC3 next to DMC4 says PS3 and PS4 perspectively. Looks like just a standard comparison of the graphics.
The pic with the scarecrow getting cut is about the concentration mode.
The DTs just say 'Vergil' and 'Beowulf.'
The pic on the second bottom page says something about 'power-up.'

Other than that nothing really sticks out. From what I can tell there really is nothing new here.
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Devil Trigger form gives Vergil an increase in power and speed, and recovers vitality.

This is Vergil‘s Devil Trigger form when he uses the power of Beowulf.

Devil Trigger Stinger

The Devil Trigger version of Stinger is stronger and dishes out more hits. The Devil Trigger version of Stinger 2 will give you even more distance and hits, and deal even more damage.

Devil Trigger Lunar Phase

The Devil Trigger version of Lunar Phase has faster spins, and the finishing kick is followed by two additional rising kicks. The Devil Trigger version of Lunar Phase 2 has faster spins, more hits, and increased attack power.

Activating Devil Trigger

The Devil Trigger Gauge will increase when you land an attack on an enemy or when you get hit by an enemy. When the gauge has three or more bars, Vergil can change into Devil Trigger form. While in Devil Trigger form, he will be stronger, faster, and can recover vitality.


Concentration Gauge

The blue gauge in the upper left corner is Vergil‘s Concentration Gauge. It has three levels. The higher the level, the more powerful attacks you‘ll be able to perform.
Increasing The Gauge

Vergil can build the Concentration Gauge by landing attacks on enemies and by dodging their attacks.
Losing Gauge

Getting hit by enemy attacks or running will cause the gauge to deplete. Missing attacks will also deplete the gauge, so you‘ll have to be efficient with your attacks during battle.



3 Gauge levels



Yamato Combo

Vergil‘s basic combo technique, which has three variations. Use the final variation to carve up the enemy with countless super-speed slashes and then deliver a final, devastating blow.

Judgement Cut

Unsheathe your sword with blinding speed and unleash a whirlwind of slashes upon your enemy.

Beowulf Combo

Beowulf Combo A ends with a double roundhouse kick, while Combo B rocks the opponent with lightning-fast kicks.

Lunar Phase

Move in on your enemies with this aggressive spin attack, which finishes with a forceful heel kick.


Skewer an enemy at high speed with an attack sure to send them flying.

Round Trip

Hurl Force Edge at an enemy. It will create a whirlwind vacuum that sucks the enemy in while carving them up.

and this!? :(
Mark your target with a Summoned Sword, then close the distance with high-speed movement. Use multiple Summoned Swords to travel quickly between enemies.

Spiral Swords

Create a ring of Summoned Swords around you that acts as a shield.

and thats all the Virgil updates on the website..


I Saw the Devil
@Khundy. Thank you but could you please provide a link every time. I know it's a pain but one out of 3 times people don't know what 'the official page' means.

Edit: For the record, if everyone could do that as well if you post from the original page or if it's written please post a link to the original source. Merci beaucoup.
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