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The book I am currently enjoying reading through, is The Mafia: The First 100 Years.


From its origins as an underground patriotic society which sprang up in Sicily, to the Mob which went on to run organised crime throughout Italy and America, the Mafia has long been one of the most mythical and misunderstood criminal organisations.

Drawing on nearly two decades of research, William Balsamo - great-nephew of the first Godfather, Don Giuseppe Balsamo - and George Carpozi Jr. trace the Mafia's evolution into an organisation whose insidious influence stretched across the Atlantic and into a presidential administration.

Chilling and highly readable, The Mafia: The First 100 Years reads like the best crime fiction, yet is the terrifying, deadly truth.

I am thoroughly enjoying this book, and shall review it when I have finished it :D

Please tell of the book/s you are currently engaged in reading.



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Extraordinary Engines, a series or short stories surrounding the Steampunk Genre. Awesome stuff ^_^


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Les Misérables.
In this story of the trials of the peasant Jean Valjean--a man unjustly imprisoned, baffled by destiny, and hounded by his nemesis, the magnificently realized, ambiguously malevolent police detective Javer.


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Sword of Shannara trilogy and the other one that comes after it which I can't remember the name of. Terry Brooks is the author.


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i am hoping to read Prophecy of the Sisters by Michelle Zink....idk..it looks really good....well...i either want to read that...or Theogony by Hesiod....i like old greek myths...


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Cat and mouse by James Patterson, I love his books, it's a shame that I'm not reading them in order though. XD

The Alex cross series is a great series if you're into detective novels, as long as you don't mind damn good description about, pretty much every detail.


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Currently trying to start reading Northern Lights. Its been highly reccomended to me by two close friends, but I tried to start it once and failed (female perspective facepalms me). Here we go again :D

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I'm reading An Evil Guest by Gene Wolfe. It's a kind of sci-fi/fantasy/Lovecraftian horror/30's noir mash-up about an actress who makes a deal with both a professor who's also a wizard, as well as the guy said professor has been hired by the government to track down and eliminate. It's really interesting.


Bad Wolf;183049 said:
It's a kind of sci-fi/fantasy/Lovecraftian horror/30's noir mash-up

Hot damn, now that sounds like my type of book! Looks like I'll be going to the ibrary today ^___________^

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Skin Trade? It's pretty good. I haven't read it all, I'm barely almost halfway through it, but it takes patience, a good sense of humor, a grim sense of reality, and a tough stomach to be able to read that series. Yes, it's one book in a long series, I think close to 17 books in all. If you can handle all that, the fact that it's based on a story filled with a vampire hunter who is able to raise the dead (among other things), vampires, wereanimals (yes, there are more than just werewolves among us, according to this story), and...well, I won't say anymore, but if you can stomach all that, this is the perfect book for you.


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i'm readin dusk by tim lebbon....lemme tell u this...it's an adult version of lord of the rings and eragon...it is amazing...it sounds so overplayed and all...but it's really good...i highly reccommend


books.. im not reading one now but i just finished one :p

"Katie Price : Jordan Pushed To The Limit"

its her autobiography , idk why people hate her so much i think she's a nice person
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