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  • Hi Steve, what's up?
    I've got a few questions I'd like to ask:
    1. Have you already sent the messages to NT?
    2. Are you going to make 4 contests: 1 for a PS3 copy of DmC, 1 for a PS3 copy of DMC: HDC, 1 for an X360 copy of DmC & 1 for an X360 copy of DMC: HDC and allow each user to enter only 1 contest per game, so that each user won't be able to win more than 1 copy of the game?
    Sorry for the long post, but I'm really thrilled about the interview and the contest :) .
    Hi mate!

    Yup - message has been sent. :)

    I don't know how many PS3 and 360 copies they'll be giving me, but when I have details, I'll probably make two different contests so that PS3 users can compete for a copy in a separate thread, and 360 users can do the same in a different thread. :)
    I haven't decided what the contest should be about yet, but I'll make sure that it's appropriately DmC-themed. :)

    I'm mainly just waiting to hear from Capcom to get some answers before proceeding.
    Dear Steve
    as the site moron I find it vital that we need more balloons and monkeys around here

    - sincerely, Mrrandomlulz , aka the guy with the top hat
    Methinks you have a point. Would monkeys holding balloons be the way to go?
    yes that would be the ideal way to go
    Overlord Steve of The Almighty Forums, Can you make us able to edit VM's?
    'Allo matey! It should already be enabled... will have to look into that for ya! Gimme a tick.
    Should be sorted now!
    Thanks! <:3
    hello steve, just had a quick question. when do you think you are gonna have the interview posted? :) also i appreciate you taking the time to set this up, i'm very grateful and i know the rest of the community is as well. :)
    Hi mate! I'm hoping to fire off an email containing all the best questions over to Capcom this afternoon. After that, as soon as I hear from them, I'll be posting the interview immediately.

    And it's no problem! I'm grateful that we have such an awesome community. :)
    Shouldn't you be in bed by now? It's gotta be 2am over there D:
    'Allo mate! You must have just caught me as I was signing off! 3.22am was as long as I could manage and ended up shooting off to bed. I blame the internet - it's too moreish.

    And what were YOU doing up at.. err... 10:22pm? That doesn't seem so naughty, actually. As you were.
    Hey Steve. Great work with the new look. I love the Dante's either side of the screen :D
    Cheers VB! I just wish there had been some room left over for Vergil. :(
    That's okay...Vergil saying 'sup' was all i needed :D
    just realied that when the page is copied and posted it has a picture yet i can't see it is there a reason for this?
    Hi mate! That's a strange one. I'll have to look into that one.
    dude gotta hand it to ya nice design and the light is sssssoooooooooooo BRIGHT :p
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    Thanks chum! Glad you're liking the new look! I will agree that it is a wee bit on the bright side, though. It feels like I'm getting a tan every time I visit the forum. ^_^
    Hey Steve, having a good Christmas? =)
    'Allo fella! Having a ruddy brilliant one, mate! The wife and me two eldest are staying at my sister-in-law's for the weekend, so it's Silent Hill weekend for Steve! Hurrah!

    I do have me youngest with me, though, so have to wait until the wee hours before I can get to having the crap scared out of me. :(

    How's your Christmas coming along so far? Any plans for the holidays?
    Glad to hear it =)

    Sounds like fun. You have to wait until the early hours until you can get scared, lol What would be more funny is if you're on a part that's gradually scaring you more and more and then the next thing that happens is you hear your child scream for your attention xD
    Ah my Christmas could be better. The girlfriend's cat was put down. My dad is going into hospital to have a kidney removed. But other than those things, I'm still alive.
    felt like saying.....i named oneof my cpus on red faction 2 steve
    Laurence Barnes
    yeah there are 2 teams wi 3 people in each
    red faction
    destroy (me)
    snipe (second in commad)
    common wealth:
    ridder aka steve (leader)
    dead (second in command)
    i think i made steve too strong thoe XD he wins alot of matches
    No, no. I think you made him just right. He needs a boost if anything. Tell me, is he devilishly handsome, also? Stupid question - of course he is.
    Laurence Barnes
    i can't boost his power he's upgaded to the max and he and snipe are at constant competition
    p.s: i made a story about each one steve nicknamed rider was a cutodian when he got captured and fused with nanotechnology and eventually forgot his real name and thought he was called ridder he is now one of sopots nano elite gaurd
    I love your avatar, dude. Shining Force, right?
    That's cool, dude-ski. I haven't touched 'em in ages since I haven't the patience to find out what sort of adapters I'd need to hook up my Mega-Drive (Genesis) to my TV. I'm not big on ROMS, either. When I play a game, I want to know it's going to look and sound as crap as a two-decade old sound look and sound.

    Plus the compulsion to abuse save-states makes the kid-Steve in me cry. :(
    I only abuse save states if I know I can't win a game normally. Kind of the same principle as my "I'll only cheat once I beat it once" philosophy.
    I blame the ROM-maker folks for putting so much damn power at my finger tips. How can they not expect me not to abuse save-states?

    It's like having the capability to travel backwards in time - which is a handy power for me as I always end up getting my backside handed to me and the shame of seeing the "Do you wish to try again?" message on games makes me want to cry a little. :(
    Not a problem chap.
    Apparently not, very little, if anything has actually changed unfortunately. :/
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