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  • It's only really just got started to be honest with you, mate ^^ Got to head down to the Bank to check if something has been paid for, that I don't want being paid for >.> And then go to the Orthodontist to get a finance form, regarding my Girlfriend getting braces. Then pop over to see her, then dash to work. Deal with a load of cages, because they'll be plenty of work. Get the bus home, tired as hell, then go right to bed.

    What about you? :)
    Hey Steve, thanks for lowering the price down. Got to be nice to my money this month, so I can't make any more Gold Supporters just yet. Thanks a lot though dude, you're an awesome help ^^
    I see. Good luck on that. :)

    Oh, you are ill as well? Must be already the sick season... :lol:

    Oh yeah, it is a but late, but I have to say this. Congrats for your first child with Sharon, Steve. :D
    Hey Steve man can i ask you a favor you see.

    I made this group:DmC Supporters

    And mistooked the name now it is for for supporters of killing Dante, can it be changed to DmC Supporters please?
    Oh, you are making a company? Congratulations. :D For what purpose?

    Been sick all week. Flu, fever, cough... Thanks to airsick that is. I'll survive, though. :lol:
    Hey steve do you like the new news about the next DmC? i personally like them but i wanted to hear what you think.
    Hey Steve, Captian Ren wrote "....heh...." in my Goodbye thread, do you mind getting rid of that? Thanks, RM
    Cool thats brilliant thanks I'm gonna go do it now. I've wanted to for a while, but discount is always good!
    Hey, Just a quick question. Thanks to LoD bigging up the Gold supporters thing I was looking into it. The last time I looked a lifetime supporter was £15, and now it says £5 - is this right? I see 1 year is £9 so it doesn't seem right, or am I looking at it wrong???
    Tyhanks in Advance :-D
    Hi Steve.
    Hope you're well.
    I just wanted to ask. Seeing that we have a modding forum for DMC4, would it be possible for DMC3SE?
    Just wanted to know.
    We recently got it and I haven't had the money to buy any games for it yet. Dad got Battlefield 2 and Killzone 2 which freezez and lags at startup.

    Otherwise, I got Final Fantasy IX for the PS3 via PSN. PSone classics! :D
    Awesome! :D:D:D Can't wait for it. :D

    Can I ask you a question? What do you think about this new Dante? Seems a lot of DMC fans are pretty ****ed about his new makeover (if not, all of them). I for one, accept it happily, albeit with some minor complaints.

    Logo of the new Devil May Cry:


    Pretty much solidifies the fact this is a Devil May Cry reboot. It is still a Devil may Cry game, and I am gonna love it. :D
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