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  • My Laptop kinda lacks nowadays in every damn department except portability ^^ I'm saving up pennies for a higher spec PC :D

    Although, it may take me a while ^__^
    Yeah, I've only just seen the last episode of the first series lol

    But, I'm hoping when I get time (and a new PC :D) that I'll have the oppertunity to watch some more ^^
    Ah, I'm surrounded by large copiers, priters and laminators ^_^

    Well TBH I'm no where near the Grimmjow battle yet in the anime, I've been following the Manga pretty religiously though -- I keep meaning to catch up with the Anime too :D

    Things certanly do get intresting after Grimmjows defeat - some real heavy battles :)
    What kind of machines are you cursed with lol ^_^

    Yeah, tis' not an easy fact of life -- its just shocked the whole family.
    My GG has reached the point where she's last her marbles lol, tragic really, she doesn't really know she had a daughter...let alone that her funeral was a couple of months ago -- hum.

    Are you still keeping up with Bleach? ^^
    Yeah, I can imagine ^^ I used to lurk alot more around the big three, Fable, Resi and Assassins but this place does tend to demand alot of time. Which I don't mind because the rest of the staff do give a hella lot of support ^_^

    Yeah, a pretty bad few months tbh. My Grandmother was diagnosed with Cancer at the beginning of the year, we lost her just a month an a bit ago...we were really close, kinda grew up at their place so it really hit the family and myself pretty hard. Especially when you concider that my GREAT Grandmother is still living on at 101 years old.

    Hm, anyways, you're tired eh? I know that feeling, its getting hotter and working around such huge machines gets pretty toasty here lol

    Otherwise I'm fine :D
    Hey Sephi, long time no see ^_^

    I'm well enough thanks, had a pretty poor few months but I'm surviving :)
    How have you been of late?
    :lol: u should finish it the ending is awesome my fav character from it is definetely golbez hes super cool and cecil is awesome too
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