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  • i havent done nothing to my sig, maybe they did, damn! it was a gift from Xicopt :(
    i play on the Hellfire server. i dont like RE because i always considerated an "enemy" of DMC.
    :lol: I'm the source of all squishyhugs. You can't get them anywhere else, and they're reserved for a select few ^_^
    hays sweet=). i have relpyed to ur commet^^. but i post it twice, so i deleit one of them. hope u dont mind. i been waiting 4 u lol.
    Romero!! *glomp*
    That was last week, I'm still here...
    I'm not really going anywhere.
    We were just talking about a member who was banned and then brought back.
    All of which holds absolutely no grain of truth to it, but since people see me that way I've taken the initiative to deflect that unwarranted rep attached to me and just completely removed myself from the situation. I didn't know what else to do :( I don't have anyone I can talk to about it that will understand where I'm coming from, and I honestly don't even want to try and talk to the writers here about it because what if they too see me that way, and they just don't have the heart to tell me?

    Anyway...fangirl days...well, I have them often. They fizzle out and then come back with a vengeance ^_^
    Which makes you a good mod! ^_^
    It's not that I lack the confidence, it's more the feeling that if I hadn't posted in a certain thread in there, the monkey business that went down wouldn't have happened at all. I should have known better and I didn't, and for that I can't trust myself. All that and apparently people get the impression that I'm arrogant about my writing and that I look down on other writers and that I've so to speak proclaimed myself the writer goddess or some other nonsense like that.
    Oh, and the apocalypse of new members signing up for the sole reason to do nothing but flame the trailer that has been released for the new DMC game. They're trolling all over the place and turning long-time members into trolls too. It's the troll wars! Dun dun dun XD I find it amusing at the very least. It's just a game and people are going haywire with lamenting about it. But I'm a sucker and easily pleased - I'm already in love with the new game and am itching to hear when the release date is so I can start my countdown ^_^
    LOL...I've always had a thing for warm colours and black :)

    Yeah I'm a bit sad because this forum is/was my everything. I probably won't leave it permanently, the Dante fangirl in me needs a place to come gush over him and there's no better place for it than dmc.org. But I've removed myself from the one board where I felt I could contribute because I don't trust myself in there anymore, and I'm finding it hard to find a place where I can really fit in now. So the forum will see me on my fangirl days, I suppose, lol.
    Heya Romero, thanks for your concern, i have been really busy with WoW (world of Warcraft) and school. i dont feel like posting here, hurts too much.
    I'm better - cheered me up stacks to see you here ^_^ I'm half and half 'shedding' off this forum because there doesn't seem to be any logical, good threads to post in lately, so when the day comes that I give up waiting for a good thread I'm going to be showing my face a lot more often at RE :)
    How are you doing? Come to see the DMC apocalypse unfold, eh? XD
    yeah, we knew witch other in real life, we met here, but he treaveled more than 300km so we could meet personaly. he passed away 17th december 2009. i went to his home town yeasterday to visit his grave and put some flowers. i go there at least once a month.
    Hey there,whats so funny about the my profile picture?And Red Joker and Joker of War...both give me ideas of names if I ever make a profile on another forum.:D
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