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  • 1) I did leave, came back cuz I couldn't stay away. 2) Been here since... April? Yeah, April I think. Or March... 3) This is the only one I actually have an interest in. I'm not much for Resident Evil, though I know quite a bit about 4, and I'm not an avid Fable player. Only played 1 on the x-Box. As for whatever other forums he has, I do not see myself being interested in them, even if it was just because it is run by Steve. But thanks anways. :D How are you?
    Hi. 8D

    Yeah, I have been real busy lately. Even the DmC outrage hasn't been able to drag me away from work -_-

    The relationship question? I answered again, but... I was just rambling. Hope things pick up for ya.
    i am very thankfull for the links, but i didnt find anything T^T
    i didnt mind they changing everything ... everything but DANTE!!!!
    it look like they are to erase Dante, first Nero became main char, (first atempt to replace dante in the DMC series) fail atempt, realising ppl still prefered Dante instead of Nero, they completely change everything, to the very core of what is DMC itself. what's up with that !!! i eint buying it, i might get curious for the gameplay if that happens i will just see some videos.
    You bet it is. That's why I keep it as an avatar, to show my cuteness to the people. xP
    i Changed my mind again, you guys write too much i dont have time to read all the replies, just to be cleared they killed Dante with that new game.
    After seeing the new tgs 10 DMC trailer, i changed my mind, i am going to start posting on the forum. i am going to proteste against Dante's assassination.
    It's neither a doll nor a teddy bear. It's a moogle from Final Fantasy VIII. And yes, moogles are living creatures. :cool:
    Umm, DMC4.
    I've also got Heavenly sword (i wanna see what Ninja theory are like at producing games).
    I love sleeping. Mainly because i dream of Vergil :lol:
    you're right there, perhaps DMC "steals" some RE players too. :p
    i knew the site where i think i stored the sig, but i dont remeber it.
    gimme some names of sites where you can store sigs and images
    Yeah I got RE4. As you said I'm also a completionist, so I'm actually trying to play it on the pro difficulty. Hard stuff. >.<

    Yeah, maybe. But some don't like you reading through their VM's so I stopped. =D
    RE4 got that survival kind of thing. And don't ask me why but I liked to test myself and carry as much ammunition as possible.
    *sees handgun ammo in table*
    *snatch* xP

    I've read more actually. There was a time when I enjoyed reading other people's conversations (I'm sick, I know. >.<) and I read through hundreds of messages per day for a long time. XD
    Hellfire is my wow server yes, its EU. i didnt save the sig anywhere, its lost. 'Cus RE "steals" players from DMC.
    ppl are all like "RE rules" and stuff, that is sooo annoying.
    Its a FF game featuring characters from a bunch of other FF games.
    Game statistics are awesome! Dissidia really has a detailed stat screen which I love tocheck every now and then.

    DT or now named Storm Silves has way more VM's than I. :p
    Ohh... I've got some really private stuff in there alright. :ninja:
    Hi, I'm ok thanks, not up to much. What about you? Thanks for your comment, it's really nice to know people are listening!
    Eb :)
    Yeah, I know. I'm proud of it. ^_^

    I'm kind of a completionist, if I got a better statistic I feel better. :p
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