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Your everyday outfit style:

Dark Prince

The Alpha & The Omega
I noticed I adapted a strange style without noticing it that recently the winter hit my town (no snow just cold weather), I mean my everyday outfit kinda resemble DmC Vergil outfit (short coat) but in winter style.
*No need to post any screenshot about your outfit just describe it (Keeping people privacy in my post is important for me have fun).
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be loyal to what matters
I'm in between jobs and live with my parents. So mostly old clothes and simple styles. I actually wanna get a Doctor Who themed sweatshirt online.


Is not rat, is hamster
I don't think I've ever had any style...I wear whatever fits comfortably. I'm very much someone who wears jeans and oversized sweatshirts with old trainers rather than skirts, dresses and high heels. I'm also not a clothing snob - I couldn't care less about labels and if I like it, I'll wear it. My daughter despairs but then I remind her that my clothing choices haven't driven me into debt...unlike her with her "vintage pieces" and "must-have" whatevers. Girls are silly sometimes.

Current favourite piece of clothing is a huge Button Moon sweater.


ʙʟᴏᴏᴅ ғᴏʀ ғʀᴇᴇᴅᴏᴍ
Kinda same as @Angel - some days. Right now I've just got a loose t-shirt and black jeans, an everyday normal.

Some days I like to dress, say, business casual style. Dark jeans or chinos, light-colored shirt (sometimes with a collar) and maybe a blazer fit well in both work and home after work as well as spiritual service.

Some days I feel like a lady and choose a 50's style housewife dress.

And some days I go around with a worn Assassin's Creed shirt, leggings and wool socks.

For some reason I like to choose my outerwear more carefully. I prefer long coats, either trench or wool (for the colder days). Preferably reaching around my knees. With them, leather gloves, either light brown or red. Shoes of the same color. I don't like to have many pairs of shoes, I've got one pair of brown high-heels for winter and one pair of red army-style boots for winter as well, so I just choose if I want to have heels or boots and match my gloves with that lol.

I'm not very keen to jewellery but I always have a simple necklace and a wedding ring.
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Elite Hunter
Gym suits all the way bro. Can't beat the comfort of that ****.

Well, for trousers at least. Upper torso, a simple monochromatic shirt with maybe a light hoodie on top.
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