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WTF Sony? Some bad news regarding Spider-Man

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be loyal to what matters
The video did say that the problem might be handled "really soon."

I don't think there's going to be a venomverse anymore since, according to the more recent vid I posted, Marvel might be trying to absorb Venom (along with the rest of the venomverse characters like Morbius) into the MCU as well.
Thats probably for the best. The Venomverse was a long shot anyway.

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be loyal to what matters

This feels like the best case scenario. Basically both Sony and Marvel would get to use Spidey in their films. Tom Holland would have a confirmed job for the next decade.

However, it feels too good to be true so i expect it not to happen.

I'm on the fence about the Sonyverse. I'm curious to what it could lead up to. I'm interested in lesser known characters like Morbius getting a shot. But Sony is dealing with C/D-listers without really an overarching story to lead up to so its a cause of concern. Ironically i think Fox had more of a shot with X-men than Sony does with Spidey.

This might feel like hypocrisy but I'd dig deep in spidey's supporting cast/antagonists and spread the wealth. He's got a ton of people who either haven't been used or will be used so they are ripe for reinvention.

These are examples of what im talking about-
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