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What is your favorite playable character?

What is you favorite dmc 5 playable character?

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Might controls everything, and without strength, y
I don't agree. In normal mode you have to actually input the combos yourself, it wouldn't be just mashing. So it'd be harder to be focused both on that and dodging at the same time. With Auto it's easier cause you only have to worry about the latter.
But If you stay on the distance there is little to dodge, V became useless like this you can stay far from action and watch whit him, there i no real danger at all...


Elite Hunter
But If you stay on the distance there is little to dodge, V became useless like this you can stay far from action and watch whit him, there i no real danger at all...

You didn't understand what I said. I'd try explaining in Italian but I think it's against rules.


Might controls everything, and without strength, y
You didn't understand what I said. I'd try explaining in Italian but I think it's against rules.
Yeah in the last message I got confused a bit, you sayd that in auto its easyer because you don't need to input combo at all if I am right


Don't Let the Fall of America be Your Fall
In order: Dante, Nero, V.

With Dante it's obvious because of the variety. However, for me I usually rely on two weapons and two guns since that's my usual style. I COULD equip more, but then I'd just run into the same bullcrap that I had in DMC4 with Dante and that was never too fun of a thing for me. So I'm glad I have the option to only equip two weapons again. But honestly, I only ever use Rebellion since the Sparda sword looks too big and ugly to play with, and the Devil Sword Dante doesn't have my favorite attacks that I usually have for Swordmaster. The other red blades that replace the circle button are nice, but I'm not a fan.

Nero is a lot funner to use with the Devil Breakers involved and how to utilize them. I have the lightning arm for attacks, the green one for mobility, Punchline to really just surf around, the whip to keep combos going, and Tomboy to just say F&$k style, just hack everything in my path. The only ones I rarely found myself using was the timestopping arm, and the drill. However, once I got my normal human arm and the Devil Bringer grab, I rarely used the Devil Breakers anymore.

V is the one people don't seem to want to put work into. V is a lot more meticulous and calculative to play as. He CAN have combo potential, however you gotta tackle him differently from Dante and Nero. He's not an attacker. He needs good timing, and understanding of what each attack can do before you can start getting SSS ranks. I enjoyed playing as him for the sake of variety.

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Dante for me. His moveset is unmatched. He got something for every situation, and some cool weapons to use.

Nero is really good despite the limited moveset. His aerial maniability is so huge and the DB are unique, even if I wish they have a extended moveset with forward circle and back circle (in the next DMC I hope). Overall, he shows that you can have a limited moveset and still be interesting.

V is nice to play at lower difficulty, but when I get in DMD, he's just a pain to play. You need to watch for eveyone at all time since all of your demons die in 1 or 2 strike. And when one or both are down, you either wait or summon Nightmare. Also, I feel like dealing damage with V is such a pain. Also I can't get how Shadow works. Sometime he will run at random, sometime he tp before attacking, or sometime don't and just strike at nothing. And you can't use him when he reappear, that's SO annoying.
Also I wish Griffon wasn't a glorified Blue Rose. Most of this move are charged attacks, so you spent half of the fight with the gun button hold. And dodging backward or double jump cancel the charge, just why?
Nightmare is really cool to have, but I always feel like he got overbuff to overcome V's flaws. He's prioritary for enemies, so just having him around will protect you, and he's invulnerable. He can either destroy everything in 2 sec or beyblade at the corner of the arena or blast a bat with the omega laser. And why do you lose DT when you control him ? He's so slow to move, you can't dodge while on him. You can only spam the teleportation to move around, and it can be really hard to move with it.

V is a good idee, but poorly excecuted in game. I would fix him by adding a stance system to the directional arrows. I would associate Shadow to R2 and Griffon to L2, and when holding the corresponding key and changing the stance, only one demon is concerned. Each stance determine where your demon will be regarding where you are (close to you, mid range or away from you), and each stand will have his own moveset (like Dante's style). Then you can have a better control of where your demons are. Maybe this concept could be extended to having both square and triangle usable for every demon, and you need to hold R2 or L2 to control the corresponding demons (but that would be hard to grasp imo, and allow an even larger moveset)
For Nightmare, I would allow him to attack even when not summoned at the cost of DT (like the uppercut move he does when fighting him with Dante). He would be partially summoned, launch the attack, and disappear. He would not have the stance system, but rather 2 or 3 form : the golem (usual form in DMC), the sludge (his DMC 1 form) and another one, maybe just the "slim" form where he is just a pool of liquid on the ground who would either buff your other demons (more dmg and new properties to their attack) or being able to absorb and hold enemies for a few seconds. You would still need to jump on him to control him, with you take reduced dmg if he is hit (to avoid just being cut out of DT because you couldn't move). In the slim (or pool) form, V would be able to jump in the pool. In the pool, V would be alone, but have a new moveset using each demons move as an inspiration. V would be able to summons spike or flytrap mouth from his body (Shadow), shoot lighting bold (Griffon) and teleport and use the laser (Nightmare), and would have a blurry form. The idee is that in the pool, V become the Nightmare and is thus overpowered. Only demons who have fallen in the pool would be locked in here with you. The DT used by Nightmare would be slowed down while in the pool, and the actual arena paused, so you can play with whatever got unlucky and fell in the pool. Taking too much dmg in the pool kicks you out of it and release the demons. Boss would need to be stunned before falling in the pool. In the pool, they would have their full moveset, but you can face them with your overpowered Nightmare V. After a while, they get out of it.

And that's it for me idee about V. In my mind, the autopilot is deleted, because in a game promoting skill, it shouldn't exist.
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