What is your control scheme that you feel comfortable jump cancelling with in DMC 3?

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Deleted member 41833

Hey, guys so there's something I'm unsure about that I was hoping somebody could answer for me. I've been diving a bit deeper into the concepts about jump cancels and juggling and came across a simple practice combo that was as followed.

E&I > Aerial Rave > Jump Cancel

(It came from this video)
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When I watch the combo in practice, it doesn't look like something I think I would be able to comfortably do with the default control scheme. This leads me to ask the question at hand, what strategies/customized control schemes do you guys use to being able to efficiently jump cancel with? I've heard about binding melee to square and have noticed I'm more comfortable jump canceling with this change, however, the issue with that is that I need to still be able to shoot as fast as well. So I've been debating on binding gun to L1.

Anyways if u guys could tell me ur experience with learning jump cancelling, and tell me what control schemes u guys use, i would appreciate it.


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Sep 10, 2014
When I started learning it, I mapped jump to LB. Now I have it back to the default A button though.

Deleted member 41833

When I started learning it, I mapped jump to LB. Now I have it back to the default A button though.
Question 1. I'm assuming u have the rest of ur control scheme as default right?
Question 2. So how do you press attack and jump efficiently together? by using ur only thumb or another method?

Deleted member 41833


Yeah I use the same thumb. Eventually I got fast enough with it that I don't need to map jump to another button.
That's interesting, u use the bottom part of ur thumb to do it, god at least that's kinda comforting, knowing most people use default to jump cancel.


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Nov 1, 2018
I use the default control scheme and it has always worked for me.