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What Are You Listening To?


The King Of Chinese Dragons
Supporter 2014
Hey fellas of the DmC world! Are you still stuck in limbo or are you making sick combos in the human world? I am going to redo this thread.

Keep posting like you always do. It is great. Finding new artists and sharing music.
I just want to point out. Give us a short description of your tunes if you can and.......... thats it.

Just chill.
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King Avallach

Deity of the Old World
Street Spirit (Fade Out)- Radiohead

Haunting, beautiful, somehow grandiose and minimalist simultaneously.=]b


Dines with dementia
Dante Aseroth;79264 said:
Listening to............Evanescence - Anywhere
Love that song to bits! ^_^

Currently listening to Dance With The Devil - Breaking Benjamin
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