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The DT Runes in DMC1

I love that this thread was started back in 2013 and it’s still very relevant. I was doing research on this topic because the franchise has been a big part of my life and I wanted to commemorate it with a tattoo. I couldn’t figure out what to do at first because there isn’t really any reoccurring and defining symbols that appear throughout the franchise so I thought back to these runes from when I first played the game as a kid.
Obviously doing more research into the runes first so I don’t have some obscene message permanently marked on my body

However, after reading this entire thread, I feel it’s helped me see a message that (though very likely unintentional from how the everyone has described Kamiya to put it in because it sounded cool) carried a meaning throughout the franchise.

Maybe I’m overthinking and blowing this out of proportion, but I feel when I read the phrase, “Bind him to the sky, Amen. He absorbs and clings to the sky.” The use of sky, refers to any devil arm/weapon that’s taken up throughout the story; causing Dante to “absorb” the weapons’ potential and abilities.

I mean, this is speculation and maybe I’m just making it more profound than it is, but that’s what I saw when reading it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Edit: I wanted to add in a thank you for everyone’s effort in researching this topic because I originally thought I was beating around a dead horse when I started doing research into this. Once again, it’s amazing that this thread exists even after the game released almost 22 years ago.
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