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*Spiler Warning* Game of Thrones Final Episode Disscussion


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Okay so, I have a few things to get off my chest about this conclusion. So Bran's the King of the Sev.... No sorry, SIX Kingdoms? Okay so I can accept the idea that someone as smart as Tyrion would see the wisdom in choosing a king like Bran, with his abilities of the Three Eyed Raven, a king who knows everything that has and may happen is a good idea. But wtf? Sansa declared The North independent? Like if Daenerys or Gendry (I started to see this as a possibility) were on the Iron Throne, I can understand not wanting to bow to a southern ruler.....But really? Declaring independence with a Stark declared King of the other Kingdoms? Was Sansa gonna do that even if Jon had been put on the Iron Throne? Just cause she knows Bran or Jon would let her get away with it? Just makes her look like a power hungry c$%t

And really? Jon goes through all of that, and I could accept him just not becoming king, but really? He goes through all of that just to be sent back to the Night's Watch? Now we saw him leaving with the Free Folk, so is he going back up North with them to stay? Or is he just escorting them or something?

Overall though, this entire final season felt really rushed to boot, The Long Night should have been two episodes instead of just one, and they should've had maybe another episode before it to oh I dunno, maybe give the Night King a little bit of depth? The Night King had been built up as the final boss, and Joffrey, Ramsay, Cersei, hell Euron made more impact then he did.

Also, anybody beside me expecting Jaime to be the one to kill Cersei? I really wish he had actually killed her. Could have been something as simple as him stabbing her while they were hugging (Just like Jon killed Dany), he could have said he did it to be merciful.
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My only criticisms are about the pacing which most people have been talking about and how the final season felt so rushed when compared to earlier seasons. So many plots would have packed more of a punch had they had the time to set the scene and see certain events play out on screen rather than jumping through so many things straight away. So much was skipped over that certain parts just didn’t have the impact they could have done.

Overall the finale played out pretty much how I expected it too and was fairly satisfying ending, shame there weren’t a few more twists but think it wrapped things up pretty well (just too quickly in my opinion).


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I have no word to describe this season expect this: it was total ****

The dialogue are horrible, there isnt one scene or dialogue that is worth remembering

The plot has no sense, the plot look like a big marathon to the finale, end everything is so predictable that I manage to know the ending before the last episode released

There is no character development, the characters simply walk and say stupid things for the sake of arriving at the ending and every character is embodied whit a plot harmor, during the long night none of the principal character died and many time they are surrounded by million of zombie but after seeing them survive during the episode multiple time in situation in Wich they should have died i had no doubt that they will never die during the rest of the season

They ****ed up the mitology, everything that was built in seven season was ****ed up, the night king died whitout meaning, for seven season they continue to repeat winter is coming, we saw the army of the dead rise, but they get rid of them in one episode that have no sense, the night king lived for 8000 years and what was his purpose? Doing absolutely nothing, he was poorly killed by arya whit a simple knife, this is so stupid, he plotted all of this for 8000 yeas but the night king didn't manage to dodge that attack? Arya can be the strongest and most capable fighter in the got universe but he could never had killed a mithological creature like the night king so easy, he had 8000 ****ing years i think he could have think of some way to dodge that attack he is more capable than arya...

Jon snow returned from the dead for no ****ing reason, his eritage has no meaning, they repeat for 2 entire episode in this season that jon is the true heir to the iron trone and bran himself say that he should be, but in the last episode bran became king and say this exact world when he was asked to be king: why you think I came all this way... Are you ****ing kidding me? For many episodes he say that Jon is the true king and should be king but he later say that his purpose was to become king not jon? Whaaaaaaat? He also say in season 7 that he cannot be king of anything because he is the tree eye raven...
Also if we connect the book and the TV series it look like that jon purpose was to end the long night and battling the night king since it seems that Jon is the reincarnation of azor ahai a legendary warrior who ended the original long night thousand of years ago by defeating the white walker whit a flame sword, so that s why he resurrected in the first place, and melisandre knew about this propechy and first thinked azor ahai is stannis but when Jon returned to life he realize that it's him who the prophecy is talking, this propechy doesn't match arya appearance and eritage so it is unlikely that arya will defeat the army of the dead in the book, also the showrunner know about this propechy and Infact there are many references in the previous season of the fact that Jon must fight the night king, they even change the actor form season 6 onward, they give the role to one of the must famous stuntman who is able to make complex sword combat and stunt, so I think that the original plan for the night king was different, they wanted him to fight, there is no meaning of announcing an expert combat stuntman if you only wan him to walk in later season... So Jon returned to life for a reason but in the series its seems that there is no reason at all

Also the mitology and mistery surrounding the gods and everything else is trowh down the toilet in this season

Jaimie should have killed Cersei, in the book this is pointed out when a witch reveal to cersei is future that her tree children will die and that herself will die killed by a brother who is uknown if it's tyrion or jaimie but Jaimie made more sense, but this season again ****ed every thing

There are many plote hole and inconsistency
- winterfell is destroyed during the long night but is magically rebuilted in the next episode
- jon can hide from viserion fire during the long night behind a rock but viserion manage to destroy the entire wall at the of season 7 whit easy
- during season 7 a white walker zombie was captured and get to Cersei in a simple box, during season 8 zombie are able to destroy the wall of the cript
- during season 7 bronn almost killed daenerys dragon during a battle whit on simple shot from that giant bow but in season 8 daenerys had no problem going and destroying dozen of them during the 5th episode, also in the 4th episode daenerys was in a high position but didn't manage to see the ship of euron greyjoy and his dragon and ship are killed adn destroyed , the writer say that she forget about euron fleat, are they ****ing kidding me, that was the first think to remember when going to kings landing fighting the war, you go there and expect that no fleet is there?

Also in the same episode danerys fleet is destroyed but everyone manage to survive and make their way at kings landing, shouldn't be an army waiting for them at the river to kill them properly, and magically only missande is captured, but why her? Why no one else? As soon as Grey worm landed on the sand he call for missande, but previously he told her to escape why he call for her, how did he know that she was capture and didn't die during the fight? Plot convinient
- during the 5th episode there is a desert are in kings landing but this was never seen in other episode o the first season, this is also a plot convenient since it would have been more difficult to shoot and made that scene in a forest area
- also in the same episode everyone is able to enter and exit from king landing like it was nothing
- during episode 2 bronn is able to enter winterfell whit a cross bow in his hand whitout being noticed and manage to find tyrion and jaime even if winterfell was huge
- during the final episode jon killed daenerys but he convinently capture but why that happened? Why should the dotracky or Grey worm let him live In the first place? They should have executed him on the spot but they captured him so that he can be judge by people they don t even know, WHATTTTTTT THE ****KKKKK.... there are million more of inconsistency in this season but I would not continue to write them since I had no time....

My final verdict is that this is one of the most ugly tv season ever made I give it a 5 out of 10, it's is beautifully directed and beautifully acted, the special effect are great, but this things dosent save this season since what mattered in got was the plot and writing that this season ****ed up, but got decline begin in season 5 when they diverged from the book since every good part I Remember was also in the book... They should have made 2 more season and let the night king and whit walker be the final enemy and put Cersei and daenerys before they should have make season 8 about daenerys and Cersei and season 9 about the long night, but what is done is done... I'm currently waiting for the book to came out and reveal the true ending of this series
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^Pretty much everything you said is true. But, I try not to let it bother me. I'm not a nitpicky person.

The main reason I watched Season 8 was for the spectacle and to see how things end.

This is the TV show ending we got. Fans should just accept it and stop b*tching.

Hopefully the books will end better. But GRRM better not kill Tyrion or Arya.


Might controls everything, and without strength, y
^Pretty much everything you said is true. But, I try not to let it bother me. I'm not a nitpicky person.

The main reason I watched Season 8 was for the spectacle and to see how things end.

This is the TV show ending we got. Fans should just accept it and stop b*tching.

Hopefully the books will end better. But GRRM better not kill Tyrion or Arya.
Well I think we should complain since the success of got is maked thanks to the beloved fan who followed the series but the writer and show runner spit us in the face and in their own face too by making this poor season

Yeah we cannot do anything about it and we must accept this, but it's obviously the worst season of a TV series ever made

I didn't care about the spectacle or everything else you say I care about good writing and good character development, everything this season miss, who care of spectacle if the scenes are written whit a pair of ass

After watching the first two episode I realize it was bad but I was hoping for the third episode to be good but it was trash, after that I simply watched it to see how it end but there was no other meaning, no emotion or else, it was all so predictable and stupid, the opposite of what got is

It s normal for people to complain since we are human, if we accept everything we got In life there would be no point I living at all

Season 8 Is ****, why should fan accept it? They can complain if they want in my opinion, since we watched Got for many years and the last season is simply an insult to this 8 years we put on the series
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