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Someone actually playing this game?


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I just picked this up again last night. I'm only on Mission 4 atm.

I'm sorta doing a chronological run (+ DmC, maybe) of the franchise, partially for fun, and partially because I'm hoping my DMC-related brain waves beam down a message to Capcom's offices and they're like, "oh, ****, we better announce something at TGS!"

It's a good plan that's totally gonna work. Definitely.

Just finished DMC3 last night for the millionth time. It was honestly hard to walk away from it, even after all these years.


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Last time I played this was last year during Halloween. I kept dying so many times the game basically went "It's official: you suck!" and gave me the easy difficulty. I hate those reapers that fly off the screen and laugh at you. GET BACK HERE! Those fixed camera angles gave me a hard time with the platforming, too.

The first game wasn't as great as I remember it being. It certainly showed its age over time.


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It's definitely not aged as well as one would hope, but it holds a special spot in my heart always so I do replay it very much actually. I at least go through it again completely once or twice a year.


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I played it recently, and it held perfectly for me. Up to the point, that I enjoyed it more than DMC3 run. Overall it was pretty much most challenging DMC to get platinum trophy in. DMC1 is one of those rare game I can pick anytime and replay it over and over because of how engrossing it to me. I think enemy AI is still works terrific up to this day. The only shame are problems with camera and underwater missions, but other than that rest felt much more polished to me than many modern HnS


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A few weeks was I was trying to Platinum this game. I have 2 trophies left and they are a major pain but I intent on getting back on it and getting my 3rd Platinum trophy.

This game was the first game I played in the series and it while it hasn't aged well in combat it still hold in the areas that made the deep impression that's lasted to this day. Those areas are the environment, ambiance, and Dante himself.


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I'm currently playing Devil May Cry HD on X360, first time. Have finished it before and beaten DMC3 on all difficulties, it's still a challenge sometimes. Particularly with the Shadow enemies, others are pretty easy to beat if you avoid their attack spams. Seriously, Shadow is the toughest enemy, it's way too fast and the attacks are insane, dealing tons of damage. I can own one pretty easily with the Shotgun and side rolls, but two or three? I lost all Yellow Orbs on Secret Mission 8 and used up 4 Devil Stars and 2 Holy Waters. Jesus... That air spin attack takes away so much health.

Anyway, DMC1 is closest to the RE series. I didn't know about most of these until now:

One more fatality. This game keeps surprising me.


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I'm about to pick it back up, im a little nervous though, I was already having a rough time before I stopped playing, im going to straight get my a** kicked when I fire it up again and have to finish the 3rd Griffon fight lol


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I try to play it every year or so start on easy and work my way up thru the difacultys even try a just ebony and ivory/ force edge playthru sometimes


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I put it down as soon as I got my Platinum.

The sudden camera change sticks out like a sore thumb much more than when I played it in 2001.
I got way too used to the more natural-feeling camera on DMC4, like when you fight Credo.


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Yeah, I have at least 3 copies of this game on diff consoles. Only trouble is picking it up after you've played any of the others immediately before.... Dante moves like he's wading through treacle. Speed aside, this game is probably my 2nd favourite for the combat system and just the amount of fun dealing with the enemies in it are. Once you get used to the slower pace it's all good. Still think this game has the best enemies. There's a reason they brought em back for 5 ;)


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Well I actually just started my whole DMC experience on Monday with DMC 1 (PS4 HD collection). Just finished mission 3, haven't got much time to play this week... but imho the game is great! Ok the camera angles suck, but well, since it's been almost two decades, I think I just have to understand and adapt. And it's not so bad when you've been playing it a while. The thing is just that I started gaming around 2015 so I've kind of used to rotating camera angles and open world etc.

I like the combat system too. I'm a big fan of Assassin's Creed series too, but comparing DMC to early AC's, I think Ubisoft was waaaay behind Capcom.

So yeah, I haven't even touched DMC 5 or 4 or anything else. And yeah, I'm actually playing this game. And yeah, I'm a big noob ;)


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I pop in DMC1 every now and then for just a fun run. I usually play on NG+ Hard. Sometimes DMD when I being serious.

Pat is having Paige play for the first time.



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I never mentioned this but I do play this once a year. Sort of like watching your favorite movie every year.


I have every Devil May Cry game but every time I try to play anything other than the first game I always find myself turning it off after 20 minutes, they have destroyed the potential of this classic games series. I mean ok the 3rd game was good the 4th game looked ok but had the same awful song playing over and over again...
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