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So Bleach sucks?


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I did a "So Naruto sucks", thought i will follow it up with a Bleach one as well.
Anime stories are no different than stories that are in western or different style of animation. Even video games.

So i want to talk about one particular story from Bleach. This story evolves around KyrieInoue Orohime:
Inoue Orohime
A Hollow
Before i go into the story i must explain a concept, the concept of a "Hollow". A Hollow is very much what the word implies. After a human's death in Bleach, their soul is split apart from their body. And a "chain of fate" is attatched to their body.
It is the job of a shinigami (soul reaper) to come and send these souls to Soul Society (heaven) through a soul burial (kinda ritual thing).
But sometimes when a soul stays to long in human world for whatever reason, grudge or to look after a loved one, it leds to their chain of fate degrading, and this leds to the soul being turned into a hollow. Noteable feature when a soul has turned into a hollow is a hole where their heart is supposed to be.
Hollows existence is one where they devour souls and humans (rare), and they often obsess over people in their former life.

Inoue's life
Inoue's drawing of her future. Behind her cheerful personality lies a dark past.
Inoue lived with her parents and his bigger brother. Her father was a drunk, and her mother a prostitute. They were both violent and because of this her brother, Sora, ran away from home with Inoue when she was just a baby. His fear was that they would end up killing her.​
Sora took care of Inoue and did everything to protect her from harsness. One day the two had an argument over hairpins that Sora had bought for Inoue. Next morning when Sora left for work the two did not talk to eachother, and that day Sora was involved in a car accident resulting in him dying.​

After death Sora continued to look out for Inoue, always watching her while listening to her prayers and other talk. Inoue began to meet friends and was happy in her life.
When Sora heard this he was saddened, and he felt into despair. Sora had been in soul form for a very long time, and he became a hollow.
Then he decides to come for Inoue, to devour her soul.
Inoue refusing to talk to Sora

Long story short: Sora thought Inoue had forgotten about him when she talked about her new friends. This made him sad. But Inoue explained that she had not forgotten about him and expressed how upset she was that she did not talk to him before he left to work.
Sora was not entirely convinced of what was being said, but Ichigo was was there (fighting and defending) Inoue (his job as a soul reaper really), pointed out "Look at her hairpins, Inoue has told me alot about you".

Sora looked at Inoue, and his eyes saw the pins that he had given to her. Inoue had worn the hair pins and only removed them when she went to sleep.
Sora then took the zanpaktou (soulcutter, a sword) of Ichigo and stabbed himself while he had some controll of his hollow instincts.

And that is one of the nice story from Bleach. It dwells into how we may feel if our soul really is split apart from our body, and we humans can dwell in world of the living as souls.
Bleach isn't the greatest manga/comic, but it's fair. Just like any other story.
It's story depth has nothing to do with it's art style (anime).


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Yea, Bleach sucks. If anything it's far too overrated than anything. I mean it's not the worst thing I've ever seen but, it's not that good either.

The main character Ichigo (even though I love Johnny Yong Bosche) is like the epitome of typical generic anime protagonist. I find myself more interested in the background characters than the main one I'm supposed to give a sh!t about. Kenpachi was probably my favorite character in that show. Also that dude with the hat and Yoruichi were cool. Yoruichi just because I find her pretty damn sexy. :p

Plus this show has more filler than DBZ. That's not a good thing. Also in the stupidest of places. Like it will have a story arc going on then just drop it halfway through in favor of a filler story arc that acts like the other thing you were just watching wasn't even happening. The f#ck? Then switch after that filler bullsh!t back to what you were previously watching. It's just, retarded.

I also hate how Bleach is one of those shows that treats its audience like they're complete idiots. I don't know how many times I've seen fights that has one character that pulls off this clever strategy and they spend like 5 minutes F#CKING EXPLAINING IT! Like we were too stupid to not understand what happened. Naruto does that same sh!t!

Why waste so much goddamn time just explaining something we just saw?! Yea, that sh!t really annoys the hell outta me. I can't stand that stuff.

Plus the title of this show makes no goddamn sense.

It's not the worse thing ever but, like I said. It's overrated like a motherf#cker. It's not good.


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I loved that story. Makes me wish I could get back into it. I started watching Bleach when it first came on Adult Swim. Only reason why I stopped watching it was because I fell so far behind on the episodes and got lost. It's been awhile since then unfourtunately.

Still, I liked it. It was pretty good from what I saw.

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I only ever watched the first episode. I was bored, bored, bored,then Ichigo kicked some or the other right in the face and I was :w00t: I didn't see that coming!, and then I was bored again. If I ever do watch the whole series, it would be solely to listen to Nero's voice....I mean Ichigo.
Then again, I was bored out of my mind watching the first episode of Death Note a couple of years ago. The colours are SO BORING!!!! >,< Then I attempted it again recently with my BFWB as company and with reading Shadow's DN ff as motivation and I finished the entire season in a week and a half and LOVE the anime to death (pun totally intended).
So who knows?
Maybe I'll warm up to Bleach.
I mean I'm a major fan of Gintama and you just don't get any weirder and nonsensical than Gintama. No, you don't. Trust me on this.


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I can't say i am liking the story of Bleach alot, but Bleach has characters with their own substories.
And in recent chapters i have been very hyped :)

Anyone who seen latest chapter knows what i mean.

**** is going down.


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Bleach was my gateway anime and will always have a special place in my heart.

I enjoy it and its unique, but the anime has way too many fillers to be somewhat enjoyable. The fight scenes are also dragged out way too long, stop ****ing talking and hit each other!


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Comparing Naruto fights to Bleach, Naruto fights is worse than Bleach in terms of talking. I barely noticed Bleach´s talking.
Also anime has been stopped.


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I don't think Bleach is the best anime out there, but I really enjoyed it when I was watching it.
It was my first anime that I knew and thought of as anime when I watched it. (Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, and DBZ were all things I watched as a kid and I didn't know the difference)
Yes the filler is stupid, yes there's a pattern in plot (from what i watched anyway) but I think there are good stories and characters within it.
I do think it's a bit overrated, but I respect the fact that it serves as a gateway anime for so many people (myself included).


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I am waiting for Kubo to finally reveal you know who. I think it was chapter 505 or 500 that he who i shall not name slashed a certain quincy...

Anyone else excited about this?


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I hope you´ll excuse the double post but i find it appropriate to dedicate this message to its own post:

I swear what that says is quite true. I have smiled alot when i saw Inoue in different situations. Oh and i love her breads, both of them.

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I was a Bleach fan from Middle School to College. I think by the time this post was originally written I had dropped it. To be fair I dropped other shonen manga I was reading at the time. My tastes changed and I wasn't interested in Shonen anime anymore.

With BLEACH, I just got fed up with the Aizen Saga and I found it hard to care about the 1000 year blood war. It lost whatever spark I was attracted too back in middle school.

I did like the Live Action movie. The recent special one shot brought in nostalgia but I wasn't that interested in revisiting it.
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With BLEACH, I just got fed up with the Aizen Saga and I found it hard to care about the 1000 year blood war. It lost whatever spark I was attracted too back in middle school.
I stopped caring about Bleach after the Rescue Rukia Arc. Once I saw how much time it wasted, I said "F#ck this!".


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I hadn't thought about Bleach in years since it ended.

But then I read the anniversary special and..."just when I thought I was out they pull me back in".


Lover of beat'em ups!
I hadn't thought about Bleach in years since it ended.

But then I read the anniversary special and..."just when I thought I was out they pull me back in".
How did they even suck you back in?

To be honest, the only characters I really cared about in Bleach are Rukia and Yourichi. An interesting character, that got puts to the wayside and mostly comes off as a lackey for that dude with the hat.


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How did they even suck you back in?
Like I said, I read the anniversary special that came out a few weeks ago and I was intrigued with the cliffhanger leaving me wanting to know what happens next.

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Ever watch "hacks" on YouTube? It's amazing what you can do with basic things like lemon juice.

Quite the dirt dissolver. That's one benefit from going on YouTube, and seeing random tips. It teaches you how to make things you wouldn't normally consider to be useful, have some type of a new purpose.
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