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Only 12 Episodes?


DB series was pretty good in the beginning if my memory is trustworthy; but later ones are just too predictable and repetitive - got beaten, get special power, beat the hell out of the boss, help some dudes...


Cursed Girl


Thanks, but here's what I got...
Devil May Cry - Vol. 3: Level 3 DVD
Regular Price: $18.09
Sale Price: $17.84

Availability: For Sale Backordered since 7/15/2008

YesAsia seems to have that and I'll give it a shot; Barns and Nobles has it on Jul 28... which I highly doubted it. If it's that close, Amazon wouldn't have it as "discontinued".

If all fails, will have to wait; since FUNimation is the one owing the title now, I can only hope they'll continue the production ASAP...


As a follow-up, I did place an order through YesAsia, but nope - Amazon's right and so are other places that I have been looking:
Thank you very much for shopping with YesAsia.com.

Regarding your recent order 5XXXXX4, we regret to inform you that after an extensive search we have found that the following item(s) is/are not available at this time.

Catalog No. Title Quantity
1011058990 Devil May Cry - Vol. 3: Level 3 (US Version) 1

Our suppliers have informed us that the above item(s) is/are not likely to be replenished in the near future. As such, we are removing the unavailable item(s) from your order. We will notify you by email if the unavailable item(s) become available again.

I'll just stick with the Jap. version for now, I suppose :( Man, it would be nice to hear Reuben Langdon's voice for those last 4 missions...


well, let's look on the bright side though - if FUNimation thinks DMC is a sucker, then they wouldn't have bought this title. ;) I am hoping this last vol. can come out with the same voice cast around Christmas - just a tiny Christmas wish of mine

thanks for the effort though =]


Revenant Grail
i actually have all the episodes on one DVD disc, the story is wanting but the animation is quite good... hopefully they'd make a better second season


Shall we dance?
I wish there were more episodes, I got really into it by 12 when it finished with Abigail. Maybe they choose to stop; due to the storyline and could mix into the games?

The SSStylish one

Formerly DanteTheDevil
Erm, at least how long they are??? I MEAN I HAVE A 2GB DOWNLOAD RUNNING, and if they are like, around 15 minutes each, than why so large?

Klawed Flaw

Fallout Nut
It would get boring watching episode after episode of Dante's misadventures, gambling, bad luck, and him possibly ending up with a story arc weirder than when Batman became a four year old with all his adult years intact.

Actually, I could see Devil May Cry making for an awesome Silver age style comic book. It could still be Japanese, but be in the style of 1960's American comics in terms of story telling. Back then, Dante would be a hit with everyone. Just look at all the goofy stories from that time.

Lady alexiel

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I think there could have been better stories that involved Dante, Lady and Trish tbh and less on the people that hired them..


Seriously not continuing:[ damn. I think they could have totally pulled off 12 more episodes of them fighting demons in Europe. (it says they have jobs in Europe in episode 12) That makes me mad!!


Space Detective
The end of the Animated series put the series right back where it started, so now they can start a new series with no limitations. :) Why wont Madhouse take advantage of this?


its better to burn out than to fade away
Hm.. well DMC anime wasn't as good as the dragon ball series that's for sure >_> the game was much better and i watched the anime just because i like dmc and just thought that as a fan i should see it <_< but if you ask me it was a poor anime, i was really disappointed with it, but maybe i feel like this because i expected too much from the anime ~_~
well anyway, yea only 12 eps http://anidb.net/perl-bin/animedb.pl?show=anime&aid=4776
it was a bit dissapointing as in the anime dante is way to overpowered and shoots the demons once and they die i wouldve liked it more if the made more boss fights like the final one with abagail or at least made the demons more resistant to one shot... my opinion anyway :)

Laurence Barnes

Still not dead. Just not really here any more.
people was talking to me saying i should watch the anime i saw twelve episodes on my friends netflix and they were pretty good but now i see there were only 12 shame i was gonna search for more :/
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