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Only 12 Episodes?


Lost Soul
The DVD I'm getting of the anime it says there's 13 eps. I have no idea if that's a misprint or what really.


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No, it's not official, but there's a good chance they'll make a season two. Maybe when DMC5 comes out... so don't get your hopes up too high.... *sigh*


The King Of Chinese Dragons
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They should really make hundreds of episodes like dragonball and bleach with devilmaycryanime

Crimson Red Knight

master of the blade
agreed...if they do it right they could make this one of the greatest anime series' ever made..lol, it would possibly surpass dragon ball and bleach..atleast in my eyes..if they pull it off right and do alot more episodes


Cursed Girl
Hm.. well DMC anime wasn't as good as the dragon ball series that's for sure >_> the game was much better and i watched the anime just because i like dmc and just thought that as a fan i should see it <_< but if you ask me it was a poor anime, i was really disappointed with it, but maybe i feel like this because i expected too much from the anime ~_~
well anyway, yea only 12 eps http://anidb.net/perl-bin/animedb.pl?show=anime&aid=4776


New Member
It aint better than DBZ just yet. I mean how can it be better when it has 12 episodes. Trish it WILL be a better anime than DBZ just not yet.


Cursed Girl
bweh you guys think so because you're simply obsessed with dmc :p i mean yea sure i love the game too but i can't be blind that the anime ain't as good >_>


i do agree DMC anime is not the best anime, but compare to DBZ? c'mon, gimme a break - many anime are better than that.
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