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Halloween (2018)


Legendary Devil Hunter
So if the avatar I've been rocking the past couple of the months wasn't a big enough indicator, I'm excited for the new Halloween. I'm pretty big on horror movies, especially like 70's 80's slasher movies cause there's such a range there cause you got the one's that are like legitimately creepy and scary to the ones you just sit back and have a laugh at how cheesy they are. Ofcourse most people favor Freddy Kruger and Jason Voorhees, but I've always preferred Michael Myers since he was the first slasher movie villain to be treated as more then human, being described by his co-creator and director of the original film, John Carpenter, as a "unstoppable force of nature".

So, this new movie is going to be the eleventh installment of the series overall, but the second time the series has created a sequel ignoring past films as this film is a direct sequel to the original 1978 film, similar to how H20 was a sequel to Halloween 2 (Ignoring 4-6). Excited that we're finally getting a new Halloween film, excited that Carpenter's on board (acting as a producer and creative consultant), and I've heard this film's gonna try to be more like the original and focus more on suspense and dread then blood and gore.
Honestly the only gripe with the movie I have is the title. It annoys me when sequels and prequels just use the same title as the first, too many people get confused and think it's a remake. Not gonna stop me from liking the movie if it's good, just an annoyance of mine.

Now then, here's the trailer.

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Legendary Devil Hunter
I'm really disappointed that this got pushed back, a whole year to boot. But I'm gonna admit, I saw it coming. The good news is that since this movie is already done filming, it gives them another year to work on Halloween Ends. I really enjoyed the 2018 movie, so I plan on keeping up-to-date with the current series. Anywho, anyone else get chills from this Hallowen Kills teaser?

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