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Favorite Character In The Anime

I get the feeling this thread might not have much diversity but heck I could be wrong. Who's your favorite character to appear in the Devil May Cry anime. I get the feeling Dante will be the most popular answer but I could be wrong. My favorite character was Modeus. May have only been in one episode but I still liked him and he takes the spot of favorite non-Dante character. Discuss!


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probably modeus. I didn't liked Dante in anime. Whole ice-cream gimmick felt kinda slapped, and his babysitting role was also pretty bad imo.

Gray Knight

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I liked Modeus, and I'm interested in the elements of sourcery that were brought up via Patty and family. Wouldn't mind a sorcerer helping out if another DMC game comes out.

alis grave nil

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-trish and morisson.patty was totally unnecessary.it would've been better if she was some kinda demon child or something


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Hmm hard descision... Trish and Lady are pretty cool but it wouldn't be as fun without Dante... So maybe Dante...


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Well Dantes my favourite but my second place goes to Morrison his manager or agent i just wish he could defend himself more he is definitely cool under pressure

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I don't like the anime that much but i find myself thinking back to Brad and thought he was a cool concept.

He was the demon in episode 3 and i like that he wasn't that special as far as demons go.

I wouldn't mind if he helps dante out from time to time or gives nero marriage advice.
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