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DMC5 Meme Thread

Handsome Devil Sparda

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This game is spawning a lot of memes and I dunno about you guys, but they crack me the **** up. So post here the ones you find, you never know when someone could use a good laugh.

In the spirit of how the series started up, I'm gonna kick things off with this one.

Hahaha, b*oody hilarous.

Dark Prince

The Alpha & The Omega
-Vergil as a staff hotel:
-Cyberpunk 2077 in DMC 5 be like:
-I guess Vergil read all books in the library just in 1 second:
-V's worse nightmare:
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Dark Prince

The Alpha & The Omega
Foolishness...foolishness if I posted this amazing video by Dan Southworth instead of DMC 4 Dante gif that will be awesome now I put it in the meme section at least people can see it.
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Dark Prince

The Alpha & The Omega
Sorry V has covid 19 and sadly Nero must finish him off no DMC 5 SE or playable Vergil without V just coffin dance.
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I think im sort of dimensional traveller lol
Seens this on Twitter and its DMC V meme too :
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