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DMC3 HD enemies and bosses hints , tips and strategies


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I can share which tactics I used on Vergil 3 to get S ranking on DMD. I found that for me easiest to use weapon is Beowulf against him. All you should do is wait for the moment he swings his sword to jump in the air and use charged kick on him. It breaks his defense and throws him off balance, after which you could deliver few combos whith charged punches, but as soon as you see him regaining balance, repeat charged kick move. It should caught him in the loop and allow you to deal with him relatively easy. (it works on other his versions too, but you need beowulf first anyway) The only troubesome moment is when he enters his DT, so you'll need to dodge his slashes and use DT on your own when he's out of his invincibility frames.


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yes but at the same time video has the benefit of audio. I do like the idea of feedback, though, so gifs do have that going for them.

by the way, a great place for tips and tactics i've seen is a playthrough on youtube by this british chick named accountingnightmare.
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Let's move on with Arkham's spawn. I'll use gifs captured by myself during my game to help you readers understand the tips better.


These are those floating fish-like creatures Arkham spawns during his boss battle, while he retreats.

Now, they are indeed annoying and lots of newcomers to the game struggle against them, cause their attacks might be pretty hard to predict, cause the animation of the simple floating and the actual attack are very similar.

- With Dante, a great weapon to use against those little f*cks is Kalina Ann. The bazooka. Just wait until they begin to gather in a pack and shoot them. Use Trickster moves to avoid their attacks. Remember that the jump animation's got invincibility frames (you won't get damage during the jump animation), so if you don't want to use Trickster in the battle, and you prefer another style, just jump often.


- With Vergil, Yamato and Devil Trigger Explosion are your best friends.
Fight Arkham varying your attacks and use taunts to build your Devil Trigger gauge, so that when he retreats and his spawn show up, you can perform a full power Devil Trigger Explosion to obliterate all of those around you (wait for them to gather around you first, of course).
As for Yamato, Rapid Slash is excellent to use, cause it will hit any enemy behind Vergil as he charges forward, killing some of the spawn in the process, or weakening them a lot. Oh, and Vergil's got jumping invincibility frames as well, so JUMP!



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Quick tip for those annoying hanging metal balls that sometimes in the game you have to break.

Faster method is to jump over them and hack em from above.



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Sorry for the late bump but I was given permission to bump this thread from lordofdarkness

I had forgotten about this thread completely to be honest but alas let's continue

Lady boss fight with Dante

Lady telegraphs her big attacks each time by calling out are you ready and other stuff

All you need to do is catch up with her and then do a Stinger
Usually you can do two Stingers and maybe a few hits
before Lady does her knife throws

When she takes out the Kalina Ann, you can get in and stop her if you are close , but if you are too far back just hide behind a wall

When she tosses her grenades, run out of the way and try
To catch her

As her health goes down Lady will slow down her
attacks and start running away from you

Catch up to her and attack
at every moment you get and she will go down fairly easy

Also Cerberus shield and other attacks will parry or block her machine gun fire


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Tactic works with all weapons

Stay by the entrance door , use spiral or Artemis for long range ,
Once he comes towards the tunnel underneath the door jump on his back and attack with any weapon of your choice

Double jump back up and get onto his back again as he emerges
from the same tunnel

Attack whatever way you want but watch out for the purple spheres and electricity attacks

Other than that this boss is a joke to be honest


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I'm all about Gunslinger and found I could easily take down several bosses with the following strategy:

Works with all Vergil fights, Nevan (when she's trying to suck you dry), and Agni & Rudra.

1. Jump above the boss

2. Use Rainstorm (Ebony & Irony, hit circle while in the air)

3. Slam down with Rebellion

4. Hack away! You can get a good amount of hits in before they recover.

A few notes pertaining to each fight:

- While it works against Vergil all three fights, it does get harder with each fight. By the third fight I relied on rainstorm less as things progressed.

- For Nevan, make sure you aren't too close to her right when she's trying to grab you. So long as you are outside of her initial reach you can immediately jump up and go into rainstorm.

- For Agni and Rudra, I didn't notice anything stand out with them. I personally try to not take out one of them until they are both close to death, so the second one can be defeated before he grabs the second sword. Strategy still works when one boss is using two swords though.

I was able to defeat each of these bosses on Hard while relying heavily on this strategy. :thumbsup:


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Nice tips meg good job

I'll add more tomorrow when I am less tired

And then finish the DMC4 thread and DmC one

And in a few weeks IL make a DMC5 ,DMC1 and 2 threads

Hopefully it helps people and entices more to play the games
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The leviathan

This boss is super easy

He spawns enemies to attack you , has twin red beans that sweep back and forth but can be jumped over

And small red spheres of energy

The two hearts absorb orbs but once you drop either ones health the center one will reveal the green eye inside it

It will either pop out and be stationery , or it will attack first

This boss will go down by any devil arm , make sure you devil trigger explode with a rising uppercut from beowolf for maximum damage


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Vergil 1st fight

Vergik is capable of blocking your attacks if you try striking when his guard is up. Though you cannot just jump over him and attack from his back. He leaves himself open during and for a brief period after his attacks so make use of that time , and don't use ebony and ivory as he will block/parry the bullets by spinning yamato

Vergil can teleport around , when he teleports right next to you, he'll execute either yamato Combo or the upper Slash. If he teleports away, he's preparing to use judgement cut. To dodge the slash orbs, keep moving, or side roll as there is a short delay between the orb formation and the actual slash

you can run towards him so you can begin attacking when he stops, Rapid Slash is a relatively infrequent move, as he mainly reserves it for retaliating after blocking one of your attacks.

After each combo animation ends he is open to attack , use rebellion and Agni and rudra and do as much damage as you can before he recovers and then move off again

He will go down pretty easy in this first fight once you learn his attack pattern


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Replaying this earlier with Vergil

Cerberus - weak to aerial slash with Yamato on the heads; own him easily doing this when in DT with spiral swords on - kill the head that ices the floor first to make things easier/faster
Gigapede - Beowulf combo in DT on its head with spiral swords on, just wait for the 1st reappearance from the tunnel and jump on
Annoying Metal Balls - jump on top of it with Beowulf locked on and combo it
Arkham's spawns - can be kept away just using summoned swords quickly tbh
Trial of skill - using Vergil's teleport/trick up when the blades are passing near
Leviathan Heart - I always attack the right organ so I can keep my DT for attacking the core
Spiders - JC them with Beowulf (most annoying enemy in the game)
Geryon - you can actually land on top of the chariot while it is running, then get a few seconds free to bash it without the arrows.
The Fallen - aerial slash them with Yamato
Beowulf - aerial slash him with Yamato in the face to make him blind, and Beowulf jump/Starfall to avoid his berserker charges
Chessboard - kill the king to end it quick, don't bother with other pieces
Nevan - If I'm doing a speedrun I use a holy water for her final 1/4 of life so she won't get to use lifedrain
Vergil 3 - Beowulf Beowulf Beowulf and just stay the hell away when he is in DT, bring lots of Devil Stars to make it quick


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For Arkham, it's possible to stop him from using his projectile 'eel' attack for the first half of the fight. When he starts to shake he's about to use the eel attack, but if you stop attacking and jump a ways back from him he won't do it. He will, however, start that attack up again now that you're away from him, so as soon as he stops the initial shaking, go back in close and he'll do an arm swipe. You're still in a world of trouble once Vergil shows up and you lose your style/DT, but it certainly makes that first half less risky. I find you don't need trickster at all if he's not using that attack, you can safely go quicksilver and squeeze in that extra damage when he despawns.
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