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Demon a$$-kicker
You two are so nice..here you go....some more funny romance...

They engaged in a heated battle of tongues as both fought for dominance, wandering the charted territory for their own expedition, twining around and sucking hard. Dante pulled her closer, and completely lifting her off the ground, he explored her mouth roughly, savagely, and thoroughly. She was falling off the table, so he gripped her thighs and wrapped them around his waist, and she slid her arms around his neck for leverage. Dante broke the kiss and placed her more comfortably on the table; after setting her down on it, he didn’t waste one single moment.

Lady gasped sharply when she felt Dante’s strong, masculine hands skimming up her stomach, while his lips were gliding across the skin where her neck ended, her body trembled with desire as he began to plant quick kisses across her jaw line and neck, each one accentuated with either a painful nibble or a soothing flick of his velvety tongue. She grabbed the silky stands of his hair on the back of his head and moaned loudly; no longer being able to hold back chained up desire.

Oh my god. How can a tongue feel this good on the skin?

“***hole…” a loud moan, “pervert…” another moan even louder than the previous one, “idiot…” this time she bit her tongue trying to stop herself, “I so going to get you for this, you mean scu…ah!!!” she lost it and began to writhe frantically in Dante’s powerful grip.

Dante grinned triumphantly to notice how she was whimpering and moaning and twisting in his arms, trying to reach as much of him as she could from her awkward position. Determined to torture her even more, he started nibbling her neck more often between the slow, torturous licks.

“Hmm, you taste sweet, Lady.”

He was pleased as Lady squirmed madly in his arms; she raised her head slightly to send him an angry glare, but all her mismatched eyes spoke of was raw lust and longing. Her hands were moving up his back now, and she couldn’t help but be offended by the layers of clothing that was stopping her from running her hands all over his flawless smooth flesh.

Dante seemed to have the same thought about her clothes as well. He backed up a little, just enough to let him a sufficient amount of space to start unbuttoning Lady’s blouse. He hastily undid her shirt and spread it wide open. He rubbed the soft flesh of her taut belly with excruciating slowness, and when his hands began to stray to the valley between her firm mounds, it drove Lady completely over the edge.

Groaning, she reached for Dante’s shirt, and she had neither the will nor the restraint Dante had showed; her hands ripped at his shirt, tearing it to shreds, and he retreated long enough to shrug away the remnants.

The handsome devil’s pupils dilated and he cringed a bit as the torn remains of Vergil’s expensive silk shirt fell on the floor.

Crap. Vergil is gonna fry my *** for this, but I’ll be damned before I let that ruin this moment.

He just whispered in her ear, “You’re paying.”

Not really paying any mind to what he was saying, Lady ran her hands over him, eyes closed due to the indescribable amount of delight she experienced as she hugged at his body, felt his flawlessly sculpted chest, stomach, sides, back; all of him, a bit shivering as he continued to bit and suck on her neck, setting her body on fire once more. She buried her face in his hair, and whimpered helplessly, her fingernails scratching his back raggedly. She bit his earlobe hard, earning a throaty groan from him.

He didn’t stop, of course, and resumed his biting at her creamy neck, her collar bone, tracing the lines that led to the slopes of her well endowed breasts, nipping at the silky smooth skin just hard enough to leave the mark of his desire. He breathed in her gentle, feminine scent, the intoxicating aroma driving him crazy.

Lady was also reaching her limits now, she felt like she was going to go mad if he didn’t claim every last inch of her with those maddeningly warm, torturing lips; and each time the hot puffs of his breath landed on her neck, a tingling rushed down from her ear all the way down to the soles of her feet. His heavy caress was like a drug, a dangerous obsession that she could not deny anymore than she could deny the existence of the sky above. Her mind and body had surrendered to this carnal craving, completely and utterly, and she wondered how she had resisted something so incredible for so long.

She grabbed his feathery soft hair in her fingers, even though this sweet torture felt so damned good, she wasn’t just going to take it down silently; grunting, she pulled his head to hers for another heated kiss. Dante chuckled, both aroused and amused at her actions, and eagerly devoured her lips in response. As they engaged in another round of their agonizing war of tongue play, Lady began to roughly scrape and claw at Dante’s naked upper body with such force it have hurt if he was a normal human, but in this case, it only managed to arouse him even more.

He chuckled again, "You so want me."

"Shut up, you arrogant prick." She bit his tongue as a form of revenge.

His heart was hammering in his chest, just like hers, she could sense it, and their breathing was getting heavier as they continued to feel and touch every part of each other within their reach. Neither of them had any restraint left in them anymore; they could do nothing but be overwhelmed by the sensations making them lose all rational thoughts, left in the complete mercy of their passions.

His hands traveled upwards to cup her breasts, and his thumbs grazed over the perky nipples sticking through the thin fabric of her bra. Noticing the loud whimper that came from Lady, Dante began to massage her firm mounds with more attention, making her cry breathlessly and leaving her begging for more.

Serves you right for teasing me to death, woman.

“Da…Dante…”Lady moaned, trying desperately to bite back the whimpering sounds but was failing miserably due to his ceaseless fondling of her breasts.

Dante growled, she had done just the exact thing to send him over the edge, calling his name with her lust-filled voice, but he didn’t want to take here right here, so he scooped her up in his arms and carried her upstairs, never breaking contact with her lips.

Dante bumped Lady’s head in the wall when climbing the stairs, “Ah! Watch it, you duce bag!”

He just grinned, amazed by the fact she could still be her usual complaining self after what had happened, and shut her up by cementing his lips on hers once more.


Demon a$$-kicker
If I wasn't such an attention-whore I'd say the response I got for this fic is amazing!You guys are so awesome!


Demon a$$-kicker
Thanks,but I am not sure Steve won't delete the next part of the story if I post it...it's too steamy for my own good.


Devils Never Cry
IloveVergil;17481 said:
:):D This is a DanteXLady fic with no connection to any of my other fics however...it's all fluffy and this is my first attempt at humor so be nice...^_^;)


Dante kicked open the door of Devil may cry and stormed in with hurried steps. He slammed the door close causing the locks to shatter into pieces, but the silver haired man hardly noticed it. He had far more important things in his mind right then.
****, ****, ****! [/FONT]
! Were the only words that came to his mind right then. How could I be so stupid! He cursed himself, remembering the incident that had caused him to have nausea in the middle of summer.

Okay, Dante, chill, Lady won’t be able to come here as fast as you could, meaning you have at least a twenty minutes head start. Plenty of time to think out a solution.

Think, dammit, think!

Dante collapsed into the nearest couch and rested his head on the headrest. Thank god Vergil is out, or I’d have to tolerate his sarcasm as well.

I’m so screwed.

He and Lady had gone out on a job this afternoon when all of this started. Their employer had told them that there was a minor inconvenience in his mansion due to some demonic spirits, but upon reaching there, Dante and Lady had found out it was much more than that.

There had been a large throng of hell Vanguards, sin scythes, shadows and many other types menacing devils. Dante was very amused to fight the seven sins once again, but Lady found it highly difficult to keep up with him as he moved through the never ending waves of demons to the attic room of the mansion. They found the man there, a sorcerer in league with the demons, who had been trying to set a trap for Dante. He had called them in hopes of taking revenge on the man who had been killing the servants of his “masters”.

The problems of being “the son of Sparda”, Dante grimaced as he recalled the man’s confession.

He had, of course, killed the ***hole, then together they made their way back to the mansion gates.

That’s when it happened…

A very, very, very HUGE fire demon had conjured out of nowhere, and before Dante could do anything, grabbed Lady who was caught off-guard, making her drop the Kalina Ann.

Out of desperation, Dante had picked up the rocket launcher and threw it straight through the fire demon’s head. The bayonet had smoothly pierced the right eye and become stuck there, forcing the demon to release Lady from its clutches as it screamed with pain. She hadn’t been hurt, as Dante managed to quickly catch her before she hit the ground.

But by the time they disposed of the demon, Kalina Ann was in…a less than perfect condition.

The demon was completely covered with fire and two hundred degrees of heat had almost melted Lady’s favorite rocket launcher. Lady was lucky its hand was covered with armor or even she would have been incinerated.

“How could you be so stupid!” She had shouted at him. “One more minute and it would have completely melted because of the heat!”

“So would you have liked to get burnt instead of this stupid weapon of yours?” Dante had answered back with irritation, seriously, what the hell is with her and this launcher? “Why the hell do you get so itchy when it comes to this thing, huh? Do you use this as a dildo or something?”

That, unfortunately, had been the most unwise choice of words.

Lady had practically jumped on him and tried to strangle him to death, and if not for the swarm of hell prides that appeared at the nick of the time, she would have succeeded.

Just before the last demon fell under the rainstorm of Lady’s guns, Dante made a run for getting out of the mansion. He didn’t dare to face Lady again and get his head chopped off for his one stupid remark.

Damn you Dante, after all these years finally she was starting to warm up to you and you had to ruin everything with that big, fat mouth of yours!

Lady had, of course, made it her mission to hunt him down, so he had followed an alternative route back to Devil may cry, all the time being careful not be sluggish for even one moment.

But now, it seemed a real bad decision to come back here, considering the fact that this would be the first place Lady would check for him.

He held his head with his hands, desperately trying to think of a way to get out of this uncomfortable situation.

Then the idea popped in his head. Lady is mad at Dante, right? She would try to kill him if she got the chance.

But she won’t do anything to Vergil.

Yes! Dante sprang out of the seat and hurried upstairs with a wild grin on his face, it seems he’d have to play the old trick he and Vergil used to do when they were kids, switching places. Sometimes they did it just for fun, and sometimes to escape potentially hostile situations.

Like now.

-This part is funny too...........i was thinking, Dante could play as Vergil putting the hair behind and to be an air serious?? dont know but its too way funny LOL


Demon a$$-kicker
Huuummm,they really don't want us to swear do they?

I read in the news and updates forum that "the Devil May Cry Community Forums are aimed at audiences of all ages. Please consider if your post is appropriate for younger visitors." in that case I won't be posting my finished work here,because I don't want Steve and Angel to kill me for writing a M rated story with adult sex scenes.

When I finish the story,I'll post the link at fanfiction.net where I put up my stories.

King Avallach

Deity of the Old World
As regards to that all I can say is that it's better to ask forgiveness than permission (My dad used to say that). Lol


Demon a$$-kicker
Well...I know I said I won't post anything here anymore,but I think I can post this here. The next part,however,will definitely not be posted here because of graphic sex.

After he kicked open the door to his bedroom, he tossed her on the bed and greedily devoured her lips and neck once again, sending shock waves of tingling desire throughout her body.

Tackling her down to the mattress, he quickly took off his remaining clothes and threw them on the nearby chair. Lady’s clothes soon joined the pile and loud moans made the way from both their throats when their naked bodies fused together, most intimate parts of their bodies brushing against each other. All inhibitions rapidly diminishing, they got immediately back to what they were doing moments before.

However, the not-so-likely pair was still fighting for control even during their passion-filled union. They rolled in the small bed, each trying to pin the other beneath them. Dante won the battle for the time being as he trapped Lady under him with his weight, making her gasp.

She opened her mouth to speak, but Dante shut her up by forcing his lips on hers on yet another

Mouths gathering in delicious fusion, they began to explore each other’s body with such fervor like their lives depended on it. All thought of restraint in Lady’s mind had flown out of the window a long time ago, and as his large, strong hands took the honor of familiarizing themselves with the rest of her body, she whimpered softly, mentally cursing herself for it but doing it anyway.

Dante kissed the skin of her neck passionately, his hands traveling up and down her body, heating up her skin, leaving trails of fire in its wake. His fingers entangled themselves with her ebony black hair to raise her head slightly, and he ran his fingers through the lustrous tufts of hair in most affectionately, amazed by its softness and smoothness. Lady looked up in the depths of his beautiful blue orbs and their gazes fixed upon each other.

The fire in his eyes was intense, extreme, burning with such raw desire that Lady couldn’t help but be a little scared. She had wanted this, yes, she had wanted him, for a very long time. But now, trapped beneath his strong body, the chaste woman began to fidget with the realization of what she was doing.

Do I really want this? She thought. Do I want to lose my virginity to this man, this half-demon?

But when she saw how much desire was buried deep under those lovely blue eyes, the collaboration of love and lust in the fire of his penetrating gaze, saw the unbridled emotions of need…of eternal longing… the perpetual begging for fulfillment, she knew the answer.

Half demon, her inner voice said, which makes him half human as well.

Their mouths met again, and his tongue eagerly delved into the wet cavern of her mouth, sending her to new heights of pleasure. She moaned and curled her legs around his, the feeling of being entwined with him giving her a sense of safety she was beginning to love. The splendid feeling of this half-demon’s touch was definitely worth indulging in the wonderment of it, she thought, and didn’t waste any more time dueling in her thoughts. **** it, she thought, and finally let go of all the inhibitions in her mind.

She let out a worried whimper when Dante broke the contact of their lips, but voiced a particularly loud moan as he buried his face in her neck again; eagerly carrying on his relentless teasing with his skilled tongue. Her breath was getting stuck in her throat as she tried to catch up with the overwhelming vibrations surging through her body. Her heart was beating so rapidly she felt as if it was going to come out of the frames of her chest. Her hands ran up to massage the firm definitions of his arms, which were, right then, busy tracing along the fine curves of her body. She breathed in his strong, masculine scent, eyes half-closed for the indescribable pleasure she felt as she nuzzled his neck, kissed his jaw, felt the toned, taut muscles of his bare back.

She still could not believe the position she had gotten herself into. If she was beginning to get exhilarated with her earlier charade with this drop-dead sexy devil, then this feeling was too wonderful to be described in words.

Oh my god, this really is happening!

His heart was hammering in his chest, just like hers; she could sense it since their naked chests were pressed against each other, her C-sized breasts pressed against his broad six-pack, and their breathing was getting heavier as they continued to feel and touch every part of each other within their reach. Neither of them had any restraint left in them anymore; they could do nothing but be overwhelmed by the sensations making them lose all rational thoughts, left to the complete mercy of their passions.

The hand that had been tangled in her hair drifted slowly down her back, making swirling paths with his fingers and causing her to shiver. Dante began to slide his hands lower, gently rubbing her sides while Lady’s hands readily explored his muscled back.

A tidal wave of sheer rapture shredded through the pair as they licked, kissed, and caressed every part of each other. Their skin brushed against each other like silk, while their hands and legs were entangling themselves even more tightly with every single moment. The feeling was just too magnificent for them to fight it anymore (at least for Lady, Dante never really tried to). They moved together in perfect rhythm, allowing each other to feast and to savor the moment. All the chained-up want, the unfulfilled need was consuming their senses as they began letting out the passion that yearned to be released or so long. Right that moment, nothing was present in their minds except for raw, passionate love.
Lady wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his head down to intensify the kiss. Dante dipped down to respond, but abruptly stopped. He broke the kiss and steadied himself by positioning his hands at her sides.

Lady grimaced. Why the hell was he stopping now? She sent him angry looks through her half-lids. “What?”

Dante thoughtfully stared at her beautiful face layered with anger, restlessness and desire. God, he wondered, how could she be so goddamn tantalizing and still, so strangely innocent? The rosy-hued texture of her skin combined with the gentle curves of her body made her appear much younger than she really was, and her job of demon-hunting had helped her keep in ideal shape.

Dante brushed his index finger down her collarbone in a tantalizing manner, causing her to shudder. He found everything about her perfect; her naturally soft, slightly parted lips were so enticing he felt the urge to just give in again…but he couldn’t deny how he was.

An arrogant cocky *******. Just how my dear Lady puts it.

She has tortured me so badly…it’s my turn to be the cruel one.

Lady gasped when Dante caught her slender wrists with his one hand and caged them above her head. She looked at his eyes and realized what he was planning to do.

“Oh, no, Dante, you’re not going to…”

“Yeah babe, I sure am.” He looked at her with a wolfish grin on his face, the fear in her voice making him very amused, not to mention a bit smug.

“Pig-headed dumbass!” She wriggled to break free, but he won’t let her go. Honestly, what was I thinking? she thought.

Note to self: never start making out on a bed naked with an irritating alpha-male half-demon.

Dante lowered himself down on her, the twisted smile on his face getting broader every moment. She had made him lust for her and then tried to leave him with blue balls. Obviously that deserves a very, very cruel punishment…

And who said I was the nice one in the family? Whoever he was, he was a complete ***.

He was going to make sure she couldn’t walk straight for at least a week, even if it made him equally sore and exhausted.

So he did.


Demon a$$-kicker
Whoah thanks guys!:$ :) ^_^ It's a great honor considering the fact English is not even my native language and I don't get the chance to speak English anywhere except my English class.

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IloveVergil;24294 said:
Whoah thanks guys!:$ :) ^_^ It's a great honor considering the fact English is not even my native language and I don't get the chance to speak English anywhere except my English class.

surprising, considering how well you write in english. you're a great writer, but it sucks you say you can't finish it here
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