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Demon a$$-kicker
:):D This is a DanteXLady fic with no connection to any of my other fics however...it's all fluffy and this is my first attempt at humor so be nice...^_^;)


Dante kicked open the door of Devil may cry and stormed in with hurried steps. He slammed the door close causing the locks to shatter into pieces, but the silver haired man hardly noticed it. He had far more important things in his mind right then.
****, ****, ****! [/FONT]
! Were the only words that came to his mind right then. How could I be so stupid! He cursed himself, remembering the incident that had caused him to have nausea in the middle of summer.

Okay, Dante, chill, Lady won’t be able to come here as fast as you could, meaning you have at least a twenty minutes head start. Plenty of time to think out a solution.

Think, dammit, think!

Dante collapsed into the nearest couch and rested his head on the headrest. Thank god Vergil is out, or I’d have to tolerate his sarcasm as well.

I’m so screwed.

He and Lady had gone out on a job this afternoon when all of this started. Their employer had told them that there was a minor inconvenience in his mansion due to some demonic spirits, but upon reaching there, Dante and Lady had found out it was much more than that.

There had been a large throng of hell Vanguards, sin scythes, shadows and many other types menacing devils. Dante was very amused to fight the seven sins once again, but Lady found it highly difficult to keep up with him as he moved through the never ending waves of demons to the attic room of the mansion. They found the man there, a sorcerer in league with the demons, who had been trying to set a trap for Dante. He had called them in hopes of taking revenge on the man who had been killing the servants of his “masters”.

The problems of being “the son of Sparda”, Dante grimaced as he recalled the man’s confession.

He had, of course, killed the ***hole, then together they made their way back to the mansion gates.

That’s when it happened…

A very, very, very HUGE fire demon had conjured out of nowhere, and before Dante could do anything, grabbed Lady who was caught off-guard, making her drop the Kalina Ann.

Out of desperation, Dante had picked up the rocket launcher and threw it straight through the fire demon’s head. The bayonet had smoothly pierced the right eye and become stuck there, forcing the demon to release Lady from its clutches as it screamed with pain. She hadn’t been hurt, as Dante managed to quickly catch her before she hit the ground.

But by the time they disposed of the demon, Kalina Ann was in…a less than perfect condition.

The demon was completely covered with fire and two hundred degrees of heat had almost melted Lady’s favorite rocket launcher. Lady was lucky its hand was covered with armor or even she would have been incinerated.

“How could you be so stupid!” She had shouted at him. “One more minute and it would have completely melted because of the heat!”

“So would you have liked to get burnt instead of this stupid weapon of yours?” Dante had answered back with irritation, seriously, what the hell is with her and this launcher? “Why the hell do you get so itchy when it comes to this thing, huh? Do you use this as a dildo or something?”

That, unfortunately, had been the most unwise choice of words.

Lady had practically jumped on him and tried to strangle him to death, and if not for the swarm of hell prides that appeared at the nick of the time, she would have succeeded.

Just before the last demon fell under the rainstorm of Lady’s guns, Dante made a run for getting out of the mansion. He didn’t dare to face Lady again and get his head chopped off for his one stupid remark.

Damn you Dante, after all these years finally she was starting to warm up to you and you had to ruin everything with that big, fat mouth of yours!

Lady had, of course, made it her mission to hunt him down, so he had followed an alternative route back to Devil may cry, all the time being careful not be sluggish for even one moment.

But now, it seemed a real bad decision to come back here, considering the fact that this would be the first place Lady would check for him.

He held his head with his hands, desperately trying to think of a way to get out of this uncomfortable situation.

Then the idea popped in his head. Lady is mad at Dante, right? She would try to kill him if she got the chance.

But she won’t do anything to Vergil.

Yes! Dante sprang out of the seat and hurried upstairs with a wild grin on his face, it seems he’d have to play the old trick he and Vergil used to do when they were kids, switching places. Sometimes they did it just for fun, and sometimes to escape potentially hostile situations.

Like now.


Demon a$$-kicker
Ending?No man...it's only the beginning! HWAAAAAA!
Moving on....

Dante all but flew to Vergil’s room and took out one of his shirts out of the wardrobe. Vergil would get pretty homicidal if he found out Dante had dared to even touch his clothes, much less wear them, but it couldn’t be worse than what Lady would do to him.

He ran to Vergil’s bathroom and got out of his sweaty old clothing. After a quick shower, he dumped it on the fresher and slipped into Vergil’s rather expensive silk shirt. He couldn’t help but smile as the smell of rich cologne entered his nostrils.

Vergil is such a princess, he thought. But at least this feels good on the skin, damn good.

The smirk on his face became wider when he noticed the several cans of hair gel on the bathroom cabinet. He took some gel onto his palms and used it to slick his hair back like the way Vergil always did. He moved back a little from the mirror to examine the results.

Bingo. I guess my *** is saved for today. Unless I screw something up.

He was coming down the stairs and tugging his amulet inside the shirt when he noticed loud thumping noises coming from downstairs.

Oh oh…

He reached the door and barely managed to not be smacked by the swinging door as Lady entered streaming with rage. She looked fiercely at him and said in a dangerous tone, emphasizing on every word,


Dante tried his best not to flinch, and was greatly satisfied with himself when he managed to reply in the falsely cold voice of his twin, “How would I know?”

He turned and walked over to the couch, then lazily sat on it. He took the newspaper from the nearby table and started to read it with feigned interest. Normally he never touched a newspaper, if he wanted to know something he just watched the news on TV or asked Vergil about it. But right now he found it a nice excuse to keep his eyes averted from the enraged lady in the room.

Lady stared at “Vergil” and asked incredulously, “He didn’t come back?”

He answered with one word, never taking his eyes off the paper, “No.”

Lady “humph!”ed with frustration, then sat beside him on the couch, “Lucky *******.”

He raised a silver eyebrow with forged astonishment, “Now what did he do to **** you off like that?”

“Never mind.”

“No, what is it, really? Even with your lousy temper, I’ve never seen you be so irritated with him before. I would also like to point out the fact that if you gnash your teeth with a little more force, they might fall out of your jaw.”

Wow, now I really sound like Vergil. All refined language and ****. Not to mention the gay outfit.

She glared at him, and he continued, “And I can see that you’ve become so overcome with anger you failed to grasp the fact that he would never be stupid enough to come back here, knowing that you would come here first flashing your gun that has a bullet with his name on it.”

But I was stupid enough to do that.

She sighed, “Maybe you’re right. In that case…”

Dante became alert by the incomprehensible tone of her voice, what the hell she is up to? Please say that you’re gonna leave!

“…I’ll wait right here till he comes back.”


But all he said was, “Suit yourself.”

They sat there for a long while with an uncomfortable silence between them. Dante looked at her with the corners of his eye, and was disappointed by the fact she didn’t show any signs to go away anytime soon.

After a good fifteen minutes, Lady broke the silence, “He said perverted things about my Kalina Ann.”


“The reason I’m angry with him. He said…nah, you don’t want to hear it.”

“Well why does that upset you so? I mean, he says a lot of things but this one seems to bother you way too much.”

Lady sighed softly, then replied in a low voice, “It is the last memento of my mother. Her name was Kalina Ann.”

Dante was a bit ashamed to hear this, he felt very guilty about what he said. “I’m so sorry.” The words came out of his lips before he could stop himself.

Lady’s head shot up in surprise. She could not believe what she heard. Vergil? She never thought Vergil would say something like this. She had worked with Vergil on a few missions after he started living with Dante, and knew he wasn’t a completely heartless *******, but she could never imagine him being so frank about his feelings. And why does he have to apologize? He didn’t do anything…

Dante saw the astonished look on Lady’s face, and kicked himself mentally for his mistake. Damn! I need to be more careful unless I want her to go hulk on me.

He stood up, intending to go upstairs and phone Vergil to tell him to not come back until Lady would leave. The newspaper fell from his lap, and he bent down to pick it up. As he bent, the amulet hanging from his neck came out of the collars of his shirt, dangling in front of his nose. He grimaced, not noticing that Lady’s gaze was fixed on him.

Lady had known the Sparda twins long enough to know the history behind their amulets. She also knew that even though the amulets were almost identical, they were slightly different. Dante’s amulet had a silver lining around it when Vergil’s one displayed a pale gold border.

She had noticed that the amulet clinging from Vergil’s neck had a silver frame. What the…? Am I seeing things? Vergil would never wear Dante’s amulet, he has his own. And not to mention Dante would never just give him his amulet.


Lady quickly analyzed the incident and came to the most apparent conclusion. Unless this is Dante.

Dante straightened up and caught Lady staring at him. His mouth was twitching to say, “See something you like?”

But instead, he just frowned, “What are you looking at?”

“Oh, nothing,” Lady answered, now slightly amused at how well Dante was pulling off the pretense. They are, after all, brothers, twins even. “I just wanted to ask you if there is anything good in the fridge, I’m a bit hungry.”

Dante eyed her uneasily, then answered sulkily, “I’ll check.”


TimeLord Detective
:lol: Nice, I laugh alot picturing the scenes where Dante thinks "I'm great", "Damn I messed up" etc^_^


Demon a$$-kicker
Thanks ^_^

He walked to the kitchen, Lady following him from behind. His eyes sparkled as he advanced towards the box of pizza sitting invitingly on the kitchen counter. But before he could reach out to grab a slice, he remembered.

Vergil doesn’t like pizza.

What an a… WHO doesn’t like pizza?

He sighed heavily, then walked up to the fridge and opened its door.

Hmm…tomato juice…no, Lady would get suspicious…iced tea…eww…chocolate cake…aha! Finally something that both I and the brain dead idiot are fond of!

He grinned wildly and carefully brought out the cake. After putting it on the table, his first instinct was to just grab a piece of cake and shove it down the throat, but as he was “Vergil” now he carefully cut two pieces and put them on separate plates. Lady accepted her plate and stared at him while he consumed his part of the chocolate cake.

He was doing a pretty good job, she had to admit, but now as she had a clear view of his amulet, she became 99.99% sure that this really was Dante, but she still wanted to confirm before she squeezed the life out of him.

She did, however, get a little angry with herself by the fact that she wasn’t so mad at him anymore after his apology. He meant it, she could tell, and it was probably her fault she never told him after her life.

But she still needed to clear things up. So she stood up from the chair and went to the drawing room. Checking one last time that he was still in the kitchen, she brought out her cell phone from the back pocket of her shorts and dialed on Vergil’s cell.

He caught right after the second ring, “Hello?”

“Vergil?” Lady asked in a low voice, still staring at the other “Vergil” who had come out of the kitchen and was climbing the stairs.

“Yes. What is it, Lady? Is there any problem there you and my brother cannot handle?” Vergil’s stoic voice floated through the receiver.

“No, everything is fine. Um…where are you right now?”

“I’m taking care of the demonic infestation I had come to investigate in the abandoned warehouse at the end of the city; you know the place, right?” Suddenly he stopped talking, and Lady heard a whacking noise, then Vergil’s voice returned, “Forgive me for the interruption, but we cannot except good manners from low-level demons can we?”


Another “smack!” Lady heard him murmur, “Disgusting vermin…Anyway I’m not sure how long it is going to take, so if Dante needs my help…”

He doesn’t right now, but he will when I get my hands on him. Lady thought, not paying attention to him anymore.

Vergil was getting wary, why would Lady phone him in the middle of the night to ask such questions? He asked, “You sure everything is okay?”

“Yeah…see you later.” She hung up the phone before he could ask anything else. She smiled to herself as she put her cell back in her pocket.

Dante Sparda, you are a dead man.

King Avallach

Deity of the Old World
This is very good stuff, it brought a smile to my lips anyway and people say that I have no sense of humour so it has to be good!!!:lol: :lol: :lol:


Half manHalf amazin'
haha, great story, it's just hilarious that you can really notice how BIG the difference is between Dante and Vergil...continue the good stuff :)


Fearfully and wonderfully made
IloveVergil;18284 said:
What is wrong with this forum? All the writings are being so jammed together....
Whenever you post twice in a row within the same hour it is counted as a double-post and auto-merged.


Demon a$$-kicker
No, not that, I tried to post the new installment of my story and all the paragraphs got jammed up in one single paragraph. P.S. Do you like the story, Steve?^_^


Demon a$$-kicker
Yes, but sorry to disappoint you that there won't be much humor the next few chappies due to excessive romance,the end will be funny though.


Demon a$$-kicker
Well....the romance starts here, I completely suck at it but who cares?Here goes nothing!

Meanwhile, Dante was getting frustrated trying to call Vergil. “The number you have called is busy at this moment. Please try again later. *****!” he scowled, then came back downstairs to find Lady.

He planned to do something “Vergil-like” that would offend Lady enough to make her leave, like say something about how useless guns were (though it would be extremely hard for a trigger-happy male like him), But these thoughts drifted away when he saw Lady staring at him with immense interest. He became nervous wondering if Lady had caught his deception.

Why is she looking at me like that? Wonder what’s going on in that pretty head of hers…I hope she isn’t thinking up ideas for “one hundred easy ways of killing a half demon in the most excruciating manner” or something…

Ironically, right then, the thoughts in Lady’s head had nothing to do with violence. But she was planning to torture him all right.

She smiled at the silver haired hybrid, making him even more confused than before, as she had other plans in her mind than attacking him physically. At would be a wasted effort, after all.

Dante masquerading as Vergil…huh, she’ll show him how dangerous the results of this trick can be.

She addressed him in an interrogating tone, intending to puzzle him even more, she was highly enjoying the bashfulness that currently resided on his features; it wasn’t everyday the cocky, big mouthed Dante became so nervous like a little rabbit brought out in the spotlight.

“Vergil? What is wrong with you?”

Her unexpected inquiry sent a shiver down Dante’s spine, Oh my god. Has she figured it out?

“Nothing! Nothing is wrong with me.” He garbled diffidently.

Lady wanted to laugh at his jumpy pun, but instead, she moved closer, and looking at him straight in the eye, said in a flat tone, “You are not behaving like yourself.”

“I’m perfectly fine!”

“Then why are you acting like this?”

“Like what?”

“You are being quiet and distant than usual, even when we are alone. That’s not like you.”

Dante gazed at her, his eyes with the size of a saucer plate, “What do you mean?”

“C’mon Vergil, don’t play dumb with me. You know perfectly what I mean.” She took a step towards him, and whispered by his ear, “Unless you forgot our little ‘encounter’ last week.” The tone of her voice had changed from interrogating to sensual, a sexy whisper dripped with raw desire.

Dante could not believe his ears. Lady speaking seductively to Vergil…how’s that possible? And what’s with the ‘encounter’? Don’t tell me…god, I must be having a nightmare, no way!

Lady saw the confusion in his blue orbs and grinned evilly. Oh she was so enjoying this.

Go girl, show him the consequences of messing with a Lady.

She moved in for the kill, “How about you let me remind you?” Dante’s eyebrows narrowed drastically at the seductive query, more than he would have thought was possible.

What is happening…mmm…

Dante had no chance to reply before Lady passionately pressed her soft lips against his own. She pushed him in the chest and walked him towards the wall. Dante gasped as he felt the rough wallpaper brushing against the smooth silk shirt he was wearing.

What the ****?

He was confused beyond his limits now. Vergil and Lady? How? It’s has been only three months since he brought Vergil back and convinced him to move into Devil May Cry. Lady had accompanied Vergil in a few missions, but Dante would never even dream of happening anything close to romantic between them, and now he deeply regretted letting Vergil be in a hundred meter radius around Lady.

Damn! Only a few months and…

Vergil, you prick. I’m so going to get you for this.

Lady sensed him getting lost in his thoughts. She grimaced at the lack of attention, and in order to take him back to the real world, flicked her tongue across his lips, asking for entrance. Hesitantly he parted his lips, and Lady took no time slipping her tongue inside.

The half devil nearly went mad when he felt Lady’s soft, wet tongue massaging his own, this was unlike anything he had ever experienced, and he deeply wished Lady did this to him knowing who he really was.

She’s driving me crazy…why hadn’t she ever done this to me before? I’m not any less impressive than Vergil in any way! Then why?

He wanted to push her away, this was wrong, he shouldn’t be deceiving her like this; but that would cause suspicion, and Lady would hate him for not telling her sooner, won’t she? Besides, the intensity of the kiss was spreading warmth throughout his whole body, making his mind sing with both pleasure…and pain. He wasn’t in a position to think logically right now.

He opened his eyes half way to stare at her, and she gave him a sexy wink. Lady chuckled in Dante’s mouth, damn, she thought, this feels so unimaginably good. For a second she forgot her intentions and pressed her lush body against his strong chest. She wanted to savor this moment completely.

Even though Lady was almost twenty nine years old now, she was still the same pure, chaste girl who had entered the Temen-ni-gru. She had refrained from any kind of sexual activity, knowing that her connection with demons and other monsters would never let her have a relationship with a “normal” person. Besides, there was also another reason…


Demon a$$-kicker
Al right...I hate my guts for the stupid romantic start....but I promise I'll refrain from such stupidity in the future! Honestly!

She had kissed Dante once before. Thankfully Dante didn’t remember anything as he was too drunk at that moment, but she could remember it as if it was only yesterday.

It was exactly two years after the fall of Temen-ni-gru. That night, Dante had missed several jobs without any reasons. When Lady came to investigate what was wrong with him, she found a drunk, gloomy Dante mourning for his dead mother and brother. She felt so sorry for him, and when she tried to comfort him, he pulled her in a deep, passionate kiss. After a good three minutes, he pulled away and looked at Lady, who was blushing madly, straight in the eye.

“I…I love you.”

She had frozen at the statement. What? She tried to run, but he stopped her.

“Lady?” He had said, holding her hand. When she looked at him, eyes filled with bewilderment, he had whispered in a pleading voice,

“Don’t go.” Tired, he had rested his head in her lap and fallen asleep. She had fled before he woke up.

She had tried to just ignore it, this isn’t Dante, she told herself. Dante would never say such stupid romantic dialogues.

But she knew that it was nothing more than an excuse. She was well aware of the fact that Dante was in love with her for a long time, and his drunken stupor had given him the strength to admit what he couldn’t do in his sober state.

She was scared, she didn’t know if she was ready for something so significant, so she had taken the scholarship her college had offered her (which she had decided to turn down before) and went abroad, away from him. But after finishing her studies, she had realized she had to return. Not only because her promise to kill all demons would never be complete without his help, but also because she missed him. She felt guilty having left him alone, the very thing he had begged her not to. So she had returned, and was very glad she had. She felt so complete fighting alongside him, he could always make her feel so alive, he was the reason she was able to recover from the trauma of her mother’s death, and live the life instead of just dwelling in it.

She thought he had changed, become much more mature and responsible, not just the big mouthed idiot he was before.

That was, of course, before today’s incident.

He still is an ***hole. She thought. She warned herself not to be forgetful and disregard the fact that she intended to make him jealous and ****ed like hell, but it was proving a lot difficult than she thought.

Because she found her treacherous body responding to him in way she didn’t imagine was possible. Her entire body was getting warmer by an alien heat, making her cheeks flushed and causing her breath to be stuck in her throat. Every inch of her body was on fire, who would have thought a devil’s kiss could penetrate your soul so deep, light your senses ablaze with fire of passion, bring out such raw emotions, making you sing with pure ecstasy.

Still she was determined to go on, to torture him by making him believe that even a prick like Vergil was more desirable than Dante to her (she flinched inwardly at the thought, Me, with Vergil? Eww!). Then when he would become almost enthralled by lust, guilt and envy, she would walk out telling him what a complete idiot he is to believe such a thing.

Oh yes. I’m so cruel.

She became watchful when she felt a bulge forming in his pants. As she felt the evidence of his hardness slightly pressing against her, she was surprised to find goose bumps appearing all over her skin. She practically gasped when she sensed a sudden slickness between her legs.

What the hell? Why is my body betraying me like this? Focus, Lady, focus! It isn’t like you want to have sex with him now, is it?

Maybe later, but not today.

What was that thought? This is nothing more than a game! A game to show the cocky ******* where he belongs! That’s it!

At least she thought it was.

She broke away from the kiss, and looked up in his eyes.

She was mesmerized to see the whirlpool of emotions that bustled in those beautiful eyes…pain, desire, passion, guilt, all dwelling together in perfect harmony. She tore herself away from his penetrating gaze, no, she won’t be distracted, and whispered in his ear, “What’s the matter, Vergil? You weren’t this shy before…” she bit his ear gently as she said this, followed by a long, soothing lick of her soft tongue.

She was pleased at the groan her action had earned from him; satisfied, she laced her small fingers with his strong ones and slowly guided his hands downwards, pausing at her waist.

Dante was warring with his arousing instincts. He tensed when he found himself holding Lady by her waist tightly and responding to her kisses and touches with equal fervor.

Stop it man! As much you don’t want to believe it, it is true she is your brother’s girlfriend, not yours.

Lady shuddered as she felt Dante kiss her back, even though he was doing it amazing gentleness, it made her body quiver from an unknown sensation. The complete and sheer volume of the passion she was feeling for him was making her a bit uncomfortable. Her limits were being thoroughly tested now, a part of her wanted to just drop the act and take it all the way…the homicidal Lady who had marched through the front doors of Devil May Cry was long gone, and now she was having a hard time stopping herself from melting in his embrace.


Half manHalf amazin'
Well, i have to admit that (even though i'm not the biggest romantic fan) this is amazing work, and i definitely look forward to the (funny) ending.
And as i said before, keep up the good work ;)


Demon a$$-kicker
Dante was also having difficulties controlling himself now, he felt like he was betraying both his brother and his friend, but how was he supposed to control himself when the woman he desired- wanted-loved- was willingly giving herself up to him?

Not to you. To your brother.

He was desperately trying to control himself, but damn his male hormones, they won’t let him. Besides, all the built-up want was really driving him out wild now. He had wanted her for so long, but never had the courage to say it loud. He had tried a few times, but couldn’t manage it. To his great astonishment found out that he was afraid.

He had never been afraid in his whole life, but the thought of being rejected simply made him shake with fear. So he had waited for the right opportunity.

Perhaps he had waited too long. Now, she was kissing him for the first time, thinking he was Vergil.

Serves you right ***hole, he scolded himself. Eleven years…eleven ****ing years…you still can’t tell her how you feel. What did you expect, dumb***?

You are the most pathetic idiot of the century, Dante. Accept it.

His thoughts were cut off when he heard Lady moan softly in his mouth. She found herself oddly enjoying this very much, in a way she never thought she would. The feeling of his lips pressed against hers, his masculine hands slowly moving up and down her back, his torturing tongue playing with hers with uninhibited lust, the sensations were enough to make her lose control, and she would have, if not for her female ego stopping her.

Lady’s hands seemed to have a mind of their own as she noticed her hands roaming his broad torso.

Damn! He has a nice body; I’ll have to give him that.

An involuntary purr escaped from her throat as she felt the swells of his muscled back; her mind hummed with pleasure when she ran her hands over the fine muscles of his bulging biceps. His well toned body was such an epitome of perfection, she could spend days just marveling at its flawlessness. She broke the kiss again to nuzzle the crook of his neck, his masculine scent driving her wild. Her mind was swimming in a sea of pure bliss, and if this went on, she doubted if she would be able to stop herself.

C’mon Lady, you cannot just melt in his grip, no matter how damn sexy he is. Sheesh, don’t you have any self-esteem?

She doubted whether she really intended to punish Dante, or was this just a futile attempt to deceive herself. Maybe this wasn’t about him…it was her pent up need that was making her do this. If it was any other man…she would never even dream of doing this. It was actually the built up sexual tension that had turned a prudish virgin like her into a dominating seductress.

Lady becoming anxious now, knowing that she was going to get trapped by her own scheme if she wasn’t careful, because she knew that she wanted him now just as bad as he wanted her.
A delightful shiver ran down her spine when she felt his touch on the sensitive bare skin under the hem of her shirt. He hadn’t done it intentionally, but that didn’t matter now, all that mattered was what a nuclear blast this was, and without intending to, she pressed herself even more tightly that she could feel her breasts flattened against the hard planes of his broad chest. Her right hand went up to rub his jaw line while her left one gently massaged his back.

The half-devil groaned, he could practically feel her hardened nipples pressed against his muscular chest through the thin fabric of their clothes. If Lady’s’ sensual ministrations were driving him wild, then this was simply making him insane with raw lust. He wondered if he would be able to stop himself from ravishing her on the spot if this went on any longer. He growled as his pants felt even tighter than before.

****! Stop it, man, before you completely lose it and screw your brother’s woman right here!

Not wanting to do something he would regret later, Dante removed his hands from Lady’s waist and prevented Lady’s hands from their eager exploration of his body.

She looked up at him; the lust sill flowing in her rose and aquamarine eyes, and asked curiously, “What?”

“Lady…” Dante mumbled, fighting himself very hard not to capture those slightly parted pink pale lips again, “we shouldn’t be doing this now…my brother’s going to come back any second …” which wasn’t untrue, since he had failed to inform Vergil to be away until he sorted things out, Vergil should come back soon, he thought.

Lady let out a sneering laugh and playfully poked him in the chest, “Oh, don’t worry about that…” she moved her lips to his ear, and whispered, “I doubt he would mind about his goofy brother getting a little luck with a woman for once, Dante.”

Dante froze, What the hell? He stared at Lady with his mouth agape, who was giving him her very old and traditional “oh you are such an imbecile” look as her fingers played with the amulet hanging from his neck. He looked down at it and grunted, realizing his mistake.

“Lady?” He could not believe this, was she … “Oh, ****! ****! You were just playing with my head, weren’t you? There’s nothing between you and Vergil!” He raised a finger at her accusingly. “Damn! I can’t believe I fell for that! You made a fool of me!”

“Actually, no.” Lady answered with a wicked grin as she turned and walked away from the still dumbfounded man, but she stopped and looked at him over her shoulder, “I cannot make a fool of someone who’s a complete buffoon already, can I?” She didn’t try to hide the wide smirk on her face anymore, I think I just beat Dante 10 to 1.

She was also exceedingly pleased by the fact that Dante’s reaction to her sexual foreplay was still clearly visible, and she mentally congratulated herself.

Great! This wasn’t actually part of my plan, but blue balls should be punishment enough.

Dante watched disbelievingly as the reality of the situation sunk in. So she did all this just to **** me off? She knew it was me! Damn you, you cruel woman, do you have any idea how I felt?

“Goodnight, Dante. And tell Vergil I said hi.”

He noticed her lazily stepping towards the door, a wild smirk still present in her face. She felt he was punished enough, and she needed a nice cold shower to put out the wicked flames that still tormented her own traitor body.

“Oh no you don’t,” Lady let out a girlish shriek when Dante grabbed her from behind, and within a second, found herself being caged in his strong arms.

“Wha..” Lady never managed to finish her sentence before Dante pushed her roughly on the billiard table. She tried to claw at his face but he easily controlled her arms, then pinned them down at her sides.

She tensed, Dante had set her in such a position on the table that she was sitting on a ball; Dante noticed it, and with an evil grin, removed the ball from there, not forgetting to pinch Lady’s nice butt in the process.

“Ouch! You *******!”

“You have tortured me for too long, Lady…” his voice was serious, yet with sensual light to it, causing her to shudder from anticipation. “Now it’s my turn.”

“Let me go you ***ho…” Lady’s words were stopped as Dante’s lips violently came crushing over hers in a fierce, fervent and demanding kiss. She made muffled protests but they quickly died out when he hungrily invaded her mouth with his tongue. He was no more hesitant to show how badly he wanted her, and Lady knew she would be getting the payback for her cruelty very soon.

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TimeLord Detective
You say it becomes more romantic but it also continues to be funny^_^
Dante's thoughs (except for the last ones)are reaally funny, and the plot goes well, keep up:lol:
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