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Jun 9, 2016
Feb 9, 2010
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Jun 9, 2016
    1. Trish67
      1 not 2...lol...Lucia is the girl in 2.
    2. aka958
      That's great to know. :)
    3. Dante's Stalker
      Dante's Stalker
      My day...busybusybusy. So busy I barely get a moment to breathe. It should ease back to normal tomorrow and I might be on the forum longer too then.
    4. aka958
      But you are my buddy, right?
    5. Dante's Stalker
      Dante's Stalker
      Heh heh. It's morning here now, yeah :) How u doin?
    6. aka958
      Man do I get Confnuzzled sometimes, sorry pal.
      Well, thanks for being Romero instead then?
    7. aka958
      You did that in your introduction thread, it helped me alot. :D
    8. aka958
      For telling about the @ system. Using @[name] for telling who your talking to.
    9. La Femme Fatale
      La Femme Fatale
      Coincidentally enough, I have lots of cake 'cause it was my sister's birthday yesterday.
    10. Trish67
      that would be Trish...
    11. Dante's Stalker
      Dante's Stalker
      hahaha XD Thanks, now I know too! :)
    12. Vergil'sBitch
      I've never been glomped before :D
      *Glomps Romero*
    13. La Femme Fatale
      La Femme Fatale
      Men and power. :P
    14. aka958
      Thanks Romero! :D
    15. La Femme Fatale
      La Femme Fatale
      1) Huh?
      2) No, I got it. :)
      3) It's just one of my courses at school. I'm not liking it as well as I thought I would. I thought it was going to be about women and power, but it's mostly about how third world women are oppressed by Westernized standards of feminism.
    16. Eris Strife
      Eris Strife
      Thanks! XD I had a hard time finding a font color that would show up on the background, without irritating the eyes. lol
    17. Eris Strife
      Eris Strife
      I would suppose it's the third most complicated. You should see Japanese and Korean. It's true that we have over 2000 active alphabets in use (a lot have become obsolete over the centuries), but in Japanese and Korean, the grammar is flipped over, and one meaning can come in many different forms of phrases/words. Which makes it hard to truly express yourself... unless you're Japanese/Korean, that is. XD
    18. Eris Strife
      Eris Strife
      Ah, I see. :)

      And Chinese isn't that hard to type in Singapore. In China, their keyboards have these special characters that when combined can form a new word. In Singapore, we type in the pronunciation of the word and a list pops up for us to select from. XD It should be noted that in Chinese, one word alone can contain the meaning of an English sentence (although we don't speak using one-worders! That would sound weird.) :cool:
    19. Eris Strife
      Eris Strife
      LOL, my English is even better than my own language (Chinese). I'm a Singaporean of Chinese descent.

      And yeah, I think mountains and fjords look really beautiful, especially if they're the first thing you see in the morning. XD Being in a city country, even if I woke up extra early I wouldn't see the sun rise. THe buildings block my view.

      So, when does summer start in Norway? I'm betting it's near the end of winter now (right?), and that spring should be here soon.
    20. Eris Strife
      Eris Strife
      Whoa, that's really cool! (referring to the midnight sun) And yeah, land is really expensive... and so is housing.

      So, does the winter create a lot of problems? I know that Russian winters are the worst, but I don't know what it's like in Norway. BTW, there's a Norwegian author called Roald Dahl who wrote about his own life, and when he described Norway and Oslo (it was called Christiana in the past, I think), I thought it sounded like a wonderful place to visit.
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    Never get into an argument with an idiot, because they'll bring you down to their level and then beat you with experience.

    Inspiration for nick and avatar: Romero and Piece of Mind.
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