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Brunette Keeper [Jess]
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  • It is~! <3

    *is glomped* Hai. <33
    I haven't. -_-
    ^ That. PDA annoys the **** out of me.
    Nothing. Nothing.

    Ooooh~ Do want~
    Yeah~ Marcus got me a Gir stuffed animal/back-pack thing and a Nightmare Before Christmas ring set that when you put them together they make a heart. It's so adorable! <33333

    I've been playing a game called "inFAMOUS". It's ****ing me the **** off but OHMYGAWD it's so much!
    Also, hey guys.
    Yay, Krys. *eye roll*
    Cheer up.
    **** off.
    Eh, not really. I don't post, get on, or talk to anyone that much on here anymore. I'm kind of just a . . . lurker now, I guess.
    I should fly you down here. I'm allowed to bring anyone so long as they're not over 21. God, that'd be awesome. <3

    D: I dunno!

    + http://capaxinfiniti.freeforums.org/index.php
    Join, now. Easier and more privating coversations and it doesn't like my computer to Hell like TS does. And I'm not lazy about replying on there, either, like I am here. >.>
    I see, but I also don't care.
    That's good. :3 Were they identical?
    Yeah, they were. Vergil killed me before Dani made me an OC not just a Fan Chara.
    Ouch. e_o

    What you're seeing is his hair flip.

    + I have a date to homecoming. With a boy. :/
    You have to remember, there are no REAL villains in Dani's story. So I wouldn't know that. P:
    Vergil was SO a musewhore.
    He had a twin? Were they hot?

    That sucks. My mom will probably believe me when she sees me making out with a girl all sexy like and stuff. xD

    I did erase the headlines. :? But I'll do the other two when I'm not feeling so lazy.
    Don't be a ****ing hypocrite, Glass.
    Who's Vergil?
    We've been over this before, Blondie.
    Only I am allowed to call him that.
    *ahem* Who's Vergil?
    Have Roza tell you.

    Yeah, she and Mike think I'm trying to find myself.

    + Base WIP. I only have Derek finished so far (he dyed his roots brown), but I wanna know what you think. http://i56.tinypic.com/258mlpv.jpg
    Okay, then. ...Cuddle?
    KRYS! 8D *glomped*
    ^ That.
    ^^ Double that.

    Yeah, though I have this feeling my mom doesn't believe me. >.<
    I just type in "dev" click the down button and enter and I get to the home page ("de" gets me to deviantART).
    So, you're not mad?
    Do you WANT her to be mad, or something?
    It seems like she does.
    **** off, you two.

    She didn't care. I told her in the car after I got picked up from my friend's house (she thought I said HE was gay, not me). She just said "That's okay." Then I got ****y because she didn't get ****y and Mike said "Danielle, you assume there's something wrong with being gay when there's not." So yeah. >.<
    It always showed you viewing my Museverse thread, LOL. I think I was viewing it on my phone, tbh.
    But...but it was a d00d! D':

    Awesome! My mom's boyfriend is going to help me look for a cheap motel.

    + I came out to my mom Friday night. Even thought it was just an attempt to stay over at a guy's friend house, I'm still really happy I finally told her.
    I saw your name in the online list, like, everyday. I thought you were ignoring me. ._.; Also, I kinda cuddled with someone else... I'm sorry. ;_;
    Hey. I'm still only been on my PS3 for the past forever, and still can't reply to PMs on TS, but I can post VMs over here. So yeah, hi~ <3
    Meh. *shrugs* It's probably for the best the world is less cluttered with my ****. >.>

    Most likely. XD Thinking about it though will make my poor innocent mind go into a very dark place. >.> *shot*
    OIC. Well, that's pretty awesome too. 8D I've had writer's block for like... three months. >.>; *shot*

    Pfffftt. *gigglesnort* That... That made my mind go to a bad place. >.>;
    Almost the same for me. I prefer FGAM, and even then I'm only on like a hour and a half per day. ._.; By the way, how are you fics going, wifey? 8D

    Nothing much. Watching grass grow would be more interesting then what I've been doing lately. >.>; And d'aww. <3 I really need to get on DMC.org more.
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