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Why I see Virgil as the better person


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Mar 12, 2019
This might sound strange for Dante fans. There's a number of very specific things both Dante and Virgil are doing. Let's examine them. I'll be using DMC3 and DMC5 mostly.

Starting with DMC4. This is where some people can get confused so let's be clear here. Virgil goes to the city "a few decades ago". it states that in Virgil's intro in DMC4. A woman looks at him, who seems the most likely candidate for Nero's mother. This means this intro with Virgil happened before DMC3. Since Virgil is with Mundus after that which then leads to DMC5.

Dante also kills Agnus after they asked a question. Come on dude, even Virgil isn't that ruthless. If you're not going to exchange viewpoints and ideals then what's the point?

Heading into DMC3 we can see Dante mocking his enemies (as always). Already I see a situation here. He provokes fights. I personally enjoy being made a target and abused myself, but Dante actually does things to encourage his enemies to fight him. Let's compare this with Virgil.

Virgil remains calm and composed. For whatever reason he knows better then to lose his temper or crack jokes. Why this is I don't know. We don't know his past enough before DMC3. In Virgil's intro in DMC3 we can also see that he gives full and fair warning. We can also see this in DMC5. Unlike Dante. It's like Darth Vader in Star Wars. It's his way of giving you a chance to change his mind. Say or do the wrong thing and you're getting sliced. Arkham is a good example of how to change Virgil's mind even after Virgil was angry with him in this intro.

Getting to when Dante and Virgil first meet in DMC3. The two have a chat. Who draws and points the weapon first? Dante.

The second fight in DMC3. Who draws their weapon and points it first? Dante.

The third fight. Dante goes "Give me this. Stop you that." In a nutshell. Being demanding. At the end of the fight Virgil accepts his defeat and falls (legit falling down a cliff) and then he gets corrupted by Mundus.

This now brings us to DMC5, and this is where things get quite interesting. Clearly Virgil breaks down and gives into apathy, but people that know the worst know control better. It's because they know how to control the worst. Dante's never been in that situation. Dante does what he can to try and convince Virgil (rather, Urizen), but he ends up striking first most of the time. It's simply not a good way to convince someone. Virgil pulls himself back together after nearly being killed and attacked. Dante strikes at Virgil and what does Virgil do? He pushes Dante back for his own safety when he's being blind and reckless. And to top it off Virgil even thanks Nero. That shows a lot of Virgil's strength of character.

Dante and Virgil end up fighting. Nero steps in, who's pretty much the only one to go "Stop making it about destruction". And things work out. The fight itself is more for show. Virgil already lost the fight because his heart wasn't in it. He just needed to know Nero would fight for his ideals. And formed an agreement with Dante in the process.

Overall Dante tends to make snap judgements more while Virgil observes more accurately. Virgil also doesn't complain while Dante does (proven with Agni and Rudra). Dante kills people while they're left in the dark. Virgil makes it clear right in your face. And will reply when asked even when running you through.

That's quite a number of interesting events. What do you people think of these situations? Keep in mind I'm viewing each situation on its own merits.
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