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Which DLC costumes would you like in DmC 4?

What DLC skins should be in DmC 4?

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Xen-Omni 2020
I highly doubt the will bring out dlc for a game that came out 5 and a half years ago but if I could've got costumes back in 2008 I'd have liked to get dmc2 Dantes costume


Supporter 2014
I voted for all of them.

I'd like a Taskmaster skin for Dante. Or an Azrael (my avatar picture) skin, even. Shadowman's a good option too (seeing as how DMC3 took a lot of level design ideas from his game).


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DmC4? if only

i'd say to actually just give dante his dmc3 and pants, just make him like actually wear something under the coat and i wouldn't even want anything else


“Must not sleep... must warn others."
Wait DmC has had four installments already? Man I have to stop comma-ing every night lol. On a serious note a DMC1 Dante skin would make vomit from my nips out of excitement. Wish that was an option :/
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