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What Weapon would be great for the new dante ?


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Pogo stick

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Dante has a shapeshifting sword plus him fighting off things with an umbrella with spikes feel Dante-ish.

Vergils the straightlaaced one so him using regular weapons feels right.


smug jerk
- Dual swords (I loved Agni& Rudra)
- Gauntlets
- a whip
- just for fun's sake and because it looks damn elegant: a Katana


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I would also go for dual swords.
*A lance.
*A western sword something like caliburn(With different move set)
*A chain with binding skill or powers.
*A Glaive.
*Any hand-to-hand combat related.


This is good, isn't it?
umm.. hidden blade? nah just kidding XD
a katana would be awesome, or maybe a sabre, or a rapier, or chinese sword, or a dual dagger.

or an energy sword.

Ai FrOzen

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Besides Ebony&Ivory .. you guys got any thoughts about other guns .. Maybe Machine Gun .. Bazooka would be prefect ..


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He's ranting about my little pony again. Pinkie is a character in the show, the Phoebi of the group.
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