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What features or updates would you want to see in a DMC 1 remake?


All that you were programmed to be afraid of
Just imagine a faithful, ground-up remake of the first Devil May Cry in the RE engine. I would love to see a modernized control scheme, refreshed UI (let's face it, the HUD and menus in the original DMC looked like the album booklet from a CrazyTown CD), a level select menu, and possibly some new Devil Arms or even a style select system. I don't know how much the latter two additions would "corrupt" the formula of DMC 1, seeing as fighting styles are a feature from DMC 3 and beyond. One other thing that could enhance the experience would be re-recorded dialogue lines from Reuben Langdon. However, I'm not sure if he'd be able to replicate DMC 1's most infamous line (you know what one I'm talking about); still one of my favorite voice acting performances from any video game.

One last thing I'd actually want omitted from a hypothetical DMC 1 remake: the goddamn underwater missions. Those were just completely unnecessary. Capcom would have to really overhaul them to justify their inclusion.


Elite Hunter
Agreed with most of what you said. Not so much about introducing Styles though, DMC1 wasn't built around their existence.

But an on the fly weapon switch system would making swapping weapons less of an annoyance without having to go through a menu.
Other than that, customizable controls and free camera, thank you very much.
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